Wildix Phones 5 Changelog

Wildix Phones 5 Changelog: new features and improvements for new WP 5 phones. 

Other changelogs: https://www.wildix.com/new-releases-and-updates/

Documentation: Wildix VoIP Phones 5 User Guide

Link for sharing: https://wildix.atlassian.net/wiki/x/AgD0GQ

The upgrade is started automatically after reboot or check/sync of a device.

Important: In case of Hardware or Virtual PBX, make sure to grant access for the PBX to the hosts wps.wildix.com and firmwares-cdn.wildix.com via port 443.

WP 5 Phones Date: 04.04.2024


[WPR5-14] - dev: added possibility to access Phonebook on WP 5 phones during an active call by pressing the Phonebook key

To access History during an active call, press the Phonebook key -> return on the main screen -> press History Soft key

[WMS-19662] - dev: set the timeout of ignoring false positive off/ on hook events on Start 5 to 300 ms to avoid some issues, e.g. call drops when an incoming call was ringing


[WMS-19696] - wpr5: fixed an issue in which incorrect number of missed calls was displayed after rejecting a call on a WP 5 phone

WP 5 Phones Date: 27.03.2024

New firmwares: Start 5 firmware v., WorkForce 5 firmware v., WelcomeConsole 5 firmware v., ForcePro 5 firmware v.


[WPR5-8] - dev: improved the logic of Phonebook search on WP 5 phones by adding possibility to press number 2 or 3 times to get the necessary letter

Note: The timeout is 1 sec.

[WPR5-1] - dev: added support of incoming video via HTTP streaming from 2N intercom Helios IP on ForcePro 5


  • To be able to unlock the doorphone, the relevant DTMF BLF key should be configured in WMS for the user. 
  • In the current password format for access to the intercom, special characters are not supported. 

Documentation: Integration of 2N intercom Helios IP with Wildix


[WPR5-32] - dev: fixed an occasional issue of a call drop on Start 5 phone after the call was answered

WP 5 Phones Date: 27.02.2024


[WMS-19397] - dev: fixed an issue in which semi-attended and attended transfer could not be completed by putting the handset on the hook on WP 5 phones

WP 5 Phones Date: 23.02.2024


[WPR5-13] - dev: fixed an issue in which call was dropped after being picked up on MonoLED headset plugged into WorkForce 5, ForcePro 5 and WelcomeConsole 5