This document describes what CLASSOUND Virtual DID is and how to get it. 

Created: March 2024



CLASSOUND Virtual DID allows you to route incoming calls via CLASSOUND, at the same time maintaining your original phone numbers, without ordering Full Porting. For this, you just need to order the corresponding service via WMP (see instructions below) and configure call forwarding from your original DID to the Virtual DID. 

The below diagram displays call flow with Virtual DID both for incoming and outgoing calls:  

How to get Virtual DID 

  1. When ordering Outbound Calls DID, make sure to tick off the checkbox Virtual Number to be assigned:

     Documentation: CLASSOUND Activation Request - Full DIDs Porting

  2. Configure Dialplan using your original phone numbers (not Virtual DID)

  3. Configure call forwarding from your original DIDs to the Virtual DID via your Operator. 

    Regarding call redirection, setup instructions may differ depending on the provider. 

    Here is the example of setup in case of BT: 

    • First you need to order Call Diversion, it can take up to 24 hours before you can use it. Check out BT website for the relevant instructions. 
    • Then, to divert all your calls, follow these instructions on the telephone line you want to divert from: dial: *21*(phone number you want to divert to)#

    In case of Bandwidth provider:

    • Enter the Temporary number into the Routing field in Phone Number Details on Bandwidth portal:

  4. As soon as the call forwarding is activated, incoming calls arrive to CLASSOUND.