Feelingstream Integration

This guide explains how to configure Feelingstream integration, which allows to conduct STT analysis of stereo recordings received from Wildix PBX.

Created: February 2022

Permalink: https://wildix.atlassian.net/wiki/x/uRrOAQ


Wildix supports integration with the Feelingstream platform for voice recognition and call recordings in stereo format. Feelingstream allows to conduct STT analysis of stereo recordings received from Wildix PBX.


  • Activated Feelingstream account
  • Wildix UC-BUSINESS license for each user
  • Quality of call recordings set to WAV (you can do this in WMS -> Dialplan -> General Settings)
  • For HW/ VM: mounted storage for recordings

Enable Feelingstream integration 

To enable the integration, access PBX as root (WMS -> Terminal -> select the option 11 (Shell), access as root (su - wildix)) and create the config file /etc/feelingstream.conf with the following parameters: 






  • host  – received from Feelingstream side
  • apikey – generated using Feelingstream web interface
  • bucket – created manually using Feelingstream web interface or API
  • lang – optional parameter for setting the language for recognition. If not indicated, the language is set automatically.

Enable stereo mode on the PBX 

To improve the quality of recognition, enable stereo mode on the PBX: 

  1. Go to WMS -> Dialplan -> General Settings -> Set dialplan variables
  2. Add the following Global Dialplan variable: