How to enable sidetone for MonoLED and DuoLED Headsets under Windows

This Guide explains how to enable sidetone feature for MonoLED/ DuoLED Headsets under Windows.

MonoLED/ DuoLED User guide: Phones Accessories Guide.

Created: April 2021


Sidetone activation

To enable sidetone:

  • Open the Start menu-> go to Control Panel:

  • Select Sound settings (instructions may vary depending on your Control Panel view):

  • Go to the Recording tab
  • Select MonoLED/ DuoLED Headset, then click the Properties button:

  • Check off the Listen to this device box
  • Click Apply and OK to close the window

To disable the feature:

  • Clear the Listen to this device checkbox
  • Click Apply and OK to close the window