x-hoppers Changelog

x-hoppers Changelog: new features and improvements for x-hoppers.

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x-hoppers Date: 28.02.2024


[WMS-18869] - wms: added the display of battery level of W-AIR headsets and W-AIR devices firmware version on the WMS -> Devices -> W-AIR Devices page In case a headset is charging, the relevant icon is displayed next to the battery level indication.

Note: The support starts from WMS Beta 6.06.20240227.1.

[WMS-19252] - dev: added possibility to hang up a call by double-clicking on the AUX button and improved the logic so that parameters for retail mode are set on headsets automatically, once connected to the base station with the relevant configuration.

Note: The support starts from WMS Beta 6.06.20240227.1 and W-AIR firmware v 0730b0001.

x-hoppers Date: 12.02.2024

New Feature

[WMS-18579] - x-hop: added possibility to enhance the feature of user authorisation via speech-to-text by enabling verification of users by voice. When the option is enabled, during user authorisation the system compares the voice of the user with user voices previously saved in the system and in case of a match, allows authorisation. This eliminates the risk of a user logging in under a different name.


  • WMS Beta 6.06.20240209.1.
  • Make sure assigning x-hoppers headsets to users via speech-to-text is enabled. For this, add following parameter to the /etc/systemd/system/pbx-data-engine.service.d/override.conf file:
    --xhop_voice_login true


  • For instructions on how to enable the feature, see the following documentation: x-hoppers Admin Guide (find the section “Enable user verification by voice”) 

x-hoppers Date: 02.02.2024


[WMS-18885] - x-hop: added translations of x-hoppers Green Box Demo pages into French, Italian, German, and Spanish

You can select language on the initial setup page. If the box is already set up and you need to change the language, please contact support. 

Documentation: x-hoppers Green Box Documentation

[WMS-18986] - x-hop: added “x-hoppers Help Points” dashboard which allows to monitor help points usage (tablets and QR codes)

The dashboard is available in x-bees -> Analytics -> x-hoppers Help Points Liveboard.

Documentation: x-hoppers Analytics

x-hoppers Date: 19.01.2024


[WMS-18658] - x-hop: added possibility to enable the logic of assigning x-hoppers headsets to users via speech-to-text, by taking the headset from the charger and pronouncing the user name


The feature is disabled by default. To enable, add the following parameter to the /etc/systemd/system/pbx-data-engine.service.d/override.conf file:

--xhop_voice_login true

When enabled, each time the headset is placed into the charger, it gets unassigned. When a user lifts the headset from the charger:

  1. The user is asked to say their name
  2. The user should pronounce the name and surname
  3. The system looks for the user and assigns the headset to the user

Important: For the feature to start working on the headsets, follow one of the following procedures:

a) After enabling the feature, when using the headsets for the first time, users need to lift the headsets from the charger -> place into the charger -> lift from the charger again.

b) Alternatively, before performing the upgrade and activating the feature, unassign headsets via WMS (Devices -> choose device and click Assign to user -> in the Extension field, choose “unknown”). Then, when users lift the headsets from the charger, they need to press the Call button first.  

Note: The support starts from WMS Beta 6.05.20240119.1.

[WMS-18862] - x-hop: added CLASSOUND DID to each PBX included in the Green Box, to ensure efficient calling experience and give possibility to showcase the remote joining of x-hoppers broadcasts using any device

Documentation: x-hoppers Green Box Documentation

x-hoppers Date: 28.12.2023


[WMS-18695] - x-hop: added possibility to customize redirect links in Green Box Demo flow to make more personalised demos



  • In case there is an anchor link in the URL, part of the URL is cut off to the # character.
  • The redirect link added to Help point 3 (action_id=3) link leads to Kite by default.

Documentation: x-hoppers Green Box Documentation

x-hoppers Date: 26.12.2023

New Feature

[WMS-18663] - x-hop: added Stores Stats report which displays the number of active users, average and total talk time per each store, allowing to see the least and most active stores etc.


  1. Proceed to Analytics tab -> open "x-hoppers: Agents Stats" Liveboard
  2. Navigate to the Stores Stats tab

Documentation: x-hoppers Analytics

x-hoppers Date: 16.11.2023

New Feature

[WMS-18375] - x-hop: added x-hoppers dashboard to Analytics tab in x-bees, which provides statistics about the x-hoppers usage (e.g. how long agents were connected to the conference, etc.)


  1. Open x-bees -> proceed to the Analytics tab
  2. Open the Liveboard “x-hoppers: Agents Stats”

Note: The data in “x-hoppers: Agents Stats” report is displayed only in case of a PBX with x-hoppers licenses and if there were active x-hoppers calls.

Documentation: x-hoppers Agents Stats

x-hoppers Date: 07.06.2023

New Feature

[WMS-17057] - x-hop: added possibility to transcribe content of x-hoppers conference and post it in x-bees conversation on behalf of the user who is speaking


  1. Create x-bees conversation with users that are in the x-hoppers conference
  2. Copy x-bees conversation ID (available in the URL)
  3. Add following data to the /rw2/etc/pbx/x-hoppers.json file:
    • "audio_conf_id": "ID of the x-hoppers conference",
    • "xbees_channel_id": “ID of the x-bees conversation”


  • If user talks for more than 60 seconds without a pause, the message is not transcribed.
  • The support starts from WMS Beta 6.03.20230606.1.

x-hoppers Date: 02.06.2023

New Feature

[WMS-16447] - x-hoppers: added possibility to post Veesion alerts to x-bees conversation


  • x-hoppers integration with Veesion
  • WMS Beta 6.03.20230602.1 or higher


  1. Add a user in WMS with email address
  2. Create x-bees conversation with the user and copy the conversation ID (available in the URL)
  3. Add following data to the /rw2/etc/pbx/x-hoppers.json file:
    • “store_veesion_id”: “ID of the store”
    • “xbees_channel_id”: “ID of the x-bees conversation”
    • “veesion_user_extension”: “enter extension of the user added in WMS”

When there is an alert from Veesion, the relevant message, containing alert type, date, time, camera IP, ID of the camera and group, as well as video attachment, is sent to x-bees conversation.

Documentationx-hoppers integration with Veesion

x-hoppers Date: 01.06.2023


[WMS-17236] - sys: added the possibility to increase x-hoppers volume in case of noisy environment.


  • Add the following parameters to the section [default_bridge]of the file /etc/callweaver/confbridge.conf: default_listening_volume=6

Where 6 is the preferred volume. The maximum value is 10. The default value for both parameters is 0.

Note: The support starts from WMS Beta 6.03.20230601.1.

x-hoppers Date: 25.04.2023

New Feature

[WMS-15837] - x-hop: added possibility to record in-store conversations for x-hoppers and listen them via CDR-View 

How to enable:

  1. Add the following key to the /etc/systemd/system/pbx-data-engine.service.d/override.conf file:
    # vi /etc/systemd/system/pbx-data-engine.service.d/override.conf
    ExecStart=/usr/sbin/pbx_data_engine.py --conf_recording
  2. Reload systemd and restart the service to apply the changes:
    # systemctl daemon-reload
    # systemctl restart pbx-data-engine


  • The support starts from WMS Beta 6.03.20230424.1.
  • The feature works only if there is an x-hoppers licence available. 
  • Recording starts when user unmutes himself in the conference and starts talking.


  • Recording is not automatically stopped if user forgets to mute the headset.
  • For a new user who joins the conference, recording is automatically started even if the user is muted, and the recording file of about 3 seconds is saved on the PBX.


[WMS-16743] - x-hop: fixed an occasional issue in which x-hoppers headsets didn’t automatically rejoin the broadcast after a) having a call, b) going on hold, or c) going out of range

x-hoppers Date: 08 March 2023

New Feature

[WMS-15807] - x-hoppers: added possibility to set up integration with Veesion, which allows to detect theft in retail stores in real time 

Documentation: x-hoppers integration with Veesion


[WMS-15519] - x-hoppers: fixed an issue in which call was shown as unanswered in CDR-View when the headset was connected to conference 

x-hoppers Date: 30.01.2023


[WMS-15519] - x-hoppers: fixed an issue in which call was shown as unanswered in CDR-View when the headset was connected to conference 

Note: The support starts from WMS Beta 6.02.20230130.1.

x-hoppers Date: 28.11.2022

[WMS-15598] - sys: added a new provisioning parameter for x-hoppers headsets that allows controlling silent charging setting


  • W-AIR firmware starting from v 650b2
  • WMS 6.01.20221122.1 or higher

  • Activated x-hoppers


Add the following parameter with one of the values to the [wildixair] section of /rw2/etc/provision.conf file:

WairSilentcharging = on | off | deactivated

  • on: only LED indication while charging
  • off: normal mode with LED indication and audio while charging
  • deactivated: headset is disconnected and can’t receive calls while charging

By default, silent charging is set to On. 

New Firmware

New W-AIR firmware v 650b2 

[WMS-15276] - dev: retail mode is now automatically enabled on x-hoppers headsets if x-hoppers is activated on a PBX

The following settings are pre-configured:

  • Retail Mode: On
  • Audio feedback: Voice
  • Silent charging: On
  • Silent mode: Off

Note: The support starts from WMS 6.01.20221122.1 or higher

Documentation: x-hoppers Admin Guide 

x-hoppers Date: 24.10.2022


[WMS-14707] - x-hop: simplified the initial process of x-hoppers setup

  • Renamed wair-retail-helper into to x-hoppers-helper
  • x-hoppers-helper service now starts automatically if x-hoppers is activated on a PBX

Note: The changes are applied from WMS 6.01.20221019.4 or higher.