How to upgrade MonoLED-BT and DuoLED-BT firmware

This Guide explains how to upgrade Mono/DuoLED-BT Wireless Headsets firmware in order to fix a series of issues.

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Created: November 2022



  • Windows OS
  • Wildix MonoLED-BT/ DuoLED-BT Headset
  • WIService updated to the latest version

Upgrade Procedure

In one of the first versions of the Headset delivered to customers, there are certain issues that can be fixed by upgrading:

  • Impossible to hold/ unhold a call by pressing Multi-function button
  • Virtual keyboard on Vision/ SuperVision doesn't work with connected DuoLED-BT
  • LED indication is disabled after disconnecting second Android/iOS device
  • LED indication is not switched to Auto/ away status
  • No audio from mic in Wizyconf after hanging up a call
  • Mic doesn't work in Wizyconf after a one-on-one call in Collaboration
  • Beep sounds appearing after changing mic volume level on DuoLED-BT

To upgrade the Headset, proceed with the following steps:

  • Connect the Base Station to your PC via USB port
  • Go to Quick Launch Toolbar -> right-click on WIService icon and select Settings
  • Go to Headset Firmware Update tab and click Update button

    Note: if your Headset is up to date, the upgrade is unavailable (Update button is greyed out).

  • Follow the instructions to prepare the Headset to be upgraded:
    • Unpair all connected Bluetooth devices if the Headset is connected directly via embedded Bluetooth or disconnect the Base Station from PC
    • Turn the Headset off and on by pressing Multi-function button
    • Connect the Headset to you PC via USB port
  •  Once the Headset is prepared, you need to switch it to upgrading mode by pressing and holding Mute and Volume Down buttons for 5-6 seconds
  • The upgrading mode is activated and the upgrade is in progress
  • Once the Headset is updated, disconnect it from PC and connect the Base Station to continue the procedure

  • When connected, the Base Station starts upgrading automatically
  • After the upgrade is completed, click Done to finish