Salesforce Opportunity Integration in x-bees

To set up Salesforce Opportunity integration in x-bees, please open Customer Care ticket.

This guide explains how to navigate and use Salesforce Opportunity integration in x-bees Info frame to manage your current Opportunities.

Created: May 2024



The Salesforce Opportunity integration in x-bees simplifies the management of Salesforce Opportunities by allowing you to handle them directly within x-bees Info frame. It is available for all conversations with at least 1 external contact. 

With this integration, you can conveniently track Opportunity stages, view and edit its summary and access connected Contacts, all within x-bees Info frame. If you and your colleagues are in the same conversation with an external contact, all of you have access to the linked Opportunity. This saves time and reduces the need to switch to Salesforce, fostering collaboration and alignment across the team.

Access Salesforce Opportunity 

To access Salesforce Opportunity, follow these steps:

  • Open x-bees and proceed to a dedicated conversation with a Salesforce Contact

  • On the Info frame, navigate to the Salesforce Opportunity section and authorize to Salesforce if required

  • Link your preferred Opportunity to the conversations by typing its name in the Related to field

  • Select it from the list 

  • Once you select it, it gets linked

Manage Opportunities

Within Salesforce Opportunity in x-bees Info frame, you can:

  1. Track Opportunity stages

    • You can track the various stages of the Opportunity (Working, Qualifying etc)
    • To view more details or change the Opportunity stage, click Open in Salesforce button to directly open it 
  2. View and edit Summary

    • To view or edit the Summary including Key Info, Wildix Partner Target Score and Value Prompter, navigate to the Summary section
    • To enter editing mode, click on the Pencil icon next to the summary 
    • Make the necessary changes in the provided fields
    • Once editing is complete, click Save button to save your changes
  3. View Contacts connected to Opportunity

    • To view the Contacts associated with the Opportunity, navigate to the Contact roles section
    • You can check Title and Role of each Contact
    • To view more details about each Contact, click on the dedicated icon next to the Contact roles to directly open them
  4. View and edit Notes or add new ones
    • To view Notes associated with the Opportunity, navigate to the Notes section:
    • To edit a note, click on the Pencil icon next to the relevant note
    • To create a new note, click on the More (three dots) icon and choose New or click Add Note under the Open in Salesforce button at the top of the Salesforce Opportunity section