Guestline Integration with Wildix PBX

The following Document will guide you through setting up Wildix with Guestline / Rezlynx integration. The scripts will allow for housekeeping statuses to be updated through dialling a Feature code. The purpose of the integration is to enable housekeeping within hotels to be able to set room statuses (Clean or Dirty) by dialling a code followed by the room number. Other statuses can be used such as minibar, check-in, check out but would require some editing to the scripts / Dialplans.

Created: October 2019


Details to obtain

To integrate Wildix with Guestline RezLynx, you must first obtain the following information from your Guestline representative:

  • SiteID
  • InterfaceID
  • OperatorCode
  • Password

Download PHP script

The PHP script can be installed from here:

Install pear

Access your PBX via SSH as root with the following commands:

php go-pear.phar
pear install HTTP_Request2

Currently, pear is uninstalled after each PBX upgrade.

Take into consideration that you need  to re-install pear after.

Install scripts

  • Move ‘scriptclean’ to this directory: /var/www/scripts
  • Edit permissions of script:
chown wms /var/www/scripts/scriptclean.php
chmod -R 777 /var/www/scripts/scriptclean.php
chmod -R 777 /var/www/scripts

Configure Dialplan

Users must dial # followed by the room number for the room to be updated in Guestline to clean:

  • Custom application -> System(php /var/www/scripts/scriptclean.php ${EXTEN:1} 1000)
  • Set -> Language 
  • Play sound -> room clean ${EXTEN:1}

User must dial 6 followed by the room number to set the room as dirty:

  • Custom application -> System(php /var/www/scripts/scriptclean.php ${EXTEN:1} 1100)
  • Set -> Language 
  • Play sound -> room dirty ${EXTEN:1}

Detailed information about Dialplan applications can be found in Dialplan applications Guide.

Technical resources

Guestline API Portal provides the following APIs that can be integrated: