Recording multiple answers from a caller and combining them into one file

This document explains how to record multiple answers from a caller and combine them into one file

Created: April 2020



An external caller provides different information about himself/ herself, like name, address, etc. These answers are being recorded by the system and then combined into one file.

The questions that the system asks to the caller should not be recorded, only the answers provided by the caller.

The file must be then sent via email and deleted from the system.


  • Lines 1 and 2: The caller's phone number is written into variable "DD", date and time is written into variable "TT". Later on these variables are used as the file name to make it unique.
  • Line 3 -9: The external caller is asked questions. After that, the recording starts. 
  • Lines 10-13: The email is prepared and sent to a fixed email address and after sending the recording is deleted. 

Download the Dialplan configuration

Download the Dialplan configuration.