CDR database structure

CDR database structure - fields with descriptions.

Created: May 2019


rowid:Unique ID for CDR record
accountcode:An account ID (empty by default)
src:The calling party’s caller ID number.
dst:The destination extension for the call.
dcontext:The destination context for the call (e.g. users)
clid:Full caller ID including the name of the calling party. (e.g. "User 10001" <10001>)
channel:The calling party’s channel (e.g. SIP/10001-00000000)
dstchannel:The called party’s channel. (e.g. SIP/classound-00000001)
lastapp:The last dialplan application that was executed (e.g. Dial)
lastdata:The arguments passed to the lastapp
start:The start time of the call (e.g. 2019-04-03 18:16:24)
answer:The answered time of the call. (e.g. 2019-04-03 18:16:24)
end:The end time of the call. (e.g. 2019-04-03 18:16:27)
duration:The number of seconds between the start and end times for the call.
billsec:The number of seconds between the answer and end times for the call.
disposition:An indication of what happened to the call
amaflags:The Automatic Message Accounting (AMA) flag associated with this call. This may be one of the following: OMIT, BILLING, DOCUMENTATION, or Unknown.
userfield:A general-purpose user field. This field is empty by default and can be set to a user-defined string (Ex.: name or records)
uniqueid:The unique ID for the src channel
c_from:Caller number
c_to:Callee number
callclass:Call class
pbxid:PBX serial
srcgrp:Caller group id
dstgrp:Callee group id
faxdata:Fax data
dest_type:Destination type
stat:This field is not in use
isupcause:ISUP cause
src_rfactor:This field is not in use
dst_rfactor:This field is not in use
Callee nameto_name:
Caller namefrom_name:
organization:Name of organization (if exists)
email:Email (if exists)
to_archived:Call destination of archived call (if archived)
from_archived:Call origin of archived call (if archived)