Call and Pickup Groups

The Guide describes what are call and pickup groups and explains how to configure them.

Created: June 2019

Updated: September 2023



  • Call group (do not confuse with Call groups (Queues), configured in WMS -> Dialplan -> Call groups), is a list of group memberships that users belong to for call pickup purposes
  • Pickup group is a list of groups that users are permitted to pick up in

Call and pickup groups are designed to be able to pick up call group calls and prevent from creating a big amount of ACL groups for pickup purposes. Usually members of one department/ team are added to one call group. 

Scenario example: 

One or more users have the value "sales" specified in the field "Call groups" in their user preferences in WMS; user 100 has the value "sales" specified in the field "Pickup groups" in his or her user preferences in WMS. By calling 88sales (88 is the Pickup Feature Code), user 100 can pick up a random ringing call in "sales" group.

The new behaviour of picking up Call group calls:

  • User A can pick up any calls belonging to a Call group specified in the user's Pickup groups (and can't pick up other calls) 
  • To pick up calls of the user A, specify the name of a Call group in the user's Call groups 


"Support" is specified in WMS in the preferences of user A, field "Call groups". If user B wants to pick up calls of User A, it is necessary to add "Support" to "Pickup groups" of user A in WMS Preferences.


To enable the new behaviour:  

  • Go to WMS -> Users -> select a user/ multiple users 
  • Click Preferences -> Edit preferences -> Settings 
  • Specify names of Call / Pickup groups:

In our example, the user belongs to "Support" Call group and can pick up calls of the same Call group and "Sales".

Names of Call/ Pickup groups should: 

  • contain only latin letters, digits, "_" and "-". Must be case sensitive 
  • not be only digital (can't distinguish from pickup*(extension), gpickup*(id acl group)) 
  • not start on cg_ (can't distinguish from pickup*(cg_$id)) 
  • be separated by commas 
  • The maximum length of the string is 1024 symbols. The length of a group name and number of callgroups is unlimited 

After the configuration

When the new functionality is enabled (means that at least one value is added to "Call groups"/ "Pickup groups" field), BLF "Group pick up" and ACL "Can - Call Pickup - Group" stop working. 

To pick up calls, you can configure BLF "Speed dial" indicating Feature Code "Pickup" 88*group name. 

If there are several calls to be picked up, one random call is picked up.

Note: Users with different behaviors cannot pick up calls of each other.

Limitation: When Call All 32 strategy is used, it is not possible to pick up a ringing call using the pickup group feature. Documentation: Call distribution in Call groups - Admin Guide