How to transfer external forwarded and parked calls back to a receptionist

The Article describes how to transfer forwarded external and parked calls to a receptionist in case such calls are not answered by a transferee.

Created: December 2018


The configuration of transferring forwarded external and parked calls back to a receptionist might be useful in the following scenario: 

There are 2 types of call transfers when a call can be lost: blind and semi-attended transfers. 

  • If the call is transferred, but the transferee doesn't answer/ is busy/ unavailable, "Return from transfer" feature is activated
  • The call is returned to the person who is busy/ unavailable/ doesn't answer

Also, the feature can be used for calls returning from parking.

Important: "Return form transfer" feature is disabled by default for PBXs with "USA" country code (except calls returning from parking).

The behavior can be changed via custom global variable "RETURNFROMTRANSFER=yes". Consult Custom Global Dialplan Variables List for details.


To transfer a call to a receptionist, you need to create a new Dialplan procedure "receptionist" and specify the transfer destination for the "default" extension: