Wildix Terms and Conditions

This document describes the service level terms and conditions according to which Wildix provides technical support to its Customers.

Created: April 2018

Updated: October 2023

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The purpose of this contract is so that WILDIX may supply the CUSTOMER with Unified Communications as a Service and the voice telephony service CLASSOUND.


2.1 The contract is effective from the date of activation of at least one service.

2.2 The duration of the contract is equal to the duration of the rent chosen. The contract is automatically renewed upon expiry for the same period. 


3.1 In order to use the CLASSOUND services from WILDIX, the CUSTOMER must have access to an Internet connection that meets the minimum technical requirements of the subscribed services, i.e. at least 60 kbps, the Minimum Guaranteed Bandwidth for each simultaneous VoIP call to and from the CLASSOUND service.

3.2 In order to use telephony services or services that provide for the sending of messages of any kind that include an indication of the sender, the customer must perform validation procedures. WILDIX reserves the right to: request the execution of these procedures, including for the provision of other services or for any anti-fraud checks; not activate services or to deactivate existing services if the CUSTOMER does not carry out these validation procedures.

3.3. The SLAs for the activation and portability of DIDs in CLASSOUND are reported here: CLASSOUND Activation Request. 


4.1 WILDIX will provide, via the e-mail address specified by the CUSTOMER, the access credentials necessary to access WILDIX services and to keep all personal data updated (i.e. identification code, user ID and personal access key, Password).

4.2 The CUSTOMER is required to keep and protect the access credentials with the utmost diligence, and is directly and exclusively responsible for any damage that their improper use may cause to WILDIX or to third parties.

4.3 In case of loss or theft of the Password, the CUSTOMER must immediately notify WILDIX by e-mail, sending the report to the relevant authority no later than 3 days after the discovery of the loss or theft.


5.1 The CUSTOMER acknowledges his right to claim the ability to port the number assigned by WILDIX to another operator according to the procedure established by the relevant laws and regulations. The conclusion of the transfer procedure does not imply the termination of the contract for the services provided by WILDIX.


6.1 The numbers assigned by WILDIX for fax and voice services can send and receive simultaneous calls in either direction, with a minimum of twenty calls. If the limit is exceeded, the capacity will be automatically increased within a maximum period of 30 days. 

6.2 In the event that the networks or telephone lines connected to the WILDIX systems experience congestion or malfunction, calling users may receive a busy signal, although WILDIX does everything possible to avoid this result. Note, that guaranteed CLASSOUND restoration time (SRT) is 4 hours.


7.1 The fees for goods and services are indicated on the order forms or the invoice.

7.2 The invoice must be paid within the deadline and in the manner indicated. The invoice will be sent to the email address indicated by the customer in the table below.

7.3 WILDIX reserves the right to modify fees; however, before doing so, WILDIX must promptly inform the CUSTOMER, who may withdraw from the Contract within sixty days. In the event that the CUSTOMER exercises the right of withdrawal, it will be necessary that the same pay the amount inherent to the period of time in which the services have been rendered according to the amount previously paid with respect to the last communication.

7.4 WILDIX is not responsible for any taxes incurred by Partners. Partners must be compliant with local telecom service requirements with respect to laws and taxes within each jurisdiction they operate in.


8.1 The CUSTOMER may in no case use the services for illegal purposes and/or to cause nuisance to third parties. 

In the case of a violation of national or international laws, WILDIX may, at its discretion, immediately suspend the services, without anything being owed to CUSTOMER; in particular, the CUSTOMER will have no right to a refund, not even partial, of the subscription fee. The right of WILDIX to take legal action for compensation for any damage suffered remains unaffected.

8.2 It is expressly forbidden to use WILDIX's services and systems to carry out, over telephone traffic, arbitration activities, or in general to develop telecommunications traffic by which one may obtain advantages, bonuses, credit, money or similar benefits for oneself or third parties merely by sending and/or receiving communications of any kind, even those which are received but not replied to. It is forbidden to use WILDIX systems in any way in order to obtain advantages for oneself or for others, including but not limited to by means of telephone calls or SMSes sent to numbers such as mobile or fixed network numbers with so-called "auto top-up" or "reward" offers, or to "premium" or "personal number" or "shared cost" numbers in any country, which return money or credit or benefits to the holder of the number or to whoever uses it. It is forbidden to use WILDIX services to automatically generate outbound call campaigns with or without the recipient’s response. In such cases, WILDIX may, at its discretion, immediately suspend the services and invoice the CUSTOMER for any additional costs and expenses incurred for the characteristics of the traffic developed, without anything being owed to the CUSTOMER. The right of WILDIX to take legal action for compensation for any damage suffered remains unaffected.

8.3 The CUSTOMER may not in any way transfer this contract to third parties, either free of charge or for consideration, without the prior written consent of WILDIX.

8.4 The service is provided by WILDIX solely in favor of the CUSTOMER, who therefore remains solely responsible for allowing use of the service to third parties. The CUSTOMER shall inform anyone who uses the WILDIX services that the CUSTOMER is allowed to review in detail the traffic carried through the service, including all the numbers which are sending calls and all numbers receiving calls.

8.5 The CUSTOMER shall use the numbering assigned to him in compliance with the regulations applicable in the country where the DIDs are assigned. WILDIX reserves the right at any time to carry out checks regarding compliance with the aforementioned rule, which may be manual or automatic, even should technical means be at its disposal. If WILDIX detects use of the numbers that does not comply with regulations, WILDIX may revoke the use of the number to the CUSTOMER and terminate the existing contract, without anything being due to him.

8.6 In the event of the development of traffic deemed anomalous by WILDIX, or in the event of the triggering of automatic or manual anti-fraud systems by WILDIX that lead to suspicion of even potential fraud, or of illicit activity or contractual violation, or in the event that technicians may put the infrastructure of WILDIX or other operators at risk, WILDIX may suspend, even selectively, the services provided to the CUSTOMER without anything being owed to the same. WILDIX will reactivate the services if verifications do not confirm the suspicions. The right of WILDIX to take legal action for compensation for any damage suffered remains unaffected.

8.7 If WILDIX detects usage of the service that does not comply with the regulatory provisions governing call center activities, it may suspend the service, even in the face of mere suspicion, and, once the abuse has been ascertained, may revoke the use of the number by the CUSTOMER and terminate the existing contract, without anything being owed to the latter.


9.1 WILDIX will not be liable — neither to the CUSTOMER nor to subjects that are directly or indirectly connected to the CUSTOMER himself — for delays, malfunctions, suspensions and/or interruptions in the provision of the Service caused by: ​​force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances; tampering with or interventions in services or equipment carried out by the CUSTOMER or by unauthorized third parties; failure by the CUSTOMER to comply with the conditions of access to the Service; incorrect use of the services by the CUSTOMER; malfunctions from the connecting devices; use by the CUSTOMER of incompatible tools and/or programs (software); connectivity malfunctions dependant upon another operator. 

9.2 WILDIX, having no control over the equipment involved, is in no way responsible for disruptions caused by switching errors on a public telephone network which involve the delivery of calls to WILDIX using an incorrect destination telephone number.

9.3 WILDIX is never in any way responsible for malfunctions in CLASSOUND services that are attributable to an incorrect/inappropriate/incompatible configuration by the CUSTOMER, or to any part of the network not under the control of WILDIX, including malfunctions due to the infrastructures of third-party operators.

9.4 WILDIX is never in any way responsible for telephone calls made by its customers. The CUSTOMER explicitly indemnifies WILDIX about any possible request for damages by third parties regarding the content of his messages or telephone calls.

9.5 WILDIX is in no way responsible for any damage that may arise to the CUSTOMER or to third parties due to the assignment, pursuant to regulatory provisions, of numbers previously attributed to others.

9.6 WILDIX is in no way responsible for any improper use of numbers by the CUSTOMER, who indemnifies WILDIX from any request for compensation or sanctions by the regulatory authority or third parties.

9.7 In any case, WILDIX is not responsible for damages caused by breakdowns, interruptions or overloads of the electric, telephone, national and international lines that prevent the regular use of the Services.

9.8 WILDIX cannot in any way be held responsible for any of its obligations under the terms of this contract if such failure is caused or derives from an event of force majeure without any limitation, including but not limited to the following examples: fire, flood, strike, cable or fiber cuts, lightning, civil unrest, governmental or military authority acts, changes in law, terrorism, force majeure, and prolonged periods of general power outage; nor can it be responsible for non-fulfillment by third parties that affect the functioning of the Services.

9.9 Without prejudice to the indemnity provided for by Art. 3.4, no compensation for damages can be requested from WILDIX for direct and/or indirect damages caused by the use or non-use of the Services.

9.10 The CUSTOMER relieves WILDIX from any responsibility for any attacks and/or intrusions by third parties from the network through the equipment with which the service is provided. The CUSTOMER declares that he is aware that third parties can access systems via the Internet and can overcome the security of the systems to use them improperly and cause damage to third parties. In the event that WILDIX detects an intrusion attempt through the accesses and data it lawfully disposes of for the provision of the service, it may interrupt the service, without any obligation, until the CUSTOMER takes steps to implement the measures necessary to prevent the situation from persisting. The CUSTOMER shall hold harmless from any direct and/or indirect damage as well as the payment of any charge, expense, indemnity or any prejudice that may be suffered by WILDIX or the employees or collaborators of the parties or other subjects who use the services or even those who are only connected or occasioned by the execution of this contract by their employees and/or collaborators, consultants, their representatives as well as their substitutes, even on an extra-contractual basis.


10.1 Given that the rule for the protection of personal data applies to the processing of data relating to natural persons, WILDIX indicates that personal data of employees and collaborators of the CUSTOMER are collected for the following purposes:

  • sending newsletters;
  • customer reference;
  • accounting purposes;
  • commercial information;

The data are stored electronically and accessed by WILDIX employees and collaborators who have been appointed for the processing for this purpose.

The parties, by signing this contract, mutually acknowledge and confirm that any processing of personal data that derives from the execution of this contract will be carried out solely for the purposes related to such execution.

10.2 The CUSTOMER may modify and update his personal data by means of a written request to WILDIX.


11.1 Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous point, each party shall keep secret all information acquired in relation to the supply relationship. Each party takes every necessary precaution in order to safeguard the confidentiality and secrecy of such information and to prevent its disclosure to third parties, and will limit its communication only to employees and consultants who have an effective need to know it for the purposes referred to in this supply relationship in compliance with the need to know principle, undertaking not to disclose the information to third parties, not to make it public or accessible by any other means unless it is expressly permitted with written consent issued by the party making the disclosure or delivery of information; it being understood that each party will not be deemed in breach of the provisions of this article as a result of communications made in compliance with the provisions contained in any rule or regulation or order promulgated by public authorities having jurisdiction over it in relation to the execution of this Agreement and to the operations envisaged therein. Each party ensures that these commitments are also respected by its directors, statutory auditors, employees, promoters and consultants to whom such information has been communicated. The confidentiality obligations set forth herein will cease at the end of the first year from the date of termination of the effectiveness of this Agreement.

11.2 WILDIX shall not access and/or intercept the content of the messages and/or the telephone calls transmitted through its systems, and shall not communicate it to third parties, except in the cases provided for by law at the request of the Judicial and Police Authorities. Similarly, it complies with the law for the management of traffic data. The CUSTOMER may request the publication of his personal data from the telephone directories in accordance with the relevant legislation and regulations.

11.3 The CUSTOMER appoints WILDIX responsible for the processing of the identification data of the telephone communications received by the user. WILDIX will keep such data for the time requested by the CUSTOMER. WILDIX will protect such data with the organizational and logical measures required by law.

11.4 Communications Security. As part of the telecommunications service provided, adequate security measures are adopted to protect communications. Nevertheless, there may be situations that allow unauthorized third parties to learn the content of the same even unintentionally. In particular, unless encryption systems are adopted, the messages circulate on the networks in the clear and the networks prove to be easily attacked despite the adoption of up-to-date protection systems.


12.1 WILDIX may make any changes to this document. If the CUSTOMER does not accept the announced changes, he has the right to withdraw from the contract without paying any penalty for the withdrawal.


13.1 - The violation of the following provisions involves the termination of the contract: 

  • use of services for illegal purposes and/or to cause a nuisance to third parties; 
  • use of the services for telephony arbitrage or similar activities;
  • use of numbering in a way that does not comply with legal and regulatory provisions; 
  • fraud or technical problems that put the WILDIX infrastructure at risk; 
  • use of services in violation of the regulations governing call center activities


14.1 The mission of WILDIX Technical Support is to provide an excellent service to our Partners during the deployment and after the deployment of WILDIX Solutions. WILDIX Technical Support does not provide pre-sales support, which is performed by our Sales Teams, or provide information included in the documentation.

14.2 To support this mission, we publish the terms and conditions of delivering Technical Support services which help our Partners set the right expectations in regards of WILDIX Technical support services.

14.3 WILDIX Technical Support teams work closely with NOC Engineers, whose mission is:

  • proactive WILDIX Systems monitoring and analysis of crash reports;

  • analysis and resolution of Critical issues which arrive outside Support Hours;

14.4 In addition to the Technical Support service, WILDIX offers a wide range of self-help resources, available for everyone, including WILDIX Partners, Resellers and End Users:


15.1 WILDIX direct Technical Support service is available for the following type of Partners:

  • WILDIX Platinum Business Partner;

  • WILDIX Gold Business Partner;

  • WILDIX Silver Business Partner;

15.2 Bronze Partners and Resellers must refer to their assigned Platinum or Gold Business Partner for technical support.

15.3 WILDIX system end-users must refer to the System Integrator (WILDIX Partner or Reseller) who installed the WILDIX System.  


16.1 Support hours for processing new tickets are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST / CET.

16.2 Extended support service only for Critical issues is available 24 hours / 7 days per week.

16.3 Ticket response time based on ticket class of service (CoS). Response time for newly created tickets may differ depending on the CoS assigned to the ticket. Response times and the policies of assigning CoS are explained in the table below:

Assigned CoS


Ticket response goals


  • Call drops which are not caused by a operator

  • Cloud system is unreachable

  • Business operations severely impacted with no workaround

Within 30 minutes during Support Hours

NOTE: For Critical issues outside Support Hours, please use Phone.


  • All other tickets

Within the same working day, or on the next working day for the tickets created outside Support Hours

16.4 Extended Support Service for Critical issues. Extended Support Service is available only for Critical issues, such as:

  • WILDIX UC Cloud Platforms, WMP, Website not available;

  • Customers Business operations severely impacted with no workaround;

16.5 Extended Support Service does NOT cover:

  • reports of non critical problems;

  • issues with operators (partner must check beforehand if the issue can be reproduced with another operator);

  • HW replacement or checks on faulty HW;

  • checks on internet connectivity;

  • standard activities covered by Support and which must be planned in advance (deployment questions, integration analysis, bugs reports);

16.6 Extended Support Service is provided by phone, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, only in English language.

16.7 To interact with Extended Support Service outside Support hours, please call:

  • USA: +16144841546;

  • UK: +443300563663;

  • Italy: +39 0461 1715112;

  • D/A/CH countries: +49 89 2000 60 65;

  • France and francophone countries: +33 1 76 74 79 83;

  • Spain +34932202994;

16.8 Once a new ticket arrives outside Support Hours, the responsible NOC engineer investigates the issue and, in case the ticket qualifies for Critical CoS, tries to resolve the ticket immediately or provide a workaround.


17.1 We remind you again that WILDIX direct Technical Support service is available only for:

  • Platinum Partners;

  • Gold Partners;

  • Silver Partners

17.2 Bronze Partners and Resellers must refer to their assigned Platinum or Gold Business Partner for technical support.

17.3 WILDIX Platinum and Gold Business Partners can use the following channels for communication with WILDIX Support:

  • ticketing System via WILDIX Management Portal (WMP);

  • phone call;

  • Kite service;

  • Facebook Groups;

  • email - only for follow up on an existing ticket;

    IMPORTANT: no new tickets can be opened via email starting from June 2018!

17.4 Ticketing System. For convenience, ticket are divided into two types: 

  1. Technical Support, related to all technical issues; 
  2. Customer Care, related to the following issues:

    • Billing (delivery document dispute, invoice, dispute, credit note request, request tax break-down for invoice/quote (US/CA only) etc);
    • CLASSOUND (order status, DID cancellation, general questions, set or update CNAM (US/CA only) etc). Note: in case of any critical issues with incoming/ outgoing calls, please submit Tech support ticket to have it processed with higher priority;
    • HWaaS (general question, PBX change, spare parts inquiry etc);
    • PBX / Licenses (activate/ terminate PBX, WMS setup, licenses adjustments etc);
    • Orders (orders tracking, order items amendment etc);
    • Portal errors;
    • Promo related questions;
    • Company information changes (update contacts/ address, WMP access);
    • Feature request;
    • Note: some Customer Care operations can be extra charged, check the list in Customer Care FAQ

17.5 You can open a ticket via Ticketing System any day and any time. Goal of Technical Support is to respond to all tickets within the same working day, or on the next working day for tickets created outside of Support Hours.

17.6 Customer Care can be reached via ticketing system only and all requests are accepted only in English. Submitted requests are reviewed during one business day. Resolution time depends of ticket complexity and topic.

17.7 How to open a ticket to WILDIX Technical Support or Customer Care from WMP: 

  1. Access WMP using your credentials

  2. Go to Help Desk tab -> click Add in the upper-right corner 

  3. Select the type of your request: Technical or Customer Care
  4. Fill in the mandatory fields: Subject, Message and PBX name or product info (can be selected from the list: serial number of devices, PBX/ product name etc); for Customer Care: select the topic of your request.
    According to your request, you are prompted with auto-suggestions of relevant Documentation that can help you to solve your issue; proceed with your request if if there is no ready-made solution for your request. Auto-suggestions work both for Tech Support and Customer Care requests. The search results are displayed on the right panel after you:

    - start typing the subject of your request

    - choose a device

    - or select the topic (in case of a Customer Care ticket)

  5. Enter all the information related to the request:

    • The WMS version and FW versions of all the devices related to the ticket for Technical Support

    • Any additional information and attachments (invoices, delivery docs, order numbers etc) for both Technical Support and Customer Care

  6. Click Submit 

After you have opened a ticket, you can:

  • reply to your ticket by email or from WMP to provide any additional information

  • track the status of your ticket from WMP

  • give feedback on a ticket

Please note that the following information is essential for support inquiries so that the request can be processed as soon as possible:

  • IP address of the remote maintenance or *.wildixin.com address of the PBX
  • Login credentials
  • WMS version of the PBX and optionally FW of the Wildix devices
  • Exact error description and diagnostics done so far
  • Traces with examples and information to address the issue; e.g. users involved in a call (caller and called numbers) and time of the call itself

If a ticket has been closed by Wildix support, it is no longer possible to reply and reopen the ticket. Please open a new case and reference the original ticket ID if needed.

To leave feedback about a ticket:

On the Help Desk tab, choose the ticket you want to leave your feedback on, click on the feedback icon and proceed with instructions on the dialog window that appears.

17.8 Phone. You can contact WILDIX Technical Support by the following phone numbers during Support Hours - from 9am till 6pm EST / CET (outside Support Hours 24/7, only for Critical issues): 

  • USA: +16144841546;

  • UK: +443300563663;

  • Italy: +3904611715112;

  • D/A/CH countries: +498920006065;

  • France and francophone countries: +33176747983;

  • Spain: +34932202994;

17.9 Kite. Use the following links to chat/call WILDIX technical support teams during Support Hours only - to access the service make sure a ticket has been created:

17.10 Facebook Groups. WILDIX Tech Wizards group is open for everyone and intended for:

  • new feature requests;

  • requests of additional information, documentation requests;

  • doubts, Ideas, sharing of experience, installations photos;

WILDIX Beta releases is reserved to Wildix Partners and is intended for:

  • bug reports;

  • questions about beta releases;

  • questions about integrations;

17.11 Please do not use Facebook groups to report a Critical issue (such as cloud system is unreachable, call drops which are not caused by the operator, business operations severely impacted without workaround). Use phone or Ticketing system instead.  


18.1 WILDIX NOC Engineers perform continuous system monitoring 24/7, investigate crash reports, and intervene in case a problem with any client PBX has been revealed by the monitoring system.

18.2 In case a problem has been revealed, the following actions are undertaken:

  • identify the CoS of the issue; issues which have been identified as Critical are immediately taken into analysis, even if revealed outside Support Hours;

  • find all the information related to the PBX, including Serial, Country, Partner, information about the issue;

  • partner is contacted by creating a ticket or by phone;


19.1 You can check WILDIX system status for its services here https://statuspage.wildix.com/.

19.2 NOC Engineers report on WILDIX Tech Wizards Facebook groups:

  • planned system maintenances;

  • global problems with WILDIX services;


20.1 The availability commitment for the WILDIX services is 99.98%, disregarding any scheduled periods of unavailability for preventive maintenance notified in advance.

20.2 The availability of the WILDIX services is calculated daily and it’s available here: https://statuspage.wildix.com/. It measures whether the technical interfaces are operational and not user perceptions.

20.3 If WILDIX breaches the availability commitment set out above, through its sole fault, the amount payable for the SaaS will be reduced in accordance with the following principles (the reduction will be applied to the next invoice issued by WILDIX):

Service availability rate (calculated monthly)

Effective payment/Amount of the user licence

99% or higher


between 90% and 99%


between 80% and 90%


between 70% and 80%


lower than 70%