x-bees Troubleshooting

This Article explains how to troubleshoot various x-bees issues.

Other x-bees documentation: x-bees partner program documentation.

Created: October 2022

Permalink: https://wildix.atlassian.net/wiki/x/yBfOAQ

How to send logs

If you encounter any issues with x-bees, send logs so Wildix can investigate them.

  1. Click on your user picture in the upper left-hand part of the screen to open Settings
  2. Under Support, click Send Feedback
  3. Evaluate x-bees and select Bug as a s subject
  4. Describe your issue and make sure Send logs option is set to Yes
  5. Click Submit to send 

How to troubleshoot push notifications


I do not receive push notifications.

Possible Solutions

To ensure the correct behaviour of push notifications, the following settings must be enabled:

  • Focus time in macOS Settings -> Notifications & Focus -> Focus
  • Browser notifications 
  • Chrome notifications in macOS Settings -> Notifications & Focus  
  • Notifications in x-bees Settings -> Notifications & Focus -> Notifications  

If the issue still exists, send logs.