x-bees Changelog

x-bees Changelog contains all the latest features and improvements.

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Web / iOS / Android Date: 29.11.2022

New Feature

[XBS-2320] - web: enabled public access to x-bees conversations via conversation link, to avoid cases when a guest could not join conversation because of logging in with a different email address

  • Note: In future the logic should be improved to ensure better security


[XBS-168] - android: improved processing of two incoming calls on Android, so that when user answers one of them, the second call doesn’t remain in ringing state

[XBS-2156] - web: improved the logic when user tries to add a member to a conversation without email address, so that a relevant notification about missing email is shown and the rest of members, that have email addresses, are added to the conversation

[XBS-2188] - web + mobile: added possibility to paste a list of emails when creating conversation or when adding users to the existing conversation, to speed up the process

  • Note: Emails can be separated by commas or semicolons (;)

[XBS-2265] - mobile: added possibility to initiate a call by tapping on a phone number/ user name in History


  1. Go to the History tab
  2. Tap on a number/ name
  3.  Select the required option: Call / Send message / Copy number / Info

[XBS-2363] - web: updated x-bees meta title and description on the login page

[WMS-15123] - wizy: introduced some new features and improvements for video conference:

  • Added noise suppression effect, which reduces background noise and echo in cases when several participants are in the same meeting room. To enable the feature, click three dots (More actions) button -> Noise suppression 
  • Introduced Whiteboard feature, that includes a set of tools to draw different shapes, elements or add text. If needed, you can save the created materials in png or svg formats
  • Added the option End meeting for all when PBX user leaves the meeting, which allows to remove all participants and stop the meeting right away 
  • Added possibility to choose how many participants can be pinned on the main screen: Go to More actions -> Settings -> proceed to More tab and set the max number
  • Divided screen sharing and user’s local video, so that when sharing the screen, the user can see local video and screen sharing separately
  • Enabled audio settings menu on the microphone button for Firefox 100 or higher
  • Made some performance improvements 

Web / iOS / Android Date: 18.11.2022


[XBS-2160] - web: added link to Chrome extension to x-bees Settings -> Extensions section

[XBS-2328] - web: decreased the default timeout for email notification about the first unread message, so that it is sent in 10 seconds after receiving the message

Web / iOS / Android Date: 09.11.2022


[XBS-2251] - web+mobile: improved the display of single images in chat to save their original aspect ratio

Web / iOS / Android Date: 02.11.2022

New Features

[XBS-2142] - web: added possibility to manage sound notifications played when conference starts


  • Go to Settings -> Notifications
  • Proceed to section ‘Sound notifications’
  • Use the toggle next to the ‘On conference start’ option


  • Sound notifications are enabled by default
  • The option is available only in the web version


[XBS-2114] - web: added possibility to edit subject of a scheduled meeting

  • Note: Email notification and a system message about the scheduled meeting update are sent only in case there were changes in the time of the meeting (start/duration)

[WMS-15258] - crm: added possibility for users who created a task or logged a call via x-bees to edit the tasks in Salesforce

  • Note: A task is assigned to the user who is making a call, or to the user who owns the record

[WMS-15417] - web: improved the logic so that a HubSpot record (Contact/ Task) is assigned to the x-bees user who created it, if the user has a HubSpot account with the same email address as in x-bees

Web / iOS / Android Date: 14.10.2022

New Feature

[WMS-13887] - sys: added user presence status sync with Google Calendar

User presence status, status message (set according to an event's title) and duration automatically change if there is an event in Google calendar.


  • Admin access to PBX, Google Suite Admin Console and Google Workspace
  • Activated integration in WMS Settings -> PBX -> Integrations -> x-bees -> Google Calendar


  • The sync works only for "Event" (users status changes to DND) and "Out of office" (user status changes to Away) types
  • An event should be confirmed. Otherwise, user status doesn't change
  • If an event is private, only user status changes, status message and duration are not set
  • After expiration, user status changes to Available


[XBS-2111] - web: added possibility to set up 15/ 30 minutes breaks before/ after a meeting in Kite Meeting Scheduler

To set up:

  • Open "Calendar Settings" tab under Kite settings
  • Enable "Set up breaks before/ after an event" options and set break's duration

[XBS-2166] - web+mobile: moved "Leave conversation" button to "More actions" menu in Conversation Info frame so that users do not confuse it with "Leave" button in video conferences

[XBS-2171] - web: improved the behaviour of Kite Meeting Scheduler: now time slots and Subject field are not blocked if user returns to the scheduling tab after some time

[WMS-11165] - wizy: added possibility to provide/ request remote control during screen sharing in video conferences


  • Remote control is available only if users have WIService version 3.10.4 or higher
  • WIService should be run on the side of the user whose laptop is being controlled
  • To run Remote control, user should share Entire screen or Window
  • If the original screen shared is removed from the screen (e.g. if another user started screen sharing), remote control is disabled till the original screen is back 


  • Remote control of screen shared tab is not supported
  • Firefox browser is not supported

The additional information  you can find  at the news blog

[WMS-15071] - wizy: made some UI/UX improvements in x-bees conference:

  • Fixed an issue in which elements at the top of the conference (e.g. title and users count) overlapped the info button in case of small x-bees window size (Note: On small screens, the title of the conference is hidden)
  • Improved the logic so that x-bees chat automatically gets hidden when a modal window pops up

Web / iOS / Android Date: 06 October 2022

New Features

[XBS-1797] - wim: added integration with Microsoft 365 as a calendar provider for Kite Meeting Scheduler

To activate:

  1. Go to WMS -> Settings -> PBX -> Integrations
  2. Proceed to x-bees tab
  3. Click on Microsoft 365 option -> press Install button
  4. Log in to your Microsoft account and confirm requested permissions. 
    Note: User should have organization account type and Global administrator role (Azure AD)
  5. After successful authorization, Microsoft 365 integration gets installed.


  • Sync of users from Azure AD is performed basing on the Primary email address: user’s primary email in Azure AD and in WMS should match. User’s primary email address can be changed by an administrator.
  • Users should have a valid license allowing them to use Outlook and mailbox.
  • Calendars added via Outlook -> Settings -> Add personal calendars / Add from directory are not synced.
  • New custom calendars are added once a day at night when fully synced or as soon as they are updated (e.g. renamed).
  • In order for avatars and icons to be displayed in emails about calendar events in Outlook, the user must confirm that they trust the no-reply@x-bees.biz address (this can be done directly through the notification from Outlook, displayed in the header of the mail).
  • On the Kite Settings -> Calendar Settings page, working hours correspond to the settings from Outlook. A lunch break from 1 pm to 2 pm is available. Time zone value is also synced, but time zone name may differ.

The additional information  you can find at the news blog

Web / iOS / Android Date: 05 October 2022

New Features

[XBS-1542] - web+mobile: added email notification sent to a guest user when the guest is added to a conversation

  • Note: In case the guest is added to an existing conversation, the creator of the conversation is displayed as the inviter in the email notification, even if the invitation was sent by another agent.

[XBS-1634] - web+mobile: added possibility to select a device for making outgoing calls How-to:

  • Click on the Dialpad
  • To the left of the green Call button, click “This device”
  • Select the preferred option from the list (e.g. Android x-bees, iOS x-bees, etc.)


  • The settings are global, which means they are applied to all outbound calls, regardless from where they are initiated (e.g. from History, from conversation). When hovering a mouse over the call button, e.g. in History, a tooltip is displayed, informing from which device the call will be made.
  • The device selection is available both on web and mobile.
  • In case the chosen device becomes inactive (loses SIP connection), the device is automatically switched to the current one (the grey “This device” button is displayed in this case).
  • Initiated call is displayed and managed as a remote call.
  • There is “Callback on mobile” option available only if there is mobile number indicated in user settings.
  • On mobile devices there is an option Mobile, which allows to make a call via GSM.


  • If there are several devices of the same category (e.g. several iOS or Android devices), it is not possible to choose from which device of the chosen category the call will be made on.

The additional information  you can find at the news blog

[XBS-2083] - web: added a sound notification when a conference starts


  • Notification is played once, for 7 seconds, unless user opens Inbox. Notification is played even to users with DND/ Away presence status.
  • Notification is not played if: a) user has an active call or conference; b) user is on the Inbox tab; c) x-bees tab is closed.
  • If there are several simultaneous calls, the notification is played one time.
  • Sound notifications on mobile and for Kite are currently not supported.

The additional information  you can find at the news blog


[XBS-2109] - web: made some UI/ UX improvements of Meeting scheduler:

  • added an error message in case time slots overlapped in Calendar Settings
  • made Subject a mandatory field
  • made the notification that meeting details were sent to the user’s email more visible
  • added possibility to limit the dates when a meeting can be booked. For this, the following part should be added to the Schedule link:
    --where “02.10.2022” is the start date, “20.10.2022” is the end date, and “Summit 2023” is the subject 

[XBS-2123] - web: removed user presence indicators in Kite group widgets

[WMS-15037] - int: made some UI/ UX improvements of Salesforce integration related to x-bees support, for example:

  • updated alerts to include x-bees
  • added “Open x-bees” button
  • improved wording of some buttons and notifications

Web / iOS / Android Date: 26 September 2022

New Feature

[XBS-443] - mobile: improved search logic in x-bees app on mobile, so that it shows consistent results in different sections (for example, in Inbox and Dialpad) and displays similar results in case of search on web and mobile


[XBS-2089] - web: added information about user timezone on the Schedule page of Kite Meeting Scheduler

[WMS-14410] - wms: updated design of x-bees invitation email

[WMS-14822] - wda: improved analytics logic so that calls that come through one PBX and get automatic answer by the system (e.g. IVR) on another PBX in WMS Network, with no agent’s reply, are not considered answered and the system message is not counted as talk time

Web / iOS / Android Date: 13 Sep 2022


[XBS-2029] - web: enabled native Google Calendar email notifications (e.g. invitation email, updated invitation, canceled event) for meetings scheduled via Kite which allows to add events to Google Calendar

[WMS-14236] - wizy: added Tutorials and updates functionality which guides through Wizyconf features and informs when there is new functionality available 


  1. Click More options (three dots) button -> Tutorials and updates 
  2. See the list of latest features and click Show to play tutorial

Note: When there are new features available, a yellow dot appears next to More options in the bottom menu and you can see Tutorials and updates, highlighted in yellow.

The additional information  you can find at the news blog

[WMS-14529] - wizy: added dial-in numbers to the calendar description of meetings scheduled via x-bees and Kite meeting scheduler

[WMS-14572] - mobile: added support of screen sharing (available both for users and guests) and some other features, available to x-bees users only:

  • Recording of the conference
  • Muting separate users or asking them to unmute
  • Disabling camera of separate users
  • Expelling users from the conference

[XBS-1795] - web+mobile: added email notifications about unread messages


  • The emails include the name of conversations (maximum 5 latest conversations) and the number of unread messages, as well “Open x-bees” button to proceed to the app.
  • Maximum 3 email notifications are sent per day: 1st email is sent with 10 minutes delay; the 2nd and 3rd one - with intervals of 4 hours. During the interval, unread messages are accumulated and sent in one batch.
  • User can unsubscribe from emails via the unsubscribe button. System emails, e.g. with one time password, are still sent, even after user unsubscribes.
  • Email notifications are not sent if: a) user logged in to x-bees mobile app, as they get push notifications on mobile; b) conversation is muted; c) user unsubscribed from email notifications.

The additional information  you can find at the news blog

Web / iOS / Android Date: 18 Aug 2022

New Features

[XBS-99] - web+mobile: added possibility to upload avatars for conversations


  1. Open Conversation Info panel
  2. Click on the conversation icon
  3. Click Upload image
  4. Select and upload the necessary picture. Note: Please use JPG, PNG, or GIF file not more than 10 MB
  5. Crop and scale the avatar and click Apply

Documentation: x-bees Web User Guide

More information  you can find at the news blog

[XBS-1107] - web: added possibility to see the list of conference participants by hovering the mouse over the Join button


  • The feature is available both for users and guests.
  • The maximum number of participants displayed is 10.
  • The list of participants isn’t updated while you are viewing it. To update the data, move the mouse outside the button and hover it again.
  • Also, made some UI improvements of the tooltip with the list of conference participants on the Live dashboard tab.

More information  you can find at the news blog

[XBS-1745] - web: made some improvements on the Live dashboard tab:

  • added possibility to click on a user and open a conversation with them (currently available for 1-on-1 calls only)
  • if a lead or contact has a match in Salesforce/ HubSpot, there is a relevant icon added and a company name, if available
  • conferences with at least one match in Salesforce/ Hubspot integration are marked with logo of the relevant CRM integration


[XBS-1940] - web+mobile: improved templates of Meeting Scheduler emails to ensure correct display in different email agents

Web / iOS / Android Date: 04 Aug 2022


[XBS-1746] - crm: improved the logic of call logging, so that logged calls are automatically assigned Connected status in HubSpot

[XBS-1770] - sys: updated design of email notifications

[XBS-1791] - kite: added error messages that are displayed if an external user tries to reach an agent or group of agents that don’t exist or don’t have relevant licenses, or in case PBX user without proper license tries to access Kite Settings

Web / iOS / Android Date: 08 Jul 2022

New Features

[XBS-1546] - kite: added possibility to embed Kite widget on website

  • Note: All widgets are available for all users of all PBXs belonging to the same Customer (no matter whether PBXs are in WMS network or not).

Documentation: x-bees website widget configuration.

The additional information  you can find at the news blog

[XBS-1616] - kite: added possibility to set up integration with Google Calendar and allow external users to access agent’s calendar and book a meeting with an agent via Kite

  • Note: The integration can be enabled by Company admin via WMS, after which it becomes available in Kite Settings for all agents.

Documentation: x-bees Kite Meeting Scheduler.

More information  you can find at the news blog

[XBS-1726] - web: added Analytics tab in x-bees, an advanced analytics tool which lets to monitor any data you need in a highly customizable manner

Documentation: x-bees Analytics.

More information  you can find at the news blog


[WMS-12588] - app: improved the logic so that x-bees conference app is used for conferences on iOS and Android:

  • in case x-bees conference app is not installed, x-bees app proposes to install it

Note: In case user doesn’t want to install the app, web view is opened (Android only)

  • by clicking Join button in x-bees, x-bees conference app is opened
  • when clicking on the Chat button in x-bees conference app, user is directed to x-bees application

[XBS-1369] - web: made some improvements to x-bees PWA:

  • added notification about no internet connection when accessing the app in offline mode
  • fixed an issue in which there was blank page when opening x-bees PWA
  • fixed an issue when no chat history uploaded in offline mode

[XBS-1659] - kite: improved the logic so that users logging in to Kite can see only Kite conversations

[XBS-1715] - web: made some UI/UX improvements of the Live dashboard tab:

  • added icons for calls and conferences in the Type column
  • updated time format in Status column by adding hours
  • some layout improvements
  • added Service and Tags/Location/Trunks columns

[WMS-14073] - wizy: for improved privacy, added notification and automatic logout when user is left alone in a conference for more than a minute on mobile 

  • Note: Automatic logout applies if the conference had at least 2 participants.

Web / iOS / Android Date: 29 Jun 2022


[XBS-1328] - mobile: improved the logic so that if x-bees app is installed on iOS or Android and user clicks on x-bees link from email, calendar, etc., x-bees mobile app is opened and user is directed to the relevant x-bees tab, conversation or conference

  • Note: If user is invited to x-bees, after clicking on the invitation link, user email and PBX domain are inserted automatically

[XBS-1740] - crm: improved the logic of displaying HubSpot contacts so that all phone numbers of the contact are shown on the Info tab in x-bees

[XBS-1814] - mobile: made x-bees mobile apps (iOS and Android) available for Netherlands

[XBS-1595] - kite: improved the process of Kite widget setup by removing the need to fill out the “Secret key” field

Web / iOS / Android Date: 25 May 2022


[XBS-1482] - web+mobile: improved search functionality by adding possibility to search through all conversations using partial match search queries

  • Note: The improvement affects all new chats and chats which were created starting from April 2021

[XBS-1574] - web: changed the default button title on a personal widget from “Send us a message” to “Send me a message”

[XBS-1583] - web: made UI improvements of Live dashboard screen

Web / iOS / Android Date: 11 May 2022

New Features

[XBS-1457] - web+mobile: added possibility to set a status message


  1. Go to Settings -> Set a status
  2. Type the status and choose the "Clear after" option
  3. Click Save


  • The support starts from WMS 5.04.20220504 or higher
  • The status message should be no longer than 100 characters
  • When busy in a conference, user status automatically changes to the default one (e.g. “in conference | until 14:00”)

Documentation: x-bees Web User Guidex-bees Mobile User Guide.

[WMS-13853] - crm: added automatic logging of activities from x-bees to HubSpot (inbound and outbound calls via PBX and conferences):
The additional information  you can find at the news blog.


[XBS-1513] - web: improved the logic of x-bees Chrome extension so that when clicking on the x-bees link, an active x-bees tab is used instead of opening a new tab

[XBS-1624] - web+mobile: improved German translations of x-bees UI

Web / iOS / Android Date: 22 April 2022

New Feature

[WMS-13549] - web: added ability to start screensharing from the audio call

  • Audio call will be terminated and you will be redirected to video conference with enabled screen sharing
  • Please note that this functionality will be available starting with WMS 5.04.20220422 or higher

Temporary limitation:

  • In case call is transferred to a device which doesn't support screen sharing (Collaboration, WP phones, etc) button "Screen Sharing" is not disabled and the user can start screen sharing. It will be fixed in the WMS-13885

Documentation: x-bees Web User Guide.

The additional information  you can find at the news blog


[WMS-13788] - crm: added support for different types of tasks in the Hubspot integration

Web / iOS / Android Date: 18 April 2022


[XBS-1006] - crm: added automatic logging of activities to Salesforce (inbound and outbound calls via PBX)

Documentation: Salesforce Integration.

The additional information  you can find at the news blog

[XBS-1405] - web: added possibility to generate Kite website widgets

Documentation: x-bees website widget configuration.

The additional information  you can find at the news blog

[WMS-13756] - web: added possibility to log events if the Contact has no owner in HubSpot integration, by assigning the Contact to a default owner (the integration’s admin)

Documentation: HubSpot Integration.

The additional information  you can find at the news blog

Web / iOS / Android Date: 21 March 2022


[WMS-12970] - wizy: updated design of the Conference and some functionality which includes:

  • possibility to send reactions
  • display of how many hands are raised

[WMS-13475] - web: added support of headset integration for Wizyconf and x-bees conference

Supported functionality:

  • Join/ leave a conference
  • Mute/ unmute
  • Sync of user’s status


  • You can join a conference within 30 seconds after its start in case there is only one active conference.
  • If there is an active conference and an incoming call, the call has higher priority.

Web / iOS / Android Date: 14 March 2022

New Feature

[XBS-1395] - web: added support for Hubspot integration

  • Requirements for the activation:
    • min xb-Business license
    • admin access to Hubspot account
  • To activate the integration, go to WMS Settings -> PBX -> Integrations -> x-bees
  • With Hubspot integration, you can create/ manage contacts, tasks and log activities the same way as with Salesforce

Documentation: HubSpot Integration with x-bees.


[WMS-13062] - x-bees: released x-bees Chrome extension

The additional information  you can find at the news blog

[XBS-1404] - kite: improved email signature creation

  • added a quick access to the signature generator: click on your user picture in the upper left-hand part of the screen to open Settings and click Kite settings button
  • fixed an issue when a signature copied via the option "Copy to clipboard" was inserted as HTML tags
  • fixed an issue when opening the signature generator led to Session Expired error of the main x-bees page

[XBS-1474] - web: improved Usabilla feedback collection by adding timestamps to logs

Web / iOS / Android Date: 07 March 2022

New Features

[XBS-1001] - web: added possibility to select Caller ID for outbound calls via Dialpad


  • Click on the drop-down list at the top of the Dialpad
  • Select the Call group and make a call
  • The call is performed using CID for outbound calls of the selected Call group.
  • If the option Personal is chosen, the personal number is used.

Documentation: x-bees Web User Guidex-bees Mobile User Guide.

The additional information  you can find at the news blog

[XBS-1404] - kite: added possibility to create email signature


  • Go to the following link: https://x-bees.biz/kite/console
  • Fill out the form (like Full Name, Company, Job title, and other information if required)
  • Download the file or copy it to the clipboard


  • Creating email signature is available for desktop and only by the link: https://x-bees.biz/kite/console
  • If the user changes avatar/ name/ or other data, they should create a new signature with the updated info

Documentation: x-bees Web User Guide.

The additional information  you can find at the news blog

Web / iOS / Android Date: 28 February 2022


[XBS-90] - web+mobile: status expiration and custom status message set in Collaboration are now displayed in x-bees

[XBS-1476] - mobile: improved displaying of an alert message after failing to add participants to a conversation