WMS Beta Changelog rel60beta

Update repository: rel60beta

In case of automatic upgrade, make sure to specify the current repository.

Link for sharing: https://wildix.atlassian.net/wiki/x/pgbOAQ


API admin user authentication:

It is recommended to use PHP HTTP client library for S2S authentication: https://github.com/Wildix/s2s-client-php

API documentation: https://<pbx_host>/api/v1/doc/#section/Authentication

Note: Starting from WMS Beta 6.01.20220708.5, automatic upgrades are performed from the repository used for manual upgrade. Weekly automatic upgrade is enabled by default. 

WMS Beta 6.01.20220929.2 Date: 30.09.2022

New Feature

[WMS-14542] - sys: added a new Dialplan application “Speech to text” that allows to create an automatic system that ask the caller some questions, recognizes the answers, and lets you save the recorded files Check out documentation for instructions (Speech to Text section): https://wildix.atlassian.net/wiki/x/ahDOAQ 

WMS Beta 6.01.20220929.1 Date: 29.09.2022


[WMS-14690] - dev: enabled TLS 1.2 on W-PA devices by default  


[WMS-11698] - sys: fixed an issue with Microsoft 365 calendar integration, in which wrong user status was displayed if there were two overlapping events (status switched to the second event even if the first one was not finished yet) 

WMS Beta 6.01.20220927.1 Date: 27.09.2022


[WMS-14643] - wms: added support of OAuth2 authorization for Fax/SMS server  How-to:

  1. Go to WMS -> Settings -> System -> Fax/SMS Server
  2. In Server profiles section, click Add
  3. In the field Auth type, choose the option OAuth2
  4. Select Auth provider, Google or Office365 and click Login
  5. Login to the account
  6. Click Save

    Only corporate Google accounts are currently supported.

    Documentation will be updated soon.  

WMS Beta 6.01.20220922.2 Date: 23.09.2022


[WMS-14974] - sys: fixed an issue in which calls placed via Peoplefone trunk dropped after 5-6 minutes 

WMS Beta 6.01.20220921.4 Date: 21.09.2022


[WMS-15054] - sys: for improved security, closed Port 53 for public networks on Hardware / Virtual PBXs 


[WMS-10889] - col: fixed an issue in which shared reports in CDR-View had incorrect tags (instead of the tags selected by user who initially created the report) 

WMS Beta 6.01.20220919.1 Date: 19.09.2022


[WMS-12662] - wms: fixed some issues with API endpoints and made improvements in API documentation: - improved descriptions and examples
- documented GET/PBX/settings/license/ API endpoint, which returns information about PBX licenses
- fixed an issue, in which “attachments” filter returned empty data in case it was the only filter applied
- fixed issues with CallHistory API endpoint, when it was impossible to use search fields with values “attachments”, “timezone” and sort by organisation

API documentation can be accessed via PBX and by the link:

[WMS-15068] - wms: fixed an issue in which filters of the API endpoint CallHistory were ignored by the system and unfiltered data was returned API documentation can be accessed via PBX and by the link:

New Firmware

WorkForce firmware v.

[WP-211] - dev: fixed an issue in which WorkForce randomly rebooted in case DuoLED-BT headset was used

WMS Beta 6.01.20220916.2 Date: 16.09.2022


[WMS-12121] - wms: made some improvements on the Users page in WMS: - added possibility to remove user without deleting user data
Select the option ”User (without deleting user data)” when choosing which data you want to delete

  • updated UI/UX of the Add, Edit, Delete, and Set password modal windows
  • added progress bar when editing/removing multiple users  


[WMS-14950] - col: fixed an issue when after selecting a colleague via the search field, with whom didn’t chat or call to before, the chat tab didn’t change and it took a very long time to open a chat with the selected user  

WMS Beta 6.01.20220913.1 Date: 14.09.2022

Additional package: wildix-cw 6.01.20220913.1


[WMS-15085] - sys: fixed an issue of PBX engine crash in some rare cases  

WMS Beta 6.01.20220913.1 Date: 13.09.2022


[WMS-14410] - wms: updated design of x-bees invitation email  

[WMS-14655] - wms: improved the backup logic so that configuration of OAuth 2.0 applications is also restored in case of applying system backup  

[WMS-14822] - wda: improved analytics logic so that calls that come through one PBX and get automatic answer by the system (e.g. IVR) on another PBX in WMS Network, with no agent’s reply, are not considered answered and the system message is not counted as talk time  


[WMS-14489] - sys: fixed an issue in which new calls were not added to call history in Collaboration due an error on MySQL server 

[WMS-14664] - x-ca: fixed an issue in which some x-caracal reports exported to PDF didn’t fit on the page and some columns were cut Note: In case a report includes more than 7 columns, landscape (horizontal) page orientation is automatically applied.

[WMS-15049] - x-ca: fixed an issue in which REST API returned empty data after WMS upgrade to v. 5.04.20220325.8 

WMS Beta 6.01.20220907.1 Date: 8.09.2022


[WMS-11361] - col: fixed an issue in which it was impossible to export charts in CDR-View in French language 

WMS Beta 6.01.20220902.1 Date: 5.09.2022


[WMS-12132] - wms: made some UI/ UX improvements on the Activation/ Licenses page in WMS: - split the page into 3 blocks: System, License actions, License usage

  • updated design of the buttons and pop-up windows
  • added a tooltip when hovering a mouse over a license count showing how many licenses are used
  • extended the list of licenses with Wizywebinar, x-caracal, CLASSOUND, Microsoft Phone System, WMS network
  • show “License valid until” field only for activated licenses 


[WMS-14657] - wms: fixed an issue in which DaySaver GSM trunk was displayed with wrong status information (“No Sim” for signal quality) in WMS -> Trunks tab Note: Status of signal quality for DaySaver is currently not supported

[WMS-14814] - wms: fixed an issue in which PBX engine crashed in some cases: during sending fax, or when entering some commands in terminal, e.g. "queue add member 007 to 4" 

[WMS-14861] - dev: fixed an issue in which the latest W-PA model reacted to "Speed Dial" Function key only after pressing the button a second time  

[WMS-14938] - wms: fixed an issue in which sorting of users on the Users tab in WMS didn’t work correctly after upgrade to WMS 6.01 

WMS Beta 6.01.20220823.2 Date: 24.08.2022


[WMS-14869] - wms: updated the warning message which is displayed in case WMS Network configuration is not aligned with the order on the WMP, e. g. if WMS Network is enabled on a standalone PBX  


[WMS-14873] - wms: fixed an issue in which some Dialplan applications (e.g. Call group) didn’t fit into the Dialplan edit window 

WMS Beta 6.01.20220815.2 Date: 17.08.2022


[WMS-13740] - wms: made some UI and UX improvements of the Users page in WMS -> Users, which include: - changed design of the table

  • introduced different icons for different types of users
  • changed “+” and “-” buttons to “+Add” and “-Delete”  

[WMS-14300] - wms: fixed an issue when members of a Call group, which also included users from another PBX in WMS Network, had unanswered call records in Collaboration History even though the calls were answered by Call group members from another PBX   

[WMS-14691] - wms: improved the upgrade logic by blocking upgrade to the next major WMS version in case of wrong WMS Network configuration, to avoid issues with calls 

  • PBX can still upgrade within the same major WMS version
  • To be able to upgrade to the next major WMS version, e.g. from WMS 5 to WMS 6, WMS Network has to be configured correctly, matching the licences ordered on the Wildix Management Portal 

New Firmware

W-AIR firmware v. 530b801

[WMS-14652] - dev: fixed an issue with W-AIR base stations in which attempts to start an outgoing call failed resulting in  “insufficient resources” error message

WMS Beta 6.01.20220810.1 Date: 12.08.2022


New firmware for WorkForce v., for WelcomeConsole v. 

[WP-4] - dev: introduced a new BLF type Prefix, which allows to add a certain predefined value (indicated in BLF Prefix) to a dialled phone number / BLF on WorkForce and WelcomeConsole How-to set up:

a) Via Collaboration:
1. Go to Settings -> Fn keys
2. Click Add -> Prefix
3. Enter Label and prefix value

b) Via WMS:
1. Go to Users -> choose user -> click Edit preferences
2. Navigate to Settings -> Function keys -> click Edit
3. Add Prefix -> enter prefix value and label
4. Click Ok -> Save

- The following values are allowed: +0..9*# a-z A-Z
- WelcomeConsole extension module is also supported
- BLF Prefix doesn’t work for phonebook calls
- BLF Prefix is not displayed on Fn keys tab in Collaboration


[WMS-14485] - x-ca: fixed an issue in which Idle Time in Agent Availability report displayed negative values if chosen time range in filter included future date  

[WMS-14669], [WMS-14689] - sys: fixed an issue of PBX engine crash in some rare cases

[WMS-14801] - sys: fixed an issue in which the ‘migrate2cloud’ script failed to execute 

New Firmware

New firmware v.

[FXX-23] - dev: fixed an occasional issue in which after upgrade to v., W02FXS r3 media gateways reset their configurations to the default ones and rolled back to the previous firmware version

WMS Beta 6.01.20220805.1 Date: 8.08.2022


[WMS-14612] - wms: fixed an issue in which BRI/ PRI trunks were not displayed on Trunks page in WMS after upgrade to WMS 5.04 

WMS Beta 6.01.20220804.1 Date: 4.08.2022

New Feature

[WMS-12489] - wms: added possibility to choose which user data (personal data, voicemails, etc.) has to be deleted  


  1. Go to WMS -> Users
  2. Choose user or a group of users -> click delete (-)
  3. Select data to be deleted -> click Ok

The list of options you can choose from:

  • Personal data (avatar, mobile phone, email, new passwords)
  • Voicemails
  • Voicemail greetings
  • Calls (history, records, faxes)
  • Chat history
  • Phonebooks
  • Call group member
  • Missed call manager
  • Paging group member
  • Applications (s2s, simple token)
  • Unassign devices

If you want to delete user and all their data, tick off the option “User with all data”


  • Updated API endpoint DELETE /PBX/Colleagues/{id}/ with the new parameters
  • Removed API endpoint for multiple user deletion DELETE /PBX/Colleagues/{ids}/

API documentation can be accessed via PBX and by the link: https://www.wildix.com/wp-content/wms-api/  


[WMS-14219] - wms: added Feedback button in WMS and x-caracal which provides possibility to leave customer feedback

WMS Beta 6.01.20220725.3 Date: 1.08.2022

Additional packages: wildix-sslh 6.01.20220728.1 whoteld 6.01.20220728.1 wildix-cw 6.01.20220727.1


[WMS-14469] - sys: fixed an occasional issue, in which Hotel integration stopped working because WHotel daemon crashed and could not be restarted automatically 

WMS Beta 6.01.20220725.3 Date: 26.07.2022


[WMS-9003] - wms: made some fixes and improvements on the Dialplan page in WMS:  - added localizations of the Visual/ Developer buttons, Search field and alerts

  • when hovering a mouse over buttons in application options, made it visually clear that the button is selected
  • removed extra minus (-) character which appeared in caller number if “Remove” field was chosen in the “Set” options but no data was entered
  • in “Dial the phone” application -> “Set” options, improved the logic so that only chosen field remains active (“Custom” or “Remove”)
  • added an alert notifying that “/” symbol is not allowed in a variable name in “Set” rule
  • fixed an issue in which variable name was broken if the variable name contained “|” symbol
  • resolved an issue when new dialplans were not displayed on IVR tab until the page was reloaded
  • fixed an issue when a red arrow was displayed in the field "Name" on Edit rule window if user tried to save settings without a name and then entered it
  • fixed an issue in which on the Timetable/ Switch tab in Start/ End time columns it was impossible to set time after clicking on the delete [x] button


[WMS-14457] - sys: fixed an issue in which calls routed through WMS network randomly dropped in some cases 

[WMS-14519] - sys: fixed an issue in which x-caracal log files were not rotated  

[WMS-14544] - wms: made some security improvements 

[WMS-14602] - sys: fixed an issue of PBX engine restart because of a deadlock after executing the cli command 'sip show channels'  

[WMS-14613] - sys: fixed an issue in which “Enable routing eth0” was deactivated after reboot on Hardware or Virtual PBX, after upgrade to WMS 5.04.20220506.5 

WMS Beta 6.01.20220721.1 Date: 21.07.2022

New Feature

[WMS-13627] - sys: added possibility to set up backend for storing chat and call history (CDR) on Cloud PBXs  


  1. Go to WMS -> Settings -> PBX -> Call and chat history
  2. Configure backend: proceed to MySQL/ MSSQL/ Sqlite tab -> enter the necessary data -> click Save
  3. Go to Settings tab -> select the configured backend in the CDR-backend field -> click Save
    Documentation will be updated soon.  


[WMS-14464] - sys: fixed an issue in which licence renewal failed and WMS admin got the notification “An error occurred while updating the licence. For the correct work of all services, copy PBX key and reactivate the licence” 

WMS Beta 6.01.20220713.1 Date: 15.07.2022


[WMS-12232] - sys: fixed some rare performance issues (e.g. web interface stuck on ‘Proceeding’ during phonebook import) on Hardware/ Virtual PBX, faced by users with some router models/ firewalls 

[WMS-14017] - col: fixed an issue when user didn’t receive notification about unread group chat message and the message was marked as read, if user was on a different tab in Collaboration (other than Chat) or after login  

[WMS-14079] - col: fixed an issue with Colleague Fn key functionality in Collaboration, in which there was no audio beep notification for an incoming call, though Audio notification option was enabled 

[WMS-14135] - x-ca: fixed an issue when x-caracal reports sent in scheduled reports email via Run Now button didn’t contain all required information 

[WMS-14490] - col: fixed an issue in which user status in Collaboration didn’t sync with Outlook after upgrade to WMS Beta 6.01.20220708.5 

WMS Beta 6.01.20220708.5 Date: 08.07.2022


[WMS-12126] - wms: made improvements to the Upgrade page UI and the upgrade logic: 

  • combined Upgrade and Automatic upgrade sections into one on WMS -> Tools and utilities -> Upgrade page
  • enabled weekly auto-upgrade from the repository used for manual upgrade 


[WMS-13911] - col: fixed one-way audio issue in case of a call from Collaboration to a device that doesn’t support Opus codec, if there was an automatic answer (e.g. in case of Away status) before user answered the call 

[WMS-14241] - wms: made some security improvements 

WMS Beta 6.01.20220628.1 Date: 28.06.2022


[WMS-12641] - wms: updated design of FXO section on Trunks page in WMS and added new API endpoints for FXO trunks: - GET /api/v1/Trunks/Fxo/ - Get a list of FXO trunks

  • POST /api/v1/Trunks/Fxo/ - Create an FXO trunk
  • PUT /api/v1/Trunks/Fxo/{id} - Update an FXO trunk by id
  • DELETE /api/v1/Trunks/Fxo/{id} - Delete an FXO trunk by id

API documentation can be accessed via PBX and by the link: https://www.wildix.com/wp-content/wms-api/  

[WMS-14242] - sys: added an option to allow calls from users that have the same public IP address as a static trunk 

Add the following line to /etc/kamailio/cfg/host_specific_custom.cfg file:
modparam("pv", "varset", "allow_users_and_trunks_behind_same_nat=i:1")

Available values: 1 - enabled; 0 - disabled. The parameter is disabled by default.

Documentation: Custom config parameters List

[WMS-14388] - sys: improved audio quality for calls generated by PBX engine (e.g. callbacks) by decreasing priority of codec g729  


[WMS-12208] - sys: fixed an issue in which the feature "Notify by email in case SIP trunk registration status is changed" didn’t work and PBX admin didn’t receive an email notification starting from WMS 5.03 

[WMS-13514] - sys: made some updates to CardDAV sync on macOS:

  • fixed an issue in which not all contacts (only Colleagues) were synced with CardDAV;
  • updated recommended add-ons for Thunderbird Contacts CardDAV sync: “Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV” and "TbSync”

Updated documentation: Sync of Contacts with iOS, Android, Vision, SuperVision, Mac OS X, Thunderbird

[WMS-13803] - wms: fixed an issue of a blank page when user with admin permissions was trying to make import of phonebooks in WMS 

WMS Beta 6.01.20220621.2 Date: 21.06.2022

New Feature

[WMS-14179] - sys: added possibility to customize the maximum number of voicemails per user


  • To extend the limit of voicemails (by default, the maximum number is 100), change the value of following parameter in the /etc/callweaver/voicemail-custom.conf file:
    Where 200 is the desired number of allowed voicemails.
    Note: Maximum value is 9999.


[WMS-12097] sys: allowed using non-ASCII characters in SMS messages sent via Mail2SMS service

[WMS-12963] - sys: improved behaviour in case PBX admin changes user password via WMS (WEB or SIP password), so that all active sessions are dropped and user is automatically logged out

Note: in case of changing SIP password, automatic logout is applied for web Collaboration only

[WMS-14127] - sys: added delivery of Wildix packages to aptly.wildix.com for PBX upgrades in case of WMS-5.xx and WMS-6.xx 

Documentation: Ports used by Wildix services

[WMS-14162] - dev: added possibility to modify sound volume (RX and TX gain levels) on FXS r3 media gateways via custom provisioning settings


  • Add the following parameters to [wildixfxs2] section in /rw2/etc/provision.conf file:
    RXgain= -10-10
    TXgain= -10-10
    By default, RX gain is -2 dB, TX gain is 0 dB.

DocumentationProvisioning Custom Settings

[WMS-14217] - dev: enabled SDES-SRTP for W24FXS r3 by default

[WMS-14238] - wms: security improvements

[WMS-14268] - sys: added “Contact number” field in trunk settings which allows to set custom contact number in SIP trunk configuration


  1. Go to WMS -> Trunks
  2. Choose trunk and click Edit
  3. Go to Advanced settings and find Contact number field
  4. Enter the necessary number and click Save

By default, Contact number field is empty.


[WMS-11237] - col: fixed an issue in which email notification displayed incorrect content of unread message with “$” sign, removing digits after “$” sign and “$” itself

[WMS-12730] - wms: added a pop-up message notifying that using quotes (“”) is not allowed in WMS -> Dialplan -> Set application

[WMS-13945] - sys: fixed an occasional issue in which Call Group member was permanently put on pause, if the user was moved to another PBX in WMS Network

[WMS-14337] - wms: fixed an occasional issue when Call history didn’t work on WP phones if call history records contained non-UTF-8 characters

New Firmwares 

New firmware for W24FXS r3, W04FXS r3 v., WelcomeConsole v. 

[FXX-20] - dev: fixed an issue in which after upgrade to v., FXS r3 devices (W24FXS r3, W04FXS r3) reset their configuration to the default one and their firmware returned to the previous version

[WP-184] - dev: fixed some issues emerging after hanging up a call from DuoLED-BT headset connected to WelcomeConsole:

  • there was no ringtone on an incoming call
  • it was impossible to answer a second incoming call/ retrieve a call from waiting
  • 2-3s audio delay for a caller