How to Configure BLF type Prefix

This document explains how to configure and use BLF type Prefix

Created: November 2022

Updated: March 2024



BLF type Prefix allows to add a certain predefined value to a dialled phone number or BLF on WorkForce/ WorkForce 5, WelcomeConsole/ WelcomeConsole 5, ForcePro 5. This predefined value is indicated in BLF Prefix, which is used before dialling a number or pressing another BLF key. For example, you can add Intercom code to BLF Prefix, label it "Intercom" and if you need to intercom a colleague on WP phone, you just press BLF Prefix (labelled Intercom) + BLF of the colleague and the two numbers are merged. 


  • The support of BLF type Prefix starts from WMS 6.01.20221019.4.
  • WelcomeConsole extension module is also supported
  • BLF Prefix doesn’t work for phonebook calls
  • BLF Prefix is not displayed on Fn keys tab in Collaboration


How to set up 

Via Collaboration

  1. Go to Settings -> Fn keys:

  2. Choose the option Prefix and click the + (add) button:

  3. Enter Label and prefix value (1) and click Save

    Note: The following values are allowed for BLF Prefix: +0..9*# a-z A-Z

Via WMS 

  1. Go to WMS -> Users -> choose user -> click Edit preferences:

  2. Navigate to Settings -> Function keys -> click Edit -> choose Prefix:

  3. Enter prefix value and label and click Ok:

    Note: The following values are allowed for BLF Prefix: +0..9*# a-z A-Z

  4. Click Save:

Note: As the value provided in Prefix BLF is merged with the number dialled, make sure to take that into account when configuring Dialplan (e.g. take into account the length of prefix + extension number).