x-hoppers Analytics

On this page, you can find detailed description of the x-hoppers: Agents Stats Liveboard in x-bees which provides information about x-hoppers usage – both agents and stores statistics.

Created: December 2023

Updated: February 2024

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x-hoppers Liveboards in x-bees allow you to monitor x-hoppers usage, how long agents in different stores were connected to the conference, statistics per each separate store, see the least and more active stores etc. 


  • WMS 6.04 or higher on a standalone PBX or a whole WMS Network
  • License: SuperHopper+AI

How to access x-hoppers Liveboards

There are currently two Liveboards that display x-hoppers analytics:

  • "x-hoppers: Agent Stats" - the report includes Agents and Stores stats data
  • "x-hoppers HelpPoints" - the report allows to monitor help points usage (tablets and QR codes)

View Agents report

Go to Analytics -> on the Home or the Liveboards tab, select x-hoppers: Agent Stats:

Agents report data is displayed on the Agents Stats tab:

In the Agents section, you can find the data about how long each agent was in the conference, when agent joined the conference, how long was the talk time, etc.

The following data is available:

  • Time in conference: the total time spent in conference, which includes both wait and talk time, rounded to minutes
  • Wait time: time in conference when agent(s) put the conference on hold (e.g. to participate in a call)
  • Talk time: time when agent was talking 

  • Date (1): the date for which the statistics is gathered 
  • Conference ID (2): includes PBX serial and the number of the conference/ store number 
  • Agent name (3): name of the agent that participate in the conferences

When you click on an agent, you can see how many times the agent joined the conference within the date and at what time:

By default, the data is grouped by date. If you want to group the data e.g. by conference ID, change the order of the columns by drag and dropping the Conference ID column to the left:

Daily Active Conferences

To the right of the Agents section, you can find Daily Active Conferences block which displays the number of active conferences daily:

Daily Active Agents

Under Daily Active Conferences, you can find Daily Active Agents block, which displays the number of active agents daily for the whole company:

Joins and time in conference

In the Joins and time in conference section you can find visualization, displaying agents who spent more time in conference (agent names on bigger rectangles) and who had the biggest number of joins into the conference (rectangles with colored dark green):

View Stores Stats

It is also possible to view statistics per each separate store, see the least and most active stores etc. For this, follow the instructions below: 

Go to Analytics -> on the Home or the Liveboards tab, select x-hoppers: Agent Stats:

Click on the Stores Stats tab:

The report displays the number of active users, average and total talk time per store on different dates:

To switch to a different display of data (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), click on the three dots next to the Date header (1) and choose the preferred parameter (2):

View Help points report

Go to Analytics -> on the Home or the Liveboards tab, select x-hoppers HelpPoints:

Note: For demo purposes, there is also the “Demo: x-hoppers HelpPoints” Liveboard, which demonstrates the usage of help points with artificially generated data. The real statics per a specific PBX is displayed on the “x-hoppers HelpPoints” Liveboard. 

On the x-hoppers HelpPoints report you can view the number of QR code scans and Tablet help points usage daily, as well as detailed information on both types of Help points:

To expand any of the reports available on the Liveboard, hover the mouse over it and click Explore:

A screen with the chosen report gets displayed and you can view the details:

Filter data

Using the panel at the top, you can assign tags for different conferences and filter report data by:

  • Time range

    Note: The default time range is 2 weeks.

  • Agent name
  • Conference ID