Vision Changelog

Vision Changelog: new features and improvements for Vision devices with Android 9 OS.

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How to update:

  • To update its version, Vision must be connected to the Internet. If there is a new version available, the phone will automatically update during the night.
  • Update manually from Stable: Phone App > Settings > Advanced > click “Search for updates”
  • Update manually from Beta: Phone App > Settings > Advanced > enter the word beta into the field “Update source” and click “Search for updates”; in case there is a new FW available, repeat the last step once again

Vision App Beta Version 3.07.69 Date: 13.02.2024


[WMS-19100] - vision: fixed an issue in which voicemail list didn’t load on Vision phone with Beta v. 3.07.68, connected to Hardware PBX

Vision Firmware Beta Version Date: 26.10.2023


[WP-286] - vision: updated the firmware with security patches for improved security

Vision App Beta Version 3.07.68 Date: 25.09.2023


[WP-280] - vision: added possibility to use Shared Voicemail BLF key on Vision phones.

For setup instructions, check out documentation: Voicemail ("Shared Voicemail BLF key" section)

[WMS-15756] - vision: improved the logic so that chat and post-it functionality is turned off if it is globally disabled on the PBX with custom config parameter COLLABORATION_CHAT_ALLOW=false

Documentation: Custom config parameters List


[WMS-17584] - vision: fixed an issue in which g729 was prioritized over g711 codec

Vision App Version 3.07.67, Firmware Version Date: 23.03.2023


[WMS-16277] - vision: improved chat performance to avoid an occasional issue when chat unexpectedly crashed if a message contained an attachment


[WP-244] - vision: fixed an issue of random restarts of the app in some rare cases

Vision App Version 3.07.66 Date: 22.02.2023


[WMS-16430] - vision: improved the logic of internal watchdog service to avoid unnecessary restart of the application

Vision App Version 3.07.65 Date: 01.02.2023


[WP-236] - vision: improved stability of the application to prevent it from freezing with "Phone isn't responding" error

Vision App Version 3.07.61 Date: 01.12.2022


[WP-230] - vision: fixed an issue of low volume of outgoing audio during some calls on Vision phone 

[WP-234] - vision: fixed an issue in which Vision display didn’t wake from sleep mode when an incoming call was ringing 

Vision App Version 3.07.54 Date: 26.10.2022


[WMS-15485] - vision: fixed an issue in which Wizyconf links were processed incorrectly

Vision Firmware Version Date: 21.10.2022


[WP-224] - vision: added a preinstalled Aurora Store on Vision device

Documentation: Vision User Guide - Appendix 2. Aurora Store Authorization