Custom Global Dialplan Variables List

The list of Custom Global Dialplan Variables that allow to change different parameters (WMS -> Dialplan -> General settings -> Set dialplan variables).

Updated: October 2021


Custom Global Dialplan Variables

DEBUG_LUA=all / file

Writes dialplan logs to file /tmp/calls/call-<caller>-<callee>-<date of start call>-<uniqid>.log. Set this value to file or all for activation described logs

DIALPLANLOGGER_MODE=syslog / file / core (default)

Writes dialplan logs to the following streams:

  • syslog stream (INFO - log level)
  • file with path /tmp/callweaver_call_<timestamp>.log
  • smart technology, that saves active calls to directory /tmp/calls/ and terminated to /tmp/calls/terminated (Required callweaver configuration for logs). This data showed on WMS debug page
FAXDEBUG=yes / no (default)Enable/ disable debug messages for applications SendFax or ReceiveFax
DIALNOINSTR=yes / no (default)Disable/ enable message in pre-answer services
CALLCOMPLETION=yes (default) / noDisable/ enable CallCompletion feature in pre-answer services
RETURNFROMTRANSFER=yes (default) / noDisable/ enable Return from Transfer feature (disabled by default for PBXs with "USA" country code except calls returning from parking)
EXTENDED_DEVSTATE=yes / no (default)Processing device state in case call to/from mobility/office phone (used to enable callwaiting, second mobility call)
WHotelFamily=string(WHOTEL) Set family and use as an indication of Wildix Hotel Integration with installed whoteld package
MinibarType=string(WHOTEL) Set minibar service type (used only for Wildix Hotel Integration with installed whoteld package)
GATTACH_LIMIT=X MBSet max attachment file size in MB (used for email attachments with mp3 file)
RECORDING_EMAIL=emailEmail address to receive a copy of all recordings (file is attached even if related options in General Dialplan settings are disabled)
FAX_MACHINE_ID=string IDSet fax machine ID (if not set in user preferences) for fax sending by user
FAX_HEADER=string headerSet fax header (if not set in user preferences) for fax sending by user
DISABLE_FORWARD_NOTIFICATION=yes / no (default)Enable/ disable audio notification in case of call forwarding
EXTNUMBERINFO=yes / no (default)Enable/ disable printing to dialplan logs information about the external number, like number type, country, etc
EXTCONTACTLOOKUP=yes (default) / noDisable/ enable caller name lookup feature via Worldwide Phonebook

=more than 3 (if less than 3, anyway 3 digits are required). Default value=5

Set the min number of digits in password PIN check.

IMPORTANT: this variable is no longer supported started from WMS release 3.86!!!!

HIDE_DTMF=yes (default) / noDisable / enable visualization of DTMFs on WP display


=X days

Auto deletion of Voicemails after X days

IMPORTANT: the variable is no longer supported starting from WMS release 3.86!!! Use the feature "Delete voicemails after X months" in WMS Settings -> PBX -> Call and chat history (documentation)

GFAXCONGESTION_TRY=X. Default value=30Number of retries of sending fax if no circuit/ channel available'
TEXTTOSPEECHyes (default) / noDisable/ enable user status reporting via TTS or Dynamic TTS in Dialplan. Documentation: Wildix Business Intelligence - Artificial Intelligence services
TEXTTOSPEECH_TIMEOUT=X seconds. Default value=3

Restrict synthesised waiting time in case TTS service is unavailable

DIAL_OPTIONS=stringAdd additional dial options (e.g. “g” – proceed with Dialplan execution at the next priority in the current extension if the destination channel hangs up), take an effect for following Dialplan applications: "Dial the phone", "Dial the trunk" or "Trunk group"
CW_SILENT_RINGTONE=yes (default) / no

Enable / disable silent ringtone for the second incoming call.

If variable set to "no": a second incoming call arrives during an active call, ringtone will be played loudly on the second device registered to the user's account

IVR_ASR=yes (default) / noDisable (return back to entering name via DTMF)/ enable dial by name using ASR for Dialplan application "Dial by name/ Directory"
IVR_ASR_SERVICES=yes (default) / noDisable (return back to entering name via DTMF)/ enable dial by name using ASR for Feature code "Directory"
FILTER_183180nosdp=1Resolve no ringback issue with some UK VoIP Operators
Dialplan variable can be also used in Dialplan before “Dial the trunk” application: add “Custom application” and enter into the field: Set(FILTER_183180nosdp=1)
DISPLAYINFOUSELOOKUP=yes (default) / noDisable/ enable displaying of caller name and company on incoming call from trunk. It is also possible to display additional info using "Set" Dialplan application. Refer to Dialplan applications Guide , Case 4, for details
DIALBYNAME_PROMPT=custom stringStarting from WMS 4.0X. Override a standard prompt when calling via "Dial By Name / Directory" Dialplan application or Feature code "Directory" 82 (ASR only). For example, DIALBYNAME_PROMPT=Please say the first name of the person you wish to call
USER_CAN_PAUSE_RECORDING=yes (default) / noStarting from WMS 4.0X. Allow users to pause/ resume a system recording via FC "Pause recording" *2
MULTILOGIN_SUPPORT=yes / no (default)

Starting from WMS 4.0X. Activate / deactivate auto logout of all the WP4X0 phones assigned to one user after performing logout via Feature Code "Login" 99 on a WP4X0


Starting from WMS 5.0X. Activate/ deactivate audio notification (beep) for call intrusionA beep sound is played when any type of call intrusion (including silent intrusion) is started.

REPORT_USER_STATUS_FOR_EXT_CALLS=all / status / no (default)

Starting from WMS 5.02. Enable/ disable reporting of user statutes for external calls. Documentation: Wildix Business Intelligence - Artificial Intelligence services.


  • all - the system reports user status, status message and duration if available
  • status - the system reports only user status
  • no - disables the feature
GLOBAL_PHONEBOOK_SEARCH=yes / no (default)

Starting from WMS 5.03. Enable/ disable caller name lookup in Microsoft 365 phonebooks.

For instructions on how to enable Microsoft 365 user phonebook sync, check the guide Import of Contacts and Users - Admin Guide.

STEREO_RECORDINGS=yes / no (default)

Starting from WMS 5.03. Enable/ disable stereo mode.

It is designed for the integration with Feelingstream platform for voice recognition and call recordings in stereo format, to improve the quality of recognition. Check the guide Custom config parameters List.

Note: Quality of call recordings should be set to WAV (WMS -> Dialplan -> General Settings)

Stereo mode can also be used on a PBX independently, without Feelingstream integration.

QUEUE_FAST_RECALL=yes/ no (default)
Starting from WMS 5.03. The variable overrides the timeout between calls in Call All 10/32 Call group strategy and sends an incoming call to a Call group member as soon as they become available. 

By default, the value is “no” and when a Call group member hangs up, they don't receive an incoming call until the Call group timeout is reached. Check out Call distribution in Call groups - Admin Guide for more details.