CLASSOUND E911 Compliance

The Document describes CLASSOUND E911 Regulations and provides the requirements to comply with the Regulations.

Important: The information refers only to systems that use CLASSOUND. Systems without CLASSOUND should be configured to use 911 with a relevant third party vendor.

Created: December 2021

Updated: December 2023


E911 Regulations

Enhanced 911 (E911) is an enhanced version of 911 system used in the US for calls seeking emergency assistance such as police, fire, and ambulance services. E911 is regulated by the following laws:

  • Kari’s Law: requires the direct dialing of 911 be enabled without having to dial a prefix to reach an outside line. Kari’s Law also directs the FCC to develop necessary 911 calling regulations for the multi-line telephone systems (MLTS) that are commonly used for communications services in buildings, like hotels, hospitals, and most office campuses. When a 911 call is placed from an MLTS, a notification must be sent to on-site personnel, alerting them to the emergency. The notifications to the appropriate contact can take the form of phone calls, visual alerts on a monitor, audible alarms, text messages, and/or emails
  • RAY BAUM’S Act (Repack Airwaves Yielding Better Access for Users of Modern Services Act): requires a dispatchable location (defined as: “the street address of the calling party, and additional information such as room number, or similar information necessary to adequately identify the location of the calling party”) of any 911 call to be sent to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). This would allow 911 call centers to receive the automatic location information of the caller, and dispatch to emergency responders more quickly

The solution for the E911 compliance is available for every Wildix device (for non-fixed devices - starting from January 2022), for every system installed in the US that has CLASSOUND service enabled, without any additional configuration.

Check the Blog Post:

Wildix Requirements

To comply with E911 Regulations, there are several requirements:

1. Provide geolocation data per each hardware device to Wildix  

  • Download a sample form E911 compliance form - SAMPLE.xlsx
  • Fill out the form with the data about your customer and their devices:
    • End User Data:

      • Company Name/ User Name

      • Callback Number

        Note: Starting from August 2022, it is possible to set up multiple Callback Numbers. The callback number in case of 911 call will be the number that is making the call. 

    • Devices Data for WP desk phones, WelcomeConsoles, WorkForces, FXS gateways:

      • Serial Number (MAC address) 

        Note: For FXS gateways, Serial Number should contain port in format MAC0X, where X is the port number.

        Example: 9F34154GD01, where 01 is Port 1.

      • Street Number 

      • Street Name 
      • Address Line 2
      • ZIP/ Postal Code
  • Open a customer care ticket via WMP: select the topic "CLASSOUND" - "General question", subject: e911 compliance (check How to open a customer care ticket for detailed description)

2. Check min. supported versions of Wildix devices

E911 Compliance starts from:

  • Collaboration and WP Phones/ W-AIR Devices/ FXS Gateways - WMS 5.03.20211222.2
  • Android Collaboration App - 5.04.05 
  • iOS Collaboration App - 8.4.55876
  • x-bees Web - WMS v. 6.05.20231210

3. Set Country Code

  • Make sure that Country Code set up in WMS Settings -> PBX -> Language & region is +1 (US/ Canada) or user's office number has the prefix +1

4. Allow geolocation for web calls

  • Important for Collaboration and x-bees! Geolocation must be enabled in the browser, otherwise outgoing non-emergency calls via Collaboration will be blocked (emergency calls cannot be blocked, so make sure users enable geolocation)

E911 Call Flow

Please note that for compatibility with Kari's Law:

  • you dial 911 without any prefixes, if you have a prefix, make the relevant changes in Dialplan
  • to set up a notification to be sent to on-site staff, check the documentation Call to 911 announcement

When you dial 911 from any Wildix device, your call with your phone number and address is automatically routed to a PSAP, which then dispatch a local emergency responder to the address you provided as your location. 

When a you place a call from Collaboration Mobile App, the call is always sent to the local network operator via the native dialer.

To validate your geolocation, you can dial 933. When you dial the number, it'll play back the phone number and address that you provided to Wildix.

Adding/ editing 911 address via WMP

It is possible to update 911 address for devices via WMP: 

  1. Log in to WMP -> go to Customers tab 
  2. Choose Customer and proceed to Devices:

  3. Select the necessary device and click Edit emergency address button on the right:

  4. Provide details of the address on the Emergency 911 address screen that pops up and click Submit:

  5. The new address is displayed in Emergency 911 address column. You can see its validation status under DLR Validation.

To update address of several devices at once:

  1. Tick off necessary devices and click Bulk 911 address button above the table:

  2. Enter address details and click Submit.