How to use real-time transcription of x-bees calls and conferences

This guide explains how to access and use the feature of real-time transcription of calls and conferences in x-bees. 

Created: February 2024



x-bees allows to view real-time transcription of ongoing calls and conferences, as well as access the transcriptions in the relevant x-bees conversations whenever required. This allows agents to always have access to the history of communication with a client and never miss anything important. 


  • x-bees Standard license or higher
  • WMS 6.06.20240213 or higher
  • ACL “Can See call recordings” enabled for users who should have access to transcriptions, both for calls and conferences. If the user has the permission but did not participate in the conference, to be able to access the transcription, the user should have ACL “Can See analytics” of the users who participated in the conference. 

Note: Mobile apps allow only to download transcription, it is not possible to view transcription in real time on mobile. 

View transcription of a conference

  1. During the conference, click the Transcription button in the top right corner under the Info button:

    Note: The button gets displayed after somebody starts talking. If the button is not shown, make sure the Transcription feature is enabled in the conference:

    Transcription is enabled in English by default, if there are external users in the conference, unless configured otherwise in Settings -> External meetingsYou can find more details about the Transcription feature and how to manage it in x-bees Web User Guide (Transcription & Subtitles section).

  2. A separate dialog opens where the conversation is transcribed in real time:

You can drag and drop the window and place it where you prefer. Or you can click on the Expand button:

When expanded, the transcription is moved to the right of the screen, on the Info tab and stay there until you close it:

When the conference ends, you can find the link to the transcription in the conversation and can either open or download the transcription in .txt format:

Current limitations:

  • In some cases, in downloaded transcriptions there could be an email of external contact instead of a name.
  • It is not possible to view real-time transcription on mobile, however, mobile version allows to download the transcription.
  • Currently, only English, Italian, and Spanish languages are supported. Support of French and German should be added later. 

View transcription of a call

How to enable

Real-time transcription of calls is available only if the below conditions are met:

  1. The call is being recorded. When call recording is disabled, transcription is deactivated.
  2. The following Dialplan variable is configured in WMS -> Dialplan -> General settings -> Set dialplan variables:


By default, the parameter is disabled. When enabled, all recorded calls on the PBX that are transcribed.  

If you want to transcribe specific calls only, use the parameter only in a particular Dialplan procedure (in this case the parameter should be set before the Record application), for example:

How to use 

To view transcription during call recording, click on the Transcription button:


A dedicated dialog opens where the conversation is transcribed in real time:


  • If you stop call recording, the transcription gets disabled. 
  • Currently, only English, Italian, and Spanish languages are supported. Support of French and German should be added later. 
  • In case of a call transfer, the transcription continues only if the recording is enabled on the side of the agent the call was transferred to. Once the call is ended, in x-bees conversation agents can view the transcription of the relevant call leg they participated in (agent can see only their part of the call). However, agents get transcription of both parts of the call to their emails. 

To move the transcription to the Info frame, can click on the Expand button:

After the call, you can see the links to open or download the transcription in the conversation:

View real-time transcription on Live Dashboard

You can also view the transcription of a call/ conference via Live Dashboard. For this, click on the Transcription button next to the necessary conversation:

Get transcriptions of calls and conferences

To email

Summary of the call/ conference and transcription are sent to emails of the PBX users participating in the conference, if Transcription was enabled:

To Salesforce 

Available only for calls.

In case Salesforce Auto Logging integration is enabled (for more information, check the documentation: x-bees Admin Guide), the summary and transcription of calls are automatically added to Salesforce:

  1. Proceed to the necessary Contact -> Activity
  2. Choose the activity 
  3. On the Details tab -> Task Information -> Comments section you can find the call summary and transcription:

    Note: The data that can be displayed in Comments is limited to 32 KB (around 32000 characters) according to Salesforce regulations. If the transcription exceeds this limit, the transcription is cut. You can find the full text of the transcription in Related -> Files (see step 4 below). 

  4. On the tab Related you can find the attached file with the complete transcription of the call: