How to automatically initiate an audio conference using API Originate

This Article describes how to automatically create an audio conference for several internal/ external phones using API Originate.

Created: September 2018


Dialplan configuration

Create a new Dialplan procedure "conference"

To implement the initiation of an audio conference, create a separate Dialplan procedure "conference" (WMS -> Dialplan -> Dialplan rules).

Add the following Dialplan applications:

  • Set -> CURLOPT(userpwd) with admin credentials of your PBX - allows sending API request. You can use credentials of any user with admin rights 
  • Custom application -> Set(message=${CURL(, channel=Local/448@users&exten=98123&context=users&context=users&callerid=\"Conference\" <98123>"&async=true)})\ (API Originate is applied. Consult APIs Online Documentation


CURL( - the path to API Originate, (no need to modify it);

channel=Local/448@users - one of the extensions to be called; 

exten=98123 - the number of a Conference (Feature code Conference 98 and 123 - the conference room number);

context=users - a procedure used for making outgoing calls ("users" procedure);

callerid=\"Conference\" <98123>"&async=true - the standard formatting for the callerID (name and number). 

Note: You can also initiate a conference for external numbers. For this purpose, use API Originate/Call: instead of API Originate.

The maximum amount of external numbers depends on the license type (Per Service/ Per User) and the amount of concurrent calls over trunk (the information can be checked  in WMS -> Settings -> Tools and utilities -> Activation / Licenses).

  • Jump to -> Dialplan procedure "pbxinternal" (which makes it possible to dial other users and Feature Codes of the system) and add the Conference number (98123, in our example)

Add  a new called number to "users" procedure

Add a phone number to be called to initiate the conference:

  • Jump to -> the "conference" procedure

Note: In case you want to create a conference for external numbers, you need to add Dialplan application "Dial the trunk" after "Jump to".