HubSpot Integration - User Guide - English

This Guide leads you through the process of HubSpot Integration usage, starting from the installation and ending with practical examples for call placing. 

Updated: March 2024


  • Click-to-call working from the Contacts and Companies pages

  • Outgoing and incoming call popups


Supported countries

HubSpot calling with Free HubSpot CRM is available for a restricted number of countries. For other country registered numbers a Sales Hub or Service Hub paid seat is required. The list of countries supported on a free or paid basis are available by this link.  


  • After re-login, it is required to refresh HubSpot page in order to place calls
  • Possible to select an active device for further calls only after completing one call


The installation of Wildix App requires oAuth2 authorization. For that, you need to create an application in WMS and use its Application ID.

  • Go to WMS -> PBX -> Integrations -> Applications -> OAuth 2.0
  • Click + Add to create an application 
  • Enter Application name and insert the following Redirect URI
  • Click Save

  • Copy Application ID for authorization (read the section below)


To make and receive calls, you need first to authorize on PBX and install Wildix app. 

  • Go to or open any contact/ company profile in HubSpot and click on Call button/ Make a phone call under Calls tab

  • The authorization dialog opens
  • Enter PBX domain name and OAuth 2.0 Application ID
  • Click Login
  • Make sure you authorize with the same user who is connected to x-bees/ Collaboration
  • Click Yes to grant HubSpot access to connect

  • Click Install The Wildix App

  • Choose an Account under which you want to use the integration 

  • Check "Agree to Terms" box and click Connect app

Outgoing calls

Keep x-bees/ Collaboration open while working with the app.

  1. Go to the Contacts/ Companies page
  2. Select a contact/ a company you want to dial
  3. Click Call button or Make a phone call under Calls tab
  4. Set Wildix as Provider under Call from setting
  5. Click a specific number to place a call
  6. The call is placed

Incoming calls

Keep x-bees/ Collaboration open while working with the app.

It is only possible to receive incoming calls when any contact/ company profile is open.

  • A call dialog window is displayed when there is an incoming call: 

    1. To answer a call: click the green Handset button

    2. To decline a call: click the red Hang up button

Note: In case of a call group, for a missed call to be logged, the first agent in the call group queue should be logged into HubSpot integration, as any missed calls are logged to HubSpot on behalf of the agent who is first in the call group queue. If the agent is not logged in, the missed call may not be recorded in HubSpot.


To open Settings, click Gear button. The following settings are available:

  • Hide the popup after the call is completed
  • Logout