How to Identify Obsolete Wildix Repeaters

This document describes how to differentiate between obsolete Wildix repeaters and repeaters that support the latest firmware.

Created: February 2024



Starting from W-AIR firmware v.07.30.xx.xx and higher, the old Wildix repeaters are no longer supported and need additional configuration to stay on previous firmwares to continue working. The obsolete Wildix repeaters and the supported repeaters are visually different and this guide displays how to differentiate between them.

Obsolete Wildix Repeaters 

The obsolete Wildix repeaters look in the following way:

Important: For old repeaters to work, you need to add the following parameter to the /rw2/etc/provision.conf file: 

SupportObsoleteRepeater = yes 

The default value is “no”. When the parameter is enabled, the base stations automatically switch to the previous firmware on which the obsolete repeaters are supported (v. 06.xx.xx.xx)  

Other Wildix Repeaters

Other Wildix repeaters, that support the latest firmware, look this way: