Wildix Microservices Changelog

WiIdix Microservices Changelog: new features and improvements for Kite, Wildix Management portal (WMP), Wildix Integration Service(WIService), Screen sharing.

For Kite, WMP: no need to upgrade, the changes are available right away.

For Wildix Integration components (WIService, Screen sharing, Fax Printer, Outlook, TAPI driver): go to Collaboration Settings -> Extensions and click Update to install a new version (for WiService, there is also an auto-update option).

Other changelogs: https://www.wildix.com/new-releases-and-updates/

Link for sharing: https://wildix.atlassian.net/wiki/x/hADOAQ

WMP Date: 04.10.2022


[WMS-14754] - wmp: added “Pay My Bill” button to the invoice PDF and emails with invoice sent to US Partners

WIService v. 3.10.4. Date 30.09.2022


[WMS-15120] - added possibility to open a browser tab with Collaboration via WIService


  1. Click on the WIService icon
  2. Choose the option “Open PBX_LINK”, where PBX_LINK is the link to the last opened PBX. 

Note: The option is not displayed if you have a native Collaboration app installed, or if there is a Collaboration tab already opened in a browser.

Documentation: What is WIService 

CLASSOUND Date: 22.09.2022


[WMS-14757] - wmp: added Instant Virtual Porting option when ordering Full DIDs Porting via WMP, which allows to receive incoming calls to existing numbers via CLASSOUND almost immediately

For more information and detailed instructions, see the guide: CLASSOUND Instant Virtual Porting

WIService v. 3.10.3. Date 19.09.2022


[WMS-14917] - int: added possibility to answer a call via Headset even if Windows computer screen is locked 

[WMS-15047] - int: added possibility to launch Collaboration native app via WIService icon in Menu Bar on Mac / Quick Launch Toolbar on Windows 


  1. Go to Menu Bar/ Quick Launch Toolbar 
  2. Click “Start Collaboration" 

Also, added “Help” link on the WIService About screen, which leads to WIService documentation. 

WMP Date: 16.09.2022


[WMS-15039] - wmp: added possibility for US Partners to use Apple Pay/ Google Pay options for paying bills via WMP

Apple Pay/ Google Pay button appears if the following requirements are met:

Apple Pay: 

  • macOS 10.14.1 or higher /  iOS 12.1 or higher
  • Safari browser
  • A valid card registered with Apple Pay

Google Pay:

  • Google Chrome or Safari browser
  • A valid card registered with Google Pay.

Documentation: How to process and pay bills directly via WMP

WIService v. 3.10.2. Date 13.09.2022


[WMS-15062] - int: fixed an issue in which WIService 3.10.1 could not be installed or executed on some Windows devices

Documentation: What is WIService 

WIService v. 3.10.1. Date 05.09.2022


[WMS-11092] - int: made some screen sharing performance improvements

Documentation: What is WIService 

WMP Date: 02.09.2022


[WMS-14348] - wmp: fixed an issue in which CAPEX devices assigned to Resellers were displayed as assigned to End Users, and added possibility for Resellers to provision CAPEX devices to PBX: 

Once a device is assigned to a Reseller, it appears on the Devices tab on the Reseller panel in WMP. Then, the following needs to be done: 

1) Reseller assigns device to Customer:  Select Customer -> choose Devices option -> click Add CAPEX -> choose device from the list ->  click Add. 

2) Reseller provisions device to PBX: Go to PBXs tab -> select PBX and proceed to Devices -> click Add CAPEX -> choose device from the list ->  click Add.

Documentation: Provisioning of Wildix devices - Admin Guide

Collaboration Chrome Extension v. 2.0.2 Date: 25.08.2022


[WMS-14627] - sys: fixed an issue in which Collaboration Chrome extension occasionally displayed “Host available” message after upgrade to v. 2.0.0

New Collaboration Chrome extension v. 2.0.2

Wildix Collaboration in Chrome Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wildix-collaboration/lobgohpoobpijgfegnlhdnppegdbomkn 

CLASSOUND Date: 23.08.2022


[WMS-14227] - wmp: made some improvements on the “Stats of calls” and “List of calls” tabs of the CLASSOUND Dashboard in WMP:

  • On the “Stats of calls” tab, added two more sections that neatly visualize (depending on the chosen filters) duration, total cost, End User price of outgoing calls by country, Reseller, User, area zone, PBX etc.
  • Total cost is now displayed not only for outgoing but also for incoming calls, where applicable.
  • Improved the tables on the “List of calls” tab with more detailed information about outgoing and incoming calls, such as PBX, End User price, whether the call was included in Bundle or not.  
  • Added filters to “Stats of calls” tab and extended filter options on the “List of calls” tab

Documentation: WMP Dashboards

WIService v. 3.9.1 Date 16.08.2022


[WMS-14474] - int: worked out solution for Windows users with Sophos antivirus to fix an issue, in which Sophos blocked WIService automatic updates starting from WIService v. 3.7.3

There are two options:

a) Option 1: Add WIService to Sophos exceptions

  1. Go to Sophos Dashboard -> Protection -> Exceptions
  2. Add Wildix folder path to the Sophos exceptions: “C:\Program Files\Wildix” 

b) Option 2: Switch to WIService.msi installer.

Note: Before installing WIService.msi, you need to delete WIService.exe file from the Program Files folder. 

MSI file for Windows:

WIService documentation: What is WIService

WIService v. 3.9.1 Date: 15.08.2022


[WMS-12727] - int: added possibility to send feedback about WIService 


  1. Click on the WIService icon -> About
  2. Click Send Feedback 
  3. Select subject: Bug, Feature, or Other
  4. Enter description and contact email 
  5. Click Send Feedback

Documentation: What is WIService 

CLASSOUND Date: 12.08.2022


[WMS-14061] - classound: in the scope of E911 Compliance, added possibility to set up multiple Callback numbers used for emergency calls in the USA

Open Customer Care ticket via WMP -> Help Desk-> Customer Care -> CLASSOUND, providing the necessary End User data: Company name/ User name and Callback numbers.


[WMS-14593] - classound: fixed an issue in which it was not possible to send SMS if sender name included umlauts


  • The following symbols are supported in the sender name: a-zA-Z0-9@£$¥èéùìòÇØøÅåΔ_ΦΓΛΩΠΨΣΘΞÆæßÉ !"#¤%&()*+,-./:;<>=?¡äöñüà
  • Non-latin capital letters are converted to small letters, e.g. "Ö" -> "ö"
  • Maximum 11 symbols are allowed in the sender name, longer sender names are cut.   
  • Unsupported symbols in the sender name are converted to “?“ sign

Documentation: How to send and receive SMS via CLASSOUND

WMP Date: 09.08.2022


[WMS-14287] - wmp: added a new payment method for US Partners, which allows payments with Credit card

DocumentationHow to process and pay bills directly via WMP

WIService v. 3.8.3 Date: 03.08.2022


[WMS-14611] - int: improved support of Plantronics D100 headsets and fixed an issue in which Plantronics D100 headsets connected to Windows PC were displayed as several devices in WIService

CLASSOUND Date: 02.08.2022


[WMS-12078] - classound: added possibility to set up Failover PBX that would accept inbound traffic in case PBX with CLASSOUND DIDs in WMS Network is not reachable for some reason


  1. Submit Customer Care ticket in WMP, providing serial number of the PBX for failover.
  2. Configure CLASSOUND Dialplan on Failover PBX for incoming calls same as on the Master PBX. 

Documentation: https://confluence.wildix.com/x/noCVBw

[WMS-13872] - classound: allowed calls via CLASSOUND from any PBX in WMS Network if at least one PBX has CLASSOUND license

WMP Date 02.08.2022


[WMS-14565] - wmp: added information about expected shipment of orders in WMP 

  • if at least one item from the order was shipped, the status of the order on the “Orders & Billing -> Orders” page changes to “Partially shipped” (instead of “Processing” as before)
  • added a new column “Shipment date” on the order details page, which displays the date of expected shipment

WMP Date: 29.07.2022


[WMS-14648] - wmp: fixed an issue in which Promo devices were not displayed in the Add CAPEX list in WMP and it was not possible to assign them to customers

WIService v 3.8.2 Date: 27.07.2022


[WMS-14512] - int: fixed an issue in Outlook integration in which calendars in Calendars -> Wildix Add-in -> Settings were not displayed

[WMS-14683] - int: fixed an issue in which WIService could not be started on macOS 11.6.8 or earlier after upgrade to WIService v. 3.8.1

WMP Date: 26.07.2022


[WMS-11752] - wmp: added possibility to activate automatic payment of invoices via WMP


Go to WMP -> Order & Billing -> Account Balance -> click Activate auto-withdrawal button

Important: You need to make at least one more payment manually before the Auto-withdrawal option can be activated. 

Documentation: How to process and pay bills directly via WMP 

WMP Date: 25.07.2022


[WMS-14370] - wmp: added possibility to transfer HWaaS devices from one PBX to another via WMP


  1. Choose customer in WMP -> PBX
  2. Next to the necessary PBX, click the three dots button -> “Devices” option
  3. Choose device(s) for transfer 
  4. Click the “Transfer HWaaS” button in the top menu
  5. Select the PBX for transfer and press Ok. 


  • Automatic HWaaS transfer is possible only between PBXs that have the same subscription length and the same expiration. Otherwise, a Customer Care ticket should be submitted.
  • Automatic HWaaS transfer to a PBX with LifeTime subscription is not possible. 
  • HWaaS transfer is currently free of charge and doesn’t require a minimum 6 months HWaaS usage before transfer can be completed. 
  • You can arrange transfer to another PBX, regardless of which End User or Reseller it belongs to. 

WIService v. 3.8.1 Date: 22.07.2022


[MS-14427] - int: made some performance improvements for Headset integration:

  • improved headsets support
  • fixed an issue on some headset models in which it wasn’t possible to resume a call from hold via the headset if “Ring on hold” option was disabled 
  • fixed an issue with unhold functionality on Sennheiser SC 660 headset, with “Ring on hold” enabled 

WMP Date: 05.07.2022


[WMS-13588], [WMS-14407] - wmp: implemented the policy of adding support cost to the purchase of a LifeTime license and added a relevant notification on the WMP

WIService v. 3.7.17 (Windows) Date: 04.06.2022


[WMS-14207] - int: fixed an issue with Outlook integration in which it wasn’t possible for user to choose calendars for sync with Collaboration in some cases

WMP Date: 30.06.2022


[WMS-13703] - wmp: added possibility to download Wildix training certificates via WMP


  1. Go to WMP -> Dashboard -> Reports
  2. Proceed to Certificates tab
  3. Select and download necessary certificates 

Documentation: WMP Dashboards 

[WMS-13736] - wmp: implemented the policy of one-year warranty for items purchased after July 1, 2022 (instead of five-years warranty) 

Note: you can use the HWaaS model to make sure your devices are fully covered without any limitations.

WMP, CLASSOUND Date: 20.06.2022


[WMS-13661] - wmp: added possibility to add/ edit Emergency 911 address via WMP


  1. Log in to WMP -> Customers -> Devices
  2. Select device and click Edit emergency address button on the right
  3. Enter address and click Submit
    The address validation status is displayed in the DLR Validation column. 

WIService v. 3.7.16 (macOS, Windows), v. 3.7.17 (MSI Installer) Date 17.06.2022


[WMS-14262] - int: fixed an issue when incoming calls were automatically answered by Jabra Pro 935 headset in some cases

[WMS-14279] - int: fixed an issue in which after installing new WIService version via MSI Installer on Windows device with several admin users, the old WIService version was not uninstalled

WIService v. 3.7.15 Date: 14.06.2022


[WMS-14333] - int: fixed an issue in which it wasn’t possible to resume a call from hold on MonoLED/ DuoLED headset if Ring on Hold feature was disabled

WIService v. 3.7.14 Date: 13.06.2022


[WMS-14110] - int: fixed an issue in which screen sharing started from MacBook Pro (14", 2021) or monitors with non-standard resolution, was not displayed correctly on devices of users the screen was shared with

WIService v. 3.7.12 Date: 08.06.2022


[WMS-14297] - int: fixed an issue in which Fax Printer didn’t work after WIService auto-update to v. 3.7.3 on Windows; performance improvements on macOS

WMP Date: 03.06.2022

New Feature

[WMS-13798] - wmp: added possibility to convert CAPEX devices into HWaaS

WIService v 3.7.10 (Windows) Date: 31.05.2022


[WMS-13786] - int: fixed an issue in which Teams user presence was not displayed in Outlook after WIService upgrade to v. 3.5.1

  • Note: Admin rights are required to activate Outlook integration in WIService settings. When activated, Outlook integration gets enabled for all PC users. 

[WMS-13855] - int: fixed an issue in which WIService was blocked by Sophos antivirus on Windows, starting from WIService v. 3.7.3

WMP Date 26.05.2022


[WMS-14102] - wmp: added possibility to order CLASSOUND DIDs for Resellers via Wildix Management Portal 

WIService v 3.7.9 Date: 17.05.2022


[WMS-13706] - int: fixed a rare issue in which an incoming group call to a user with Collaboration (Windows) and DuoLED-BT headset was accepted and instantly hung up by the headset 


[WMS-14056] - int: added possibility to hold/ resume a call via MonoLED/ DuoLED headset 

  • How-to: Press and hold the on/ off-hook button for several seconds during a call

CLASSOUND Date: 16.05.2022


[WMS-14070] - classound: fixed an issue in which data about outbound SMS was missing in WMP -> Dashboard -> CLASSOUND -> Stats of SMS/ List of SMS reports

  • Note: Outbound SMS data is displayed starting from 05 May 2022

WMP Date  12.05.2022


[WMS-14018] - wmp: improved possibility for Partners to manage Resellers 

  • To manage existing Resellers, go to the Reseller’s Contacts -> click Add and create a new Contact. The new Contact is activated automatically (no email confirmation required), and allows Portal access. 
  • When adding a new Reseller, you are now immediately asked to create a Contact for the Reseller. This Contact is automatically granted Portal access.

WMP Date 09.05.2022


[WMS-13644] - wmp: added a new option "Convert LT to Recurrent 2022" under Customer Care -> Promo related questions in WMP, which allows to send a request  for converting LifeTime PBXs into recurrent ones

Note: To have the request processed correctly, the following details should be provided:

  • List of PBXs to be converted from LT to Recurrent
  • Expected number and type of licenses on each PBX

WMP Date: 05.05.2022


[WMS-13591] - wmp: allowed to add services to PBXs under Commitment


  • Removing services remains unavailable
  • Commitment start/ end dates don’t change after adding services
  • Billing is applied from the date of order (not the Commitment start date)

[WMS-13905] - wmp: added a note to Commitment confirmation that any HWaaS or CLASSOUND service should stay till the end of the Commitment date

WIService v 3.7.8 (Windows) Date: 05.05.2022


[WMS-13565] - int: fixed an issue, in which the Hold button in Collaboration on Windows terminated the call if MonoLED headset was used, after upgrade to WMS Beta 5.04.20220228.2

WIService v 3.7.8 (macOS) Date: 03.05.2022


[WMS-13691] - int: reduced the size of WIService installer on macOS

WMP Date: 02.05.2022


[WMS-13586] - wmp: applied the logic of separate ordering of W-AIR Headset and  W-AIR Headset Charger

There are several options to order the charger:

  • W-AIR Single Charger (available both as CAPEX and OPEX)

  • W-AIR Multi-Charger, available only as OPEX! (Code: “R-WAIR-Headset-SIngleCharger-1m/1y/5y”)

[WMS-13851] - wmp: added Africa (Cape Town) to the list of PBX regions in WMP

WIService v 3.7.7 Date: 28.04.2022


[WMS-13761], [WMS-13874] - int: performance and stability improvements for Headset integration

CLASSOUND Date: 22.04.2022


[WMS-11721] - classound: allowed international call transfer within Call Termination Area 1

  • Transferred calls are charged according to CTA_1 terms (check CLASSOUND pricelist on WMP)

WMP Date: 20.04.2022


[WMS-13231] wmp: introduced a rule under which 1 customer can have only one PBX with active licenses; while other PBXs of the same customer should belong to the same WMS Network and inherit the licenses from the main (server) PBX

  • Note: Extra PBXs with active licenses need to be moved under other customers

[WMS-13587] – wmp: implemented fee for some Customer Care services

[WMS-13590] – wmp: Customer Care requests are now accepted only in English

  • If your tickets are written in another language, you need to resubmit them in English

WIService v 3.7.6 (Windows) Date: 19.04.2022


[WMS-13463] – col: deprecated x86 Windows Collaboration native app as 32-bit systems are no longer used

Note: x86 app will be updated to x64 version on Windows automatically, except for MSI Installer, Collaboration native app v. 2.5.3.


[WMS-13838] – int: fixed an occasional issue in which autoupdate of Collaboration native app on Windows didn’t work in case of MSI installer

WIService v 3.7.5 (Windows) Date: 08.04.2022


[WMS-13764] - int: fixed an issue in which WIService auto-update on Windows didn’t work in case of MSI installer 

WIService v 3.7.4 (Windows) Date: 05.04.2022


[WMS-13783] - int: fixed an issue in which WIService couldn’t be started on Windows 7 (64-bit version) after update to v. 3.7.3

CLASSOUND Date: 01.04.2022

[WMS-13342] - classound: added support of two-way SMS via CLASSOUND for UK DIDs

Documentation: How to send and receive SMS via CLASSOUND 

WIService v 3.7.3 (Windows), v. 3.7.4 (macOS) Date 01.04.2022


[WMS-13353] - int: upgraded WIService on Windows to 64-bit version

Note: WIService for Windows running 32-bit version is no longer supported. 


[WMS-13332] - wms: fixed an issue in which Spanish numbers were not detected correctly in CDR-view and Canary Islands were displayed instead of Spain

CDR-View, Date 23.03.2022


[WMS-13606] - sys: changed the logic and activation procedure of the unified CDR-View in WMS Network:

  • In case of VM/ HW Server (main) PBX, an external database should be set up. 
  • In case of Cloud Server PBX, Client PBXs should also be Cloud and belong to the same region. Please open a ticket with the Support team to get assistance with the setup. 

WIService v 3.7.2 Date: 18.03.2022


[WMS-13462] - col: added logic so that Collaboration native app on macOS is updated automatically via WIService

Note: Make sure the option “Keep Wildix services up to date” is enabled in WIService Settings.

WMP Date: 17.03.2022


[WMS-13496] - wmp: fixed an issue of incorrect currency symbol (euro instead of CHF) in Price list (Excel format) for Switzerland partners


[WMS-13547] - wmp: added email notification for Partners informing about changes of licence count on PBXs that belong to them or their Resellers/ End Users 

WIService v 3.7.1 Date: 16.03.2022


[WMS-13050] - int: merged Fax Printer functionality into WIService

WIService v 3.6.3, Jabra Headsets Date: 03.03.2022


[WMS-8739] - col: added logic of automatic update of Collaboration native app on Windows (64-bit version) via WIService

Automatic update of Collaboration native app (Windows x64) is managed by WIService (starting from WIService v. 3.6.3). Make sure the option “Keep Wildix services up to date” is enabled in WIService Settings.

[WMS-12575] - dev: verified support of new Jabra headsets (Jabra Evolve2 30/40/65/85) on WP phones

Documentation: Wildix Compatible Headsets - Jabra, Plantronics, EPOS Sennheiser, JPL, Axtel, Orosound

WMP, WIService v 3.6.1 Date: 18.02.2022

New Feature

[WMS-13475] - wizy: added support of headset integration for Wizyconf

Supported functionality:

  • Join/ leave a conference
  • Mute/ unmute


  • You can join a conference within 30 seconds after its start in case there is only one active conference.
  • If there is an active conference and an incoming call, the call has higher priority.

[WMS-12906] - wmp: added possibility to share feedback on WMP:

1) about the entire WMP website or a specific part of a page by using “Help us improve” button at the bottom

2) about Customer Care tickets on the Help Desk tab by clicking on the feedback icon to the left of the "Pbx" column

WIService v 3.5.12 Date: 16.02.2022


[WMS-13336] - int: WIService performance improvements

WIService v 3.5.11 Date: 09.02.2022


[WMS-13360] - int: added support for new Kuando Busylight Alpha device


[WMS-13346] - int: fixed an occasional issue with headset integration, in which DuoLED-BT headset didn’t show missed calls and displayed incorrect user status

WIService v 3.5.10 Date: 03.02.2022


[WMS-13299] - int: added support for new model of Kuando Busylight UC Omega device

WIService v 3.5.9, Kite Date: 31.01.2022


[WMS-13156] - int: updated SSL certificate in WIService

Important note for macOS users: 

With this update, you need to refresh Wildix permissions of Accessibility and Screen Recording:

- Go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Accessibility / Screen Recording -> on both tabs disable and enable Wildix checkbox.

[WMS-13207, WMS-13178] - int: improved stability of Outlook integration within WIService


[WMS-12908] - kite: fixed an issue in which “Screen sharing with control” on Kite didn’t work after WIService update to 3.4.9

CLASSOUND Date: 28.01.2022


[WMS-13074] - wmp: added "Stats of SMS" and "List of SMS" to CLASSOUND reports in WMP Dashboards

Documentation: WMP Dashboards

WIService v 3.5.8 Date: 07.01.2022


[WMS-10601] - int: fixed an issue with Headset integration on Windows, in which after a switch of PC user, the headset continued working with several sessions at the same time 

[WMS-13018] - int: fixed an issue in which Outlook Integration was missing in the Outlook add-ins settings in case of multi-user session and if WIService was installed by another Windows user, which resulted in no possibility to choose Outlook calendars for syncing 

WIService v 3.5.7 Date: 04.01.2022


[WMS-13005] - int: made some WIService UI improvements under Windows Quick Launch Toolbar and macOS Menu Bar

  • updated logo
  • added link to the website
  • changed text font

WIService v 3.5.5 Date: 24.12.2021


[WMS-13063] - int: fixed an issue of Outlook Integration merge with WIService in v 3.5.1 on Windows, in which the Integration was enabled by default and automatically started calendar sync and required access to Outlook

  • Outlook Integration is now disabled by default

  • to manage the Integration, click on the WIService icon -> press Settings -> tick off the “Enable Outlook Integration" option

WIService v 3.5.1, Kite Date: 23.12.2021

New Feature

[WMS-12762] - kite: added an event with post message “callEnded” at the end of Kite video/ audio call, which can be used for external integrations to give possibility to return to the initial screen after Kite call is ended


[WMS-9781] - int: merged Outlook Integration into Wildix Integration Service on Windows

  • if Outlook is set up, the Outlook Integration gets activated automatically

WMP Date: 14.12.2021

New Feature

[WMS-11757] - int: wmp: made it possible to order CLASSOUND via WMP


  • go to WMP -> Customers
  • select your customer and click Options button (three dots)
  • select CLASSOUND DIDs and click +
  • provide PBX S/N and contact email
  • choose the preferred CLASSOUND license
  • fill out the forms and click Confirm Order

Documentation: CLASSOUND Activation Request 

WIService v 3.4.10, Outlook Integration v 2.7.2 Date: 07.12.2021


[WMS-11493] - int: added the Update Now button that allows manual WIService update on macOS and Windows

  • to check for updates, click on the WIService icon -> About. If an update is available, there will be the Update button


[WMS-11643] - int: fixed an issue in which Collaboration user avatars were not displayed in Outlook 365 contacts

WIService v 3.4.9, Outlook Integration v 2.7.1 Date: 29.11.2021


[WMS-12729] - int: improved the connection security and reliability between Outlook and WIService


[WMS-12759] - int: fixed an issue in which Collaboration Native App closed unexpectedly on Mac during installation or update of WIService

WMP, WIService v 3.4.8 Date: 16.11.2021

New Feature

[WMS-12568] - wmp: added a new report "Licenses Expirations Calendar" to WMP Dashboards

  • the report provides details about expiration dates of 1 and 5-year licences.

Documentation: WMP Dashboards


[WMS-12360] - int: fixed an issue during screen sharing with enabled remote control in which keyboard on Windows PC of a user who shared the screen got blocked if the other user (either on Mac or Windows) used certain shortcuts with German keyboard

Kite Date: 27.10.2021


[WMS-12157] - kite: fixed an issue when it was impossible to place calls from Collaboration to Kite due to the wrong Kite link

WIService v 3.4.7 Date: 21.10.2021


[WMS-12547] - int: fixed an issue in which a popup requesting screen sharing permissions on macOS didn't reappear if a user has previously denied it

[WMS-12548] - int: fixed an issue in which in some cases WIService on Windows automatically answered calls via Plantronics Savi 8210 headsets

WIService v 3.4.5 Date: 08.10.2021


[WMS-11877] - app: added support for changing user status to DND on MonoLED and DuoLED Headset using USB Connector on macOS

  • to enable/ disable DND, press and hold "On/Off hook" button

[WMS-12311] - int: deprecated WIService component starting from v 3.4.5 on macOS 10.11 and prior


[WMS-12344] - int: fixed several issues with connected Kuando Busylight or similar device in which:

  • after disabling Ring on Hold option, Busylight still rang on hold
  • Ring on Hold option wasn't available if Busylight was connected without any headsets

WIService v 3.4.2 Date: 06.10.2021


[WMS-12318] - int: fixed an issue in which macOS users couldn’t answer or hang up a call via some headsets like Jabra, Sennheiser, Plantronics

WIService v 3.4.1, WMP Date: 04.10.2021

New Features

[WMS-9560] - wmp: added news feed to the right of the MRR Dashboard on WMP, so that all important news and marketing updates are within an easy reach for partners

Documentation: WMP Dashboards

[WMS-11595] - wmp: added auto-suggestions of relevant Documentation when creating a ticket via WMP -> Help Desk, so that customers can immediately get the necessary information

Auto-suggestions work both for Tech Support and Customer Care requests. The search results are displayed on the right panel after you:

  • start typing the subject of your request
  • choose a device
  • or select the topic (in case of a Customer Care ticket)

Documentation: Customer Care FAQ, Ticketing system section.


[WMS-9205] - int: added possibility to choose device for Headset Integration in case of multiple devices used

  • how-to: click on the WIService icon on Windows or Mac and select the necessary device

[WMS-12040] - int: merged Screen sharing functionality into WIService

  • note for macOS users: after the Integration service update on macOS, you will be prompted to allow Screen Recording in Security & Privacy preferences. Check the box in front of Wildix to grant the necessary permission and ensure that screen sharing works correctly


[WMS-10269] - int: fixed an issue with impossibility to hang up a call in Collaboration if it was answered via Sennheiser D10 USB for Lync Headset

PBXs Proxy Server Date: 01.10.2021


[WMS-11729] - wms: fixed an issue with impossibility to download audio files from PBX connected through pbxs.wildix.com

WIService v 3.3.6 Date: 10.09.2021


[WMS-12101] - int: WIService includes several fixes on macOS and Windows:

  • crash every 10 seconds after enabling Headset integration on macOS 10.11.6 El Captain
  • minor improvements for Wildix WHS Headsets support on Windows

CLASSOUND Date: 08.09.2021

New Feature

[WMS-11551] - classound: added support for STIR/SHAKEN Inbound Verification feature to block spoofed calls received via CLASSOUND

  • note: for now, the feature is available only for the US DIDs

Documentation: CLASSOUND Documentation

Kite, WIService v 3.3.5, Outlook Integration v 2.6.21 Date: 03.09.2021


[WMS-10438] - kite: removed location data from API presence response to improve security and protection of personal information

[WMS-12021] - int: minor stability improvements for MonoLED headsets on macOS and Windows

[WMS-12024] - int: added support for new Jabra headsets:

  • Jabra Link 380
  • Jabra Evolve2 30
  • Jabra Evolve2 40
  • Jabra Evolve2 65
  • Jabra Evolve2 85


[WMS-11948] - kite: fixed an issue in which during a video call, if a user’s video was disabled, a grey video placeholder was displayed instead of a user avatar

[WMS-11952] - kite: fixed an issue in which the screen sharing feature was not working in Collaboration and Kite

[WMS-11994] - int: fixed some issues with Outlook integration in which:

  • installation of Outlook integration couldn’t be completed successfully
  • Outlook integration crashed after a user clicked the Show contact button in Collaboration

WMP Date: 30.08.2021

New Feature

[WMS-11895] - int: wmp: added possibility to make payments via Local Bank Transfer option

  • this payment option is especially useful for Switzerland and Canada, where previously existing options could not be used.

Documentation: How to process and pay bills directly via WMP

WMP, Fax Printer v 3.1.8, Screen sharing v 3.2.20, TAPI driver v 1.4.6, Outlook Integration v 2.6.20


[WMS-11751] - int: Outlook Integration fixes several issues:

  • when the Integration RAM memory increased after closing the Microsoft Outlook app
  • when uninstaller.exe wasn’t replaced after the update of Wildix integration components

[WMS-11868] - wmp: improved a warning message which user gets when trying to delete all licenses on a PBX with active HWaaS or CLASSOUND services

  • all user licenses can be deleted from a PBX only after removing HWaaS and CLASSOUND services

[WMS-11874] - int: fixed an issue when uninstaller.exe wasn’t replaced after the update of Wildix integration components

WIService v 3.3.4 Date: 11.08.2021


[WMS-11876] - int: fixed an issue with LED user statuses being not loaded on DuoLED (USB and BT) Headset upon the first connection on macOS and Windows

WIService v 3.3.3 Date: 05.08.2021


[WMS-11852] - int: WIService stability improvements on macOS and Windows

WMP Date: 29.07.2021


[WMS-11543] - wmp: added x-caracal service monthly fee to be paid on WMP (both for standalone PBXs and in case of WMS network)


  • currently, the option is inactive, it will be available starting from 01.08.2021


  • Cloud PBX with WMS v 5.03
  • at least 1 Premium and at least 10 Business licenses

How to enable:

  • access WMP -> select the Customer -> select the PBX -> click Edit
  • enable the checkbox next to x-caracal
  • click Save and proceed with confirming your order

[WMS-11656] - wmp: added MS-Phone System service to be purchased on WMP for activation of the Second Mode of teams4Wildix integration


  • activated CLASSOUND

How to enable:

  • access WMP -> select the Customer -> select the PBX -> click Edit
  • enable the checkbox next to MS-PhoneSystem
  • click Save and proceed with confirming your order

Documentation: PBX Licensing and Activation - Admin guide

WIService v 3.2.17 (macOS), Kite, Push Server Date: 28.07.2021

New Feature

[WMS-11611] - kite: added a new option "Loading type" to Kite Widget http://kite.wildix.com/pages/widget/

  • Async/ Sync loading types are available
  • Async type is set by default as it helps to speed up the page loading and reduce the amount of downloaded data

Kite Documentation will be updated later.


[WMS-11491] - int: merged Headset integration functionality into WIService on macOS

  • removed Headset integration component
  • moved call control options to WIService tray menu in macOS menu bar
  • to activate the integration, tick off "Headset integration enable" in WIService Settings


[WMS-11301] - col: fixed an issue with push notifications being lost for group chats

WIService v 3.3.2, Screen sharing component v 3.2.19, Fax printer v 3.1.7, TAPI driver v 1.4.5 Date: 16.07.2021


[WMS-11679] - int: signed uninstall exe files for Wildix integration components to prevent them from being detected by antivirus software

Headset Integration v 2.9.8, Outlook Integration v 2.6.16, PBXs proxy server Date: 09.07.2021


[WMS-11480] - pbxs: fixed an issue with impossibility to upload a PBX backup file using a proxy connection through pbxs.wildix.com

[WMS-11510] - int: fixed an issue with Outlook contacts being not displayed if they didn't contain any phone number

[WMS-11566] - int: fixed an issue in which it was impossible to resume a call from hold via DuoLED-BT on macOS

[WMS-11672] - int: fixed an issue with Windows Defender showing incorrect validation message for Outlook Integration uninstall.exe file

Headset Integration v 2.9.7 Date: 28.06.2021


[WMS-10610] - int: added battery level support for DuoLED-BT to be displayed under Headset integration on macOS

  • available values: Low/ Medium/ High

Outlook Integration v 2.6.14 Date: 22.06.2021


[WMS-11347] - int: fixed an issue in which user pictures couldn't be loaded and displayed in Outlook app

WIService v 3.3.1 (Windows), WMP Date: 16.06.2021


[WMS-11331] - wis: WIService improvements (Windows):

  • improved the component connection procedure
  • decreased CDR-View load speed 

[WMS-11442] - wmp: added option to request/ update CNAM for CLASSOUND DIDs for the US and Canada


  • apply your requests via WMP -> Help Desk-> Customer Care -> CLASSOUND -> select “Set or update CNAM (US/Canada Partners only)”
  • provide PBX and DID you want to order or modify CNAM
  • CNAM should not be longer than 15 characters
  • order can take up to 24 hours after submission to confirm by our vendor's database and up to 72 hours over business days for completion

Updated documentation: Wildix Terms and Conditions.

WIService v 3.2.13 (Windows) Date: 07.06.2021


[WMS-11331] - int: fixed an issue with Windows Firewall popup appearing after a clean install

WIService v 3.2.12 (Windows) Date: 01.06.2021


[WMS-11314] - int: fixed an issue in which msi packages were not auto updated under user session on Windows

CLASSOUND Date: 26.05.2021


[WMS-10285] - classound: added support for the US/ Canada 911 Emergency calls


  1. configure 911 as a called number in Dialplan, details in Basic PBX Settings USA
  2. additionally, configure an announcement for Admin (call, email, sms) that 911 calls are placed (Call to 911 announcement)


  • the address used to be set for emergency (done by Wildix) is the same as the company address mentioned in an invoice. If you need to use a different address, please open a Customer Care ticket on WMP -> select CLASSOUND
  • calls are guaranteed only in G711

Documentation: How to configure and use CLASSOUND.

WMP Date: 19.05.2021


[WMS-11147] - wmp: added option to request tax breakdown for invoices/ quotes for the US and Canada


  • apply your requests via WMP -> Help Desk-> Customer Care -> Billing -> select “Request Tax Break-down for invoice/quote (US/CA only)”
  • attach a quote for a potential End-User or an invoice for an existent one to get a detailed list of taxes to be applied to the provided services (ready within 3-5 business day)

Updated documentation: Wildix Service Level Agreement.

WIService v 3.2.11 (Windows) Date: 17.05.2021


[WMS-11172] - int: fixed an issue in which pc restart was required after manual update of msi package under another user session on Windows

WMP Date: 03.05.2021


[WMS-9329] - wmp: applied flat delivery fees per order

[WMS-9273] - wmp: applied an extra fee for non-standard number of items per order

[WMS-11164] - wmp: added Feature request option under Customer Care section

Updated documentation: Wildix Service Level Agreement.

CLASSOUND Date: 27.04.2021


[WMS-11046] - classound: fixed an issue with impossibility to call CLASSOUND operator in case transmitted packets size exceeded 1500 bytes

WIService v 3.2.10 Screen sharing v 3.2.17, WMP, File sharing Date: 23.04.2021


[WMS-8553] - sap/wmp: added possibility to download invoices in .csv format and CLASSOUND Usage reports

Documentation: How to process and pay bills directly via WMP.


[WMS-10897] - int: fixed an issue with screen sharing when it was impossible to move mouse correctly if two 2 displays were connected in extended mode on Windows 10

[WMS-10907] - int: fixed call hangup issue if it was answered via Collaboration with connected Sennheiser MB Pro 1/2 + BTD800 on Windows

[WMS-11104] - col: fixed an issue with file sharing not working for files types .pdf and .doc in WMS 4.0X

WIService v 3.2.9 Date: 16.04.2021


[WMS-10946] - int: added auto update option for MSI packages

  • to enable the option, tick off the box "Keep Wildix Integration Service up to date" when completing WIService setup
  • Windows Task Scheduler checks for updates every day at 01:00-06:00 or after starting PC. If a new version is available, it downloads a new installation package and runs it in silent mode
  • for the installation via cmd, pass enableAutoupdate parameter: 

    msiexec /i WIService.msi enableAutoupdate=true/false /qn

    Default values:

    • enableAutoupdate=true (enabled) / false (disabled)
    • wiserviceSilentMode=false

    If wiserviceSilentMode is set to true, auto update is not started up.

DocumentationLarge-Scale Deployment on Windows.

Outlook Integration v 2.6.13 Date: 08.04.2021


[WMS-10820] - int: Outlook integration improvements:

  • added possibility to check the minimum supported version. If Outlook version is < 2013, error message showing that the app is not supported is displayed
  • fixed an issue with error message being not displayed after trying to open deleted Outlook integration

WIService v 3.2.7 (Windows) Date: 01.04.2021


[WMS-9247] - int: fixed an issue with impossibility to generate a call using click2call feature (tel:, sip:) for Microsoft users without admin rights

WMP Date: 31.03.2021


[WMS-10768] - wmp: Help Desk redesign - added a form for Customer Care requests

Requests are divided into 9 topics, several of them have sub-topics:

  1. Billing (delivery document dispute, invoice, dispute, credit note request)
  2. CLASSOUND (order status, issues with calls, DID cancellation)
  3. HWaaS (PBX change, spare parts inquiry)
  4. PBX / Licenses (activate/ terminate PBX, WMS setup, licenses adjustments)
  5. Orders (orders tracking, order items amendment)
  6. Portal errors
  7. Promo related questions
  8. Company information changes (update contacts/ address, WMP access)
  9. General questions

Documentation: Wildix Terms and Conditions.

WIService v 3.2.5, Screen Sharing v 3.2.15, Outlook Integration v 2.6.11, Fax Printer v 3.1.6 Date: 25.03.2021


[WMS-10609] - int: added battery level support for DuoLED-BT to be displayed in WIService tray menu on Windows (coming soon)


[WMS-10801] - int: fixed an issue with wrong WIService link during installation of Screen sharing, Outlook and Fax Printer on Windows

WIService v. 3.2.4, Headset Integration v 2.9.3 Date: 19.03.2021


[WMS-10828] - int: WIService stability improvements

[WMS-10853] - int: fixed an issue with LED indication on DuoLED Headset being not changed after switching user status

Outlook Integration v 2.6.9, Headset Integration v 2.9.2, Screen Sharing v 3.2.13, Fax Printer v 4.1.4 Date: 15.03.2021


[WMS-10598] - int: added native support for Headset integration, Fax printer and Screen sharing to comply with macOS on Apple M1 chips


[WMS-10645] - int: fixed an issue with repeated reboots of Outlook integration after PC waking from sleep mode

WMP Date: 11.03.2021

[WMS-9793] - wmp: changes for RMA submission rules:

  • for devices purchased > 5 years ago, no RMA allowed
  • for devices purchased > 1 year ago but < 5 years, you need to attach a copy of a signed warranty contract to an RMA request
  • for devices purchased < 1 year ago, no changes

Documentation: How to open an RMA request.

WIService v. 3.2.2 (Windows) Date: 09.03.2021

[WMS-9939] - app: WIService v. 3.2.2 (Windows) adds support for remote call answer / hangup and volume control instead of Headset integration

  • All Headset integration functionality is merged into WIService and the component is removed
  • Call control options moved to WIService tray menu

WIService v. 3.1.17 Date: 02.03.2021


[WMS-10518] - app: added WIService native support to comply with macOS on Apple M1 chips


[WMS-9237] - app: fixed an issue when it was impossible to generate calls using the option "Call with Wildix PBX" on macOS

[WMS-10581] - app: fixed an issue in which dialing hot key stopped working in Outlook integration after upgrade to WIService v. 3.1.10

[WMS-10588] - app: fixed an issue when it was impossible to make calls using click2call feature on Windows and macOS if a selected number contained spaces

Kite, TAPI driver, Fax printer v. 4.1.3, Headset integration v. 2.9.1, Screen sharing component v. 3.1.12 Date: 23.02.2021


[WMS-10613] -kite: replaced Google+ (End-Of-Life) with Google SSO for Kite sign-in form


[WMS-10486] - app: updated WIService version that is automatically installed during installation of Fax Printer, Headset integration and Screen sharing component on macOS

[WMS-10504] - sys: fixed an issue with TAPI driver v. 1.4.2 not working on Windows 10

[WMS-10526] - app: fixed an issue in which TAPI driver uninstallation caused deletion of all other components in Collaboration Settings -> Extensions

Outlook integration v. 2.6.4 Date: 15.02.2021


[WMS-10039] - app: fixed an issue with status of MS teams' users not showing in Outlook

[WMS-10483] - app: fixed an issue when after deleting the integration, it was still displayed as Installed in Collaboration Settings -> Extensions

WMP Date: 10.02.2021


[WMS-7671] – wmp: allowed sharing of Per User Licenses between Cloud PBXs over WMS Network on WMP


  • Cloud PBX cannot be connected to Server PBX with Lifetime license
  • Cloud PBX with increased storage size cannot be connected to Server PBX

Documentation: PBX Licensing and Activation Guide

Headset integration, WIService Date: 05.02.2021

New Feature

Headset integration v. 2.9.9 (Windows) and v. 2.9.0 (macOS)

[WMS-10032] – dev: added support for DuoLED-BT Headset


WIService v. 3.1.11 (macOS)

[WMS-10485] – app: fixed an issue with WIService version being not displayed after uninstalling screen sharing component

API Date: 28.01.2021


[WMS-10439] – api: created a separate API documentation server for microservices

WIService v 3.1.7 (Windows) Date: 05.01.2021


[WMS-9998] - app: improved UI behaviour when changing the scale and layout option on Windows

Outlook integration v 2.6.1 Date: 20.12.2020


[WMS-9780] - app: "Sync calendar" option is now moved to Outlook Ribbon

WIService v 3.1.4 (macOS) Date: 15.12.2020


[WMS-10189] - app: added auto-update option

  • Added the dialog "Keep Wildix Integration Service up to date" to the installer which appears in case auto-update is disabled or not configured yet
  • Auto-update starts every day at a random time between 1 AM and 6 AM, or right after the computer starts or wakes up from sleep mode

Documentation: What is WIService.

Mono/DuoLED Date: 07.09.2020


[WMS-9479] – dev: fixed an issue with low volume on Mono/ DuoLED Headsets

The issue is fixed by increasing the volume level by +10 dB. To achieve this, upgrade the Headset firmware: https://confluence.wildix.com/x/bgKmB.

Kite Date: 21.05.2020


[WMS-8242] – kite: improved behavior of chat sessions when Kite user connects to a Call group

  • if Kite user disconnects after ending a chat session with an agent, the session is closed after 10 minutes
  • if this user connects again, another agent joins the session