InterACT solution by ISI-Com - Installation Guide - English

Here is a technical guide for the implementation of the InterACT solution from ISI-Com, a multichannel contact center, in addition to the PBX from the Wildix brand.This document is an installation guide for the PBX integrator and cannot in any way replace the manufacturer's document. You MUST systematically check this information with the manufacturer. It is possible that the tests carried out below may not be compliant with your version of PBX or with different architectures. 

Created: May 2020


Interface between Wildix PBX and InterACT

InterACT by ISI-COM is an omni-channel customer interaction management solution. This solution not only allows to catch, analyse, prioritise and dispatch telephone interactions, but also emails, web interactions (web forms, webchats, webcallbacks), video interactions, social networks, or chatbots requests. This would be in compliance with the business management rules of the end customer. This solution is based on the latest technical innovations such as semantic analysis, artificial intelligence, and voice transcription to take the quality of customer relations even further.

It also provides in real-time, via a 100% customisable supervision interface, or in cold mode, via more than 450 indicators, decision-making statistics on the performance of the contact center.
A simple and intuitive environment, for agents, supervisors, and administrators alike, strong and native connectivity with the IS and above all a complete interface, from piloting to the monitoring of the status of the workstations with Wildix telephony.

General Principles

The interface between Wildix and InterACT is mainly technical.
InterACT connects to the Wildix account of the customer in order to:

  • Pilot the user stations and after having analysed and prioritised the communication, being able to transmit it to the right interlocutor.
  • Monitor the status of each agent connected to the contact centre and using the Wildix Softphone (on comms, busy...).
  • Have statistics on communications (number, duration, result...)

Wildix provides the solution for managing telephone communications, including a SIP trunk to InterACT.
This interface is possible thanks to the use of adhoc APIs provided by Wildix.

Technical Settings

InterAct Configuration 

Since Wildix has been natively integrated into the SIP trunk providers, the parameterisation is carried out on the ISI-COM side. It is done on 3 levels: 

  • SIP trunk declaration

In the dedicated interface, ISI-COM selects Wildix as the SIP trunk provider and then provides the relevant data, including the connection IP address, the necessary codecs, etc.

  • API declaration in order to link InterACT and Wildix

  • Declaration of users' workstations. This step requires to specify for each of them the login/password pair used.

Wildix Configuration 

The setup includes the creation of Wildix dialplans, the creation of the SIP trunk between the two solutions, and the management of music on hold.

  • Creation of the trunk group

The trunk group will contain the SIP trunk that will be created below. Leave the trunk group empty for now.

  • Creation of the dialplan all_users:

This dialplan allows to group all Wildix internal users who can thus be reached from InterAct. It is particularly useful for multiple-sites customers

You should consider updating this dialplan if new sites are created.

  • Dialplan from_isicom:

This dialplan is used to manage calls from InterAct to Wildix. We use:

0X. for the routing of outgoing calls to the operators’ lines.

X. to reach internal users on the dialplan users all (previously created)

  • Creation of the dialplan main_isicom:

This dialplan receives incoming calls from the operator and forwards them to the Wildix-Interact trunk.

This dialplan is of course to be included in the "main" dialplan.

  • Creation of the SIP trunk to InterAct's SIP gateway

Be careful, the default DTMF mode on the Interact side is: SIP-INFO

  • Add the SIP trunk to the trunk group

Now that the SIP trunk is available, we can add it to the trunk group.

  • Management of the music on hold

When an agent puts a conversation on hold, the music on hold is set by InterAct but played by the Wildix system.

When a call is received from the InterAct SIP trunk, the selection of the music on hold to be played is made using the SIP header "Music". The following structure is to be followed for the injection of the music on hold: MusicOnHold  {HeaderMusicValue}  {Name of music on hold file}

By convention, the value shown in the SIP header "Music" by InterAct is the default entry point number, otherwise known as the number on which InterAct was called.