x-bees Mobile User Guide

This User Guide explains how to access and use x-bees Mobile app and describes the basic operations: how to manage calls, create conversations, schedule conferences etc

Created: February 2022

Permalink: https://wildix.atlassian.net/wiki/x/ggHOAQ


x-bees Mobile app and the Web version share the same codebase and the same set of features. 

Download the x-bees app by Wildix from Apple Store or Google Play market.

Mobile apps requirements

  • Android 9 or higher
  • iOS 13.3 or higher


  • No way to send SMS messages and Faxes via x-bees
  • No way to listen to Voicemails and Call recordings, but you receive a copy via email
  • Access to the web version and mobile apps of x-bees is available starting from the xb-Essential license


  • Log in using Google or Microsoft SSO

Make sure you are connected to the Wildix PBX:

  1. Tap your user picture in the upper left-hand part of the screen
  2. Under Settings, tap Connect to Wildix PBX
  3. Make sure that the PBX domain name is entered into the field

Note: if you are not sure, what your Wildix PBX domain is, please check with your system administrator.


The Settings described below are available for the PBX users (for users connected to a Wildix PBX).

  • Tap your user picture to access Settings

User Picture

  • Tap your user picture to upload a new picture or use your camera to make a new one

User Status and Status message

  • Under Status, tap on your current user status (e.g. Available) and select a new one

  • To set a status message, tap Set a status, indicate the message, select date and time to clear (optional) and tap Save


  • The support starts from WMS 5.04.20220504 and higher
  • The status message should be no longer than 100 characters
  • When busy in a conference, user status automatically changes to the default one (e.g. “in conference | until 14:00”)


  • Under Settings, tap Notifications and enable notifications
    • Note, that Web and Mobile notifications are managed separately and there is no sync between them; to enable notifications on Web, consult this chapter

Note: Make sure you have enabled Notifications for x-bees in your phone settings. 

Call forwarding settings

  • Under Settings, tap Calls and set up call forwarding rules for every Call class

Inbound services ("Contact center")

The contact center feature present in Wildix Collaboration is available in x-bees and allows you to view the available services (call groups) and dynamically log in/ log out from them:

  1. Under Status, enable Inbound services
  2. Enable the switch next to Inbound service requests: the switch allows you to dynamically join the inbound services (call groups)
  3. Under Inbound services: enable those services (call groups from your PBX) that you would like to join as a call agent (in this menu you cannot change the status in services, to which you were added statically via WMS)

Check the current version

  • Under Support, tap About 


You are invited to send us feedback, provide suggestions and report problems!

  • Under Support, tap Send Feedback


  • From the Inbox, tap on your user picture in the upper left-hand part of the screen, then tap Log out


Same as with the web version, you can participate in one-on-one chats and in group conversations with your colleagues and external people. 

Group conversations

Create a new conversation

  1. From the Inbox top panel, tap +. The New Conversation screen opens
  2. Add participants and tap Next
    • You can add PBX users, Phonebook contacts, email addresses
  3. Give your conversation a title and tap Create

Manage a conversation

Inside a conversation, tap on the picture next to its title. The Info screen opens, allowing you to:

  • Mute the conversation for a period of time 
  • Add more participants
  • Leave the conversation

Tap on a participant to:

  • Send a private message
  • Send email invitation
  • Delete member

Tap More (three dots) to:

  • Edit the title of the conversation
  • Send email invitations to all the participants
  • Schedule an event in their calendars

Start a conference or schedule an event 

Important: participation in a video conference on the x-bees mobile app requires x-bees conference mobile app. Download the x-bees conference mobile app for:

Start a call with all the participants: inside a conversation, click on the Video icon from the upper right-hand part of the screen

Schedule event in the calendar:

  1. Inside a conversation tap on the picture next to its title
  2. Tap More (three dots) and tap Schedule event
    • Make sure you select the correct calendar when scheduling an event from the mobile app

One-on-one conversations

You can start a one-on-one conversation (chat) with any match found in the Search field. It can be a colleague, a phonebook contact, or any external person present in your conversations. 

Start a chat with a colleague or a phonebook contact:

  1. From the Inbox, tap on the Search icon from the upper right-hand part of the screen to open the Search field
  2. Type a name or a phone number to view matches, tap on the match to start a chat

Start a chat with an external person present in your conversations:

  1. From the conversation, tap on the picture next to its title to open the Info screen
  2. Tap on the person and tap Send message

Conversations features: reactions, quote, forward, edit, delete, tagging, file sharing

The features described below are available both in one-on-one and in group conversations.

Inside a conversation, tap and hold on a message to view the available options:

  • Leave a reaction
  • Quote: respond to a particular message
  • Forward: forward a message to another conversation
  • Copy: copy a message
  • Edit: edit your message (available only for your messages)
  • Delete: delete your message (available only for your messages)

Tag a particular participant in a conversation: type "@" and then select the participant to tag

Send one more multiple files: tap on the paper clip icon from the input field to add your files

Hide or leave a conversation

  • From the Inbox: tap and hold a particular conversation, then tap Hide or tap Leave conversation


You can dial any internal or external number. You can search your Colleagues directory and your shared Phonebooks contacts.

Start a call from Dialpad

  1. From the Inbox, tap on the Dialpad icon from the upper right-hand part of the screen
  2. Type a name or a phone number to see the matches from the Colleagues directory or Phonebook contacts; otherwise, type an external number into the field

Make sure you use the preferred mode to generate a call:

  • VoIP: generates a call via the Wildix PBX
  • Callback: you instantly receive a callback to your mobile number from the Wildix PBX and then the outbound call to the destination is generated
  • Mobile: generates a call via your mobile phone using your SIM card operator

Selecting Caller ID for outbound calls 

If you need to make an external call, but don’t want to show your office phone number, you can select the phone number of the relevant service (e.g. tech support, sales, accounting, etc.) before placing a call:

  1. Open the Dialpad and click on the drop-down list at the top 
  2. Select the service (Call group) and make a call

    The call is performed using CID for outbound calls of the selected Call group.
    By default, the option “Personal” is displayed.

Call from Conversation

The Call option is only available in one-on-one conversations with other PBX users: 

  • Tap the Handset icon from the upper right-hand part of the conversation

Manage calls 

Note: Call recording is currently available only via the Feature code (*1 by default).

You can see all your active calls from the Inbox and manage them. The handset icon means that currently call is being managed on the web version of x-bees. 

Switch active device: tap the handset icon from the Inbox or from the Active call screen to continue it on the mobile app: 

From the Active call screen, the following options are available:

  • Send DTMF
  • Start/ stop video
  • Mute/ unmute
  • Hold/ resume
  • End a call
  • Transfer a call



  • Currently there's no ability to filter events in call history by All and Missed
  • Currently there's no ability to listen to your Voicemails. You receive a copy of your Voicemails to email and you can use the feature code to listen to them (81 by default)