Optimizing Your Salesforce Integration Experience

In this article, we explore the Salesforce integration and its available components, showcasing how the combination of iFrame, Auto Logging and Dialer features offers a comprehensive solution for sales process automation, call management and contact lookup.

Salesforce integration documentation: https://wildix.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/30278989 .

Created: April 2024

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Salesforce is a powerful CRM platform that helps companies manage their sales, marketing and customer service processes. However, to operate efficiently in a fast-paced environment, it is not enough to just have a CRM system in place. Companies need to integrate various tools and systems to optimize their processes and improve efficiency. This is where the Salesforce integration with Wildix comes in. This integration enables data to flow seamlessly between Wildix and Salesforce, offering automation and advanced functionalities to empower users. Let's explore these tools and discover how they can transform the way sales teams work and help them achieve their goals.

  1. Salesforce iFrame in x-bees: With this component, you can add and interact with leads, create tasks, log activities directly in x-bees Info frame. To use the functionality, you need to install Salesforce component under x-bees Client integrations in WMS Cloud integrations.

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  2. Salesforce Auto Logging in x-bees: This component automatically logs calls with transcriptions and conferences that occur in x-bees, while providing contact lookup functionality. To use the functionality, you need to install Salesforce Auto Logging component under WMS Cloud integrations.

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  3. Salesforce Dialer: This component is a paid plugin available on the Salesforce Marketplace that offers comprehensive calling functionality directly within Salesforce, including click-to-call, call popups, a dialpad and contact search. It's compatible with both x-bees and Collaboration. To be able to log in to the integration and perform calls, make sure to install Salesforce Telephony component under WMS Cloud integrations.

Salesforce iFrame

The iFrame component embeds a full-featured task management tool right within the Info frame in x-bees. You can unlock a range of features that not only saves time, but also ensures that all your data is easily accessible and up-to-date:

  • Create new leads: With this functionality, you can effortlessly add new Salesforce leads. All the relevant details about a lead are available within Info frame in x-bees without needing to switch to Salesforce.

  • Interact with existing leads and contacts: With iFrame, you can access and manage all the relevant information about your existing leads and contacts. From viewing contact details and interaction history to initiating follow-ups and logging activities, everything can be done within the integrated environment. With the ability to quickly find the information you need, you can optimize your sales and customer service processes, saving you valuable time and effort.

  • Create tasks and log activities: iFrame empowers you to create tasks and log activities, ensuring that important follow-ups and actions are never overlooked. This means that you can stay aligned and aware of your tasks and see the record of your engagements.

Salesforce Auto Logging

Auto logging is a powerful component that automates the logging of calls and conferences that occur on x-bees and any connected devices between users and Salesforce leads and contacts. This integration ensures that every interaction is accurately recorded, providing you with valuable insights. It incorporates the following set of features:

  • Auto logging of calls and conferences: One of the primary functions of auto logging is to automatically log both incoming and outgoing calls, as well as conferences, directly within Salesforce. This automation eliminates the need to manually enter details, ensuring that every interaction is accurately captured.


  • Auto logging of call transcriptions and summaries: In addition to capturing basic call details, the auto logging component offers the capability to automatically log call transcriptions and summaries directly to the corresponding Salesforce account. This advanced feature provides you with a comprehensive record of each interaction, including the content of discussions and key points covered.

While the current functionality focuses on logging call transcriptions, in the future updates we will introduce support for more advanced features, including conference transcription and summary.

  • Contact lookup: The auto logging component also supports contact lookup. With it, you can quickly access comprehensive details about any Salesforce contacts. When you receive an incoming call, the component displays the contact information, allowing you to identify the caller.

Salesforce Dialer

The Salesforce Dialer is a separate plugin available for purchase and installation in the Salesforce Marketplace, enabling call functionalities directly within Salesforce Lightning or Classic, making it ideal for those who handle a high volume of calls while working on Salesforce. The dialer offers several powerful features that enhance communication efficiency within Salesforce.

  • Comprehensive calling functionality directly within Salesforce: Firstly, the click-to-dial functionality allows you to initiate outgoing calls with a single click, streamlining the calling process and saving valuable time. Additionally, the dialer provides a convenient dialpad that enables you to easily search for and dial contacts directly from Salesforce. Furthermore, the dialer's call popup feature brings real-time notifications of incoming calls directly within Salesforce. This eliminates the need to constantly switch between Salesforce and x-bees or Collaboration.

  • Automation of calls with Sales Engagement: In addition, the dialer integrates with Sales Engagement activities, automating outgoing calls from the task list. This feature is especially useful in case you are responsible for active call outreach. With the Dialer, you can simply navigate your list of tasks and initiate calls, making the workflow more efficient.

Use Cases


  • Use case 1: Lead management

Scenario: Sales representatives need to access detailed lead information while prospecting within x-bees.

Solution: Use the iFrame integration to view Salesforce lead data directly within x-bees. This allows the sales reps to access vital information without switching between systems, improving efficiency and productivity.

  • Use case 2: Customer engagement

Scenario: During a client call, sales representatives require real-time access to customer data and history.

Solution: With iFrame integration, the sales reps can quickly retrieve Salesforce customer data and history, enabling personalized interactions and informed decision-making on the spot.

Auto Logging

  • Use Case 1: Call and conference logging

Scenario: Sales representatives spend significant time manually logging call and conference activities into Salesforce after each interaction.

Solution: Implement the auto logging component to automatically capture and log call and conference details directly into Salesforce. This saves time, reduces errors, and ensures comprehensive activity tracking without manual intervention.

  • Use case 2: Call logging with transcription and summary

Scenario: Sales representatives perform numerous calls throughout the day and need to maintain detailed records of each interaction for future reference and analysis.

Solution: Implement the auto logging component, which not only automatically logs call details but also integrates call transcriptions and summaries into the relevant call records in Salesforce. This functionality enables sales reps to access valuable insights and context from past conversations.


  • Use case 1: Outgoing calling

Scenario: A sales representative focuses on outgoing calling as part of their sales strategy and work mainly in Salesforce.

Solution: By using the Dialer, the sales rep can initiate outgoing calls directly from Salesforce with just a click, eliminating the need to manually dial numbers.

Use Case 2: Outgoing calling from Sales Engagement tasks

Scenario: Sales representatives need to efficiently make outgoing calls to prospects listed in their Sales Engagement tasks.

Solution: With the dialer component, sales reps can easily initiate calls directly from their list of tasks in Sales Engagement. They simply click on a task, and the dialer automatically dials the prospect's number, streamlining the calling process.