x-hoppers User Guide

On this page, you can find documentation about x-hoppers – Wildix wireless headset solution that allows fast and easy communication for retail stores.

Created: May 2022

Permalink: https://wildix.atlassian.net/wiki/x/Th-OAQ

Other x-hoppers documentation: x-hoppers Admin Guide, x-hoppers datasheet


x-hoppers provides an active channel to colleagues and support anywhere in the store, connects clerks, allowing to easily communicate with each other in a broadcast as well as receive incoming calls. 

As an x-hoppers user, you are connected to a broadcast in Retail mode (muted by default). If you want to talk, simply press a button to unmute yourself. Besides, you can accept incoming calls, after which you are automatically returned to the broadcast.

x-hoppers Headset Overview

1 - Microphone

2 - Mute button

3 - Call button

4 - Volume- button

5 - LED Indicator

6 - AUX Function button (Power On)

7 - Volume+ button

8 - Speaker

Note: There are 2 button combinations that have to be pressed at the same time:

Register - Call, Volume+ and Volume-

Power off - AUX function, Volume+ and Volume-

LED indicators overview


LED indication



Short blink followed by long blink

Power Up

Fast short blink, repeated

Incoming call

Single short blink. Notification of call only via audio in HS

2nd incoming call, call active

Single short blink

In call

Long blink

Battery charging

Steady on

Battery charging, full


Long blink followed by short blink

Power Down

Fast, short blink

Low battery

Steady on

Battery charging, low battery

Long blink

Registration failed

Single short blink repeated slow

Idle, out of range


Short blink repeated fast

Registration, ongoing

Long blink

Registration completed

Single short blink repeated slow

Idle, connected


Steady on





Joining the broadcast

The headset automatically joins the broadcast once left up from the charging cradle.  

If the headset goes out of range or has been removed from the broadcast, it automatically rejoins the broadcast within 5 seconds of becoming available again.

Speaking in the broadcast

How to mute/ unmute

There are two options to mute/ unmute to speak in the broadcast:

  1. Call button: press and hold the button to get unmuted. You stay unmuted only while pressing the button. When the button is released, the headset goes back to mute.
  2. Mute button (Hands-free mode): press the button to unmute and be able to speak in the broadcast. All people in the broadcast can hear you. You stay unmuted till the Mute button is pressed again or till the headset is placed on the charger.

Volume Control

Press Volume+/ Volume- buttons to increase/ decrease the volume of the broadcast.

Managing incoming calls

When you receive an incoming call, the LED indicator starts blinking with fast short green flashes and you hear a ringer.

Answer an incoming call

  • Double-press the Call button to answer an incoming call and put yourself on hold in the broadcast. 

Important: In the Retail mode, the headset doesn’t differentiate between the broadcast and an incoming call, which means the headset stays muted after accepting the call, until manually unmuted. Check the How to mute/ unmute section of this guide. 

Put a call on hold/  Retrieve a call

  • Double-press the Call button to put a call on hold/ retrieve a call. 

Swap between active call and broadcast

  • Double-press the Call button to swap between a call and the broadcast. 

Increase/ decrease a call volume

  •  Press Volume+/ Volume- button to increase/ decrease a call volume.

End a call 

  • To end a call and return to the broadcast, double-click on the AUX Function button.