x-bees Analytics

On this page, you can find documentation about x-bees Analytics which provides all the information you need to keep on top of your business.

Other x-bees documentation: x-bees documentation.

Created: May 2022

Updated: May 2024

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x-bees Analytics is an advanced yet easy-to-use analytics tool, which lets you monitor all the data you need to always stay on top of your business. With x-bees, you are not limited to a predefined set of data tables and charts. On the contrary, you set them up yourself choosing the data you are interested in and customizing tables and charts to your personal liking. This means x-bees Analytics tool can perfectly address whatever need you may have.


  • WMS version 6.01.20220621.2 or higher on a standalone PBX or a whole WMS Network
  • License: x-bees-SuperBee

Note: Analytics is not available if x-bees is opened in Incognito window in browser or via iframe. 

How to access

To access x-bees Analytics, click on the Analytics button on left-hand part of the screen:  

Here, you can find 4 tabs:

  • Search: allows to search for data, configure the view of charts and tables containing the search results, save them to Answers and Liveboards, etc.  
  • Answers: the list of saved answers (the results of your search)
  • Liveboards: a collection of answers in a pinboard (dashboards) that you use most often in your analytics purposes

Note: Starting from WMS 6.04.20230815.1, it is also possible to access x-caracal from x-bees:

  • Click More next to Analytics at the top of the page -> click x-caracal:

Documentation: x-caracal documentation


Liveboards act like dashboards. They are collections of related charts and tables, that you monitor most often. On the Liveboards tab, you can see the liveboards you saved, as well as liveboards of other users, in case they shared them with you or a company you belong to:

Starting from WMS 6.01.20220621.2 and in case of x-bees-SuperBee license, you can find CDR-View Liveboard in the list of Liveboards:

CDR-View includes pre-configured reports that allows to monitor the call activity of the employees and get reports related to the number of calls, costs, call duration, usage of trunks, etc., and analyze the activity of call agents and response groups. For detailed information about requirements, available reports, etc. check out the document CDR-View in x-bees.

Starting from WMS 6.04, there is also x-hoppers: Agent Stats report. The data in the report is displayed only in case of a PBX with x-hoppers licenses and if there were active x-hoppers calls.

Documentation: x-hoppers Analytics.

View a Liveboard

Click on the necessary liveboard from the list to see its details: 

Note: Currently, to update data on a Liveboard, you need to refresh the page.

Manage Liveboards

Also, you can perform the following actions with a liveboard:

  • Clicking on the Star icon next to the liveboard name, you can add it to favorites
  • Lock icon indicates whether you have view only or edit access to the liveboard
  • If you want to share the liveboard with a user or group, click Share button, enter name or email address of user or group you want to share the liveboard with, select access right and click Share

  • Clicking More (three dots) button (1), you get access to the following options (2):
    • Rename (edit access required)
    • Make a copy
    • Download PDF (edit access required)
    • Present
    • Schedule
      Liveboard scheduling allows to configure reports to be sent to email(s) at specified interval: 

    • Manage schedules
    • Export TML 
    • Request verification (edit access required)
    • Show Liveboard details
    • Delete (edit access required)

Add visualizations

In case you’ve created a liveboard, but there are not answers yet, click the Search data button:

A Search field appears and you can start exploring the data you need. The same functionality described in the Search section of this guide is available on Liveboards tab. 

Also, you can pin visualizations to the liveboard when you view an answer on the Search/ Answers/ Home tabs.

Explore answers on Liveboard

To view details of an answer on a liveboard, hover your mouse over the desired answer and click Explore: 

The answer opens. Besides viewing its details, using the Explore this data panel on the right, you can modify the answer by applying additional filters, adding/ replacing columns, choosing data for comparison:

On the Search tab, you can type in the search bar what information you want to explore and x-bees returns the search results in the form of a table or chart.

Data items (columns)

Search is based on the tables that exist in your data. Tables are made of rows and columns, like spreadsheets. You can search by typing in:

  • Name of data item (column): like callee, connect time, talk time 
  • Special keywords: like today, yesterday, >, or contains

Click on the Data button to the left of the search field to see the list of available data items:

The list of data items (columns) includes the following options:

  • Average duration
  • Callee
  • Caller
  • Calls
  • Conferences
  • Connect time
  • Conversation ID
  • Conversations
  • Date
  • Department
  • Direction (values: inbound, internal, outbound)
  • Duration
  • Email 
  • Hangup (values: callee, caller)
  • Maximum duration
  • Name
  • Remote Country

    Note: The following standard is used for country codes: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2. E.g.: IT, DE, US.

  • Role (values: agent, client)
  • Serial
  • Service
  • Session ID
  • Speaker Time
  • Status (values: completed, missed)
  • Subject
  • Talk time
  • Time 
  • Total duration
  • Total talk time
  • Trunk
  • Type (values: call, conference)
  • Voicemails
  • Wait time

Hovering a mouse over any of these items, you can see a tooltip with the following info: name, description, data source (if applicable), and data type: 

To view available values of a data item, click on the filter icon next to it:

A pop-up window shows up, where you can view all available values of the data item:

You can also choose values by which you want to filter data: tick off necessary values and click Apply and the selected values appear in the search field. 

Start a new search 

  1. Click Search on the top navigation bar.

  2. Start typing your search request, using necessary data items and keywords.
    Alternatively, you can double-click on the preferred data items on the left-side panel and they are automatically added to the Search field. To add multiple items, click on the necessary items to select them and press + Add Columns:

    Note: Typing in your search query, you may notice that search items are of different colours: 

    • blue = attributes: primarily text or date values. Usually, attributes make up the x-axis of your chart. Examples: caller name, call status, etc.
    • green = measures: numeric values, e.g. duration of a call 
    • grey = filters, e.g. outbound, inbound

    3. Once your search query is ready, press Enter on keyboard, or click Go to the right of the search bar:

Your search is given an automatic title based on your search columns, and is displayed as either a table or chart, depending on how it is best represented. You can change display of the search result to fit your needs.


If you type in the search request "Caller Callee Direction Status Duration Today", the system returns a table with total duration of calls including information about caller, callee, direction of calls (inbound/ outbound), and call status:

Edit a search

When you click a search phrase, it is highlighted, and x-bees displays other suggestions from which you can choose to replace the highlighted phrase. If, say, you want the same data to be displayed not for today only, but for last week, for example, start typing "last" in the search field and choose the preferred option:

When you hover over a boxed phrase, you can see an x, which you can click to remove it from the search:

You can insert a new phrase in the middle of a search, by clicking between phrases and entering the new phrase. Also, you can merge phrases without breaking the search. 

Also, you can add data items to your search request by selecting relevant items on the left (1) and click Add columns (2). Once added, click Go (3) in the Search field. 

Note: In case a table or chart doesn’t seem to contain all the data you expect, try looking in the search bar for filters in gray boxes. Remove unnecessary filters, you get all available data for that search.

Display totals

To have total numbers displayed at the bottom of the report, click Edit chart configuration (1) -> go to Settings (2) -> enable the checkbox next to Column summary (3):

For non-numeric values it is possible to choose if you want to see Total Count or Unique Count (set by default):

View query details

To view details of the query, click on the Query details button (info icon) on the right:

Change display of an answer

Switch between table/ chart view

You can change the view of your answer so it appears as either a table or a chart. To change the view of your answer, toggle between either a table or a chart type:

Your search needs at least one attribute and one measure to be presented as a chart. When you display your data as a chart, x-bees automatically selects the type of chart that works best for your data. If you want to use another type, click Change visualization (chart icon) on the right:

You can choose from a large number of chart types, each providing a different visualization for your answer. Select the type of chart you want:


  • Some chart types may not be available, depending on the columns in your search. Unavailable chart types are grayed out
  • Hovering over a chart type icon tells you what columns you require before you can use it:

Edit chart configuration

If you are not fully satisfied with how the chart looks like, you can easily modify it:

  1. Click the Edit chart configuration button on the right
  2. Configure which columns should be presented on X-axis or Y-axis, or modify other parameters presented in the settings:

For example, for better visualization, let's slice the chart with color, for different services to be displayed with different colors on the chart. For this, we drag and from the service box under Slice with color option (1) and the chart changes its view to the following:

Drill down chart item

In the example on the screenshot above, we searched for unanswered incoming calls this month by service and chose the data to be displayed in a stacked column chart. 

If, say, you need a more detailed information regarding any of the service/ group displayed in the chart, right-click on the necessary item on visualization (1) -> choose Drill down (2):

In the Drill down pop-up screen, choose the data you want to explore:

For example, if you select the option caller, x-bees returns the list of phone numbers, whose calls were missed by the chosen group, and how many calls were missed by each number:

To return to the previous view of the chart, click back to the right of the search field:

Exclude or include data 

You can include or exclude row values from your answer.

To exclude or include row values:

  1. Right-click the necessary item on visualization or table cell
  2. Click Exclude "value" or Only Include "value" if available

Save an answer

An answer is the result of a single search. You can save an answer you want to work more on later, or just keep it for your personal use.

  1. Click on the More (three dots) button at the top and choose Save:

  2. Enter name and description and click Save answer:

    The saved answer is added to the Answers tab.

Pin an answer  

To add an answer to Liveboards tab, which contains a collection of answers in a pinboard (dashboards) view:

  1. Click on the Liveboard name next to the Pin button to select the Liveboard you want to pin the answer to: 

  2. Search for the necessary Liveboard or create a new one:

  3. Click Pin:



An answer is the saved result of a search. On the Answers tab, you can see the answers you saved, as well as answers of other users, in case they shared them with you or a company you belong to.

If you tick the checkbox next to an answer, the following buttons appear above the answers list:

  • Share: allows to share the answer with other users or groups
  • Delete (personal answers only): deletes the answer
  • Apply Tag (personal answers only): allows to tag the answer
  • Export TML: uploads the answer in .tml file
  • Edit TML: opens TML editor

Clicking on an answer, it opens in a table/ chart view with the same editing options described in the Search section of this guide:

Keyword reference

Keywords help to define a search.


Note: When using the top or bottom keywords without specifying a number (n), the number defaults to 10.

Keyword - EnglishITDEFRESDescription

top n

superiore n

top n

haut n

primeros n

Generates the top n items from a sorted result.


caller callee direction status duration today top 5

top n 




superiore n per

top n nach

haut n parprimeros n por

Calculates top n items, then sorts the top items by another measure or attribute.

Contrast with top n (swaps the order of operations).


top 10 caller by conversations this month

bottom n

inferiore n

bottom n

bas n

últimos n

Generates the bottom n items from a sorted result.


bottom 10 caller by conversations this month

sort by

ordina per

sortieren nach

trier par

ordenar por

Sorts the result set by an attribute or measure.


caller callee direction status duration today sort by duration

by <measure>pernachparpor

Treats the measure as an attribute and groups the result set by it.


conversations by day




nach dem


después de

conversations after 10/31/2022



vor dem


antes de

conversations before 03/01/2022

between ... and ...

tra … e …

zwischen dem … und dem …

entre … et …

entre … y …

conversations between 01/30/2022 and 01/30/2022






conversations monday

day of week

giorno della settimana

Tag der Woche

jour de la semaine

día de la semana

conversations by day of week last 3 months

growth of …​ by ...

crescita di … su base …

wachstum von … pro…​

croissance de … par …

crecimiento de … hasta …

growth of conversations by time last month unanswered

growth of …​ by …​ daily

crescita di … su base … giornaliero

wachstum von … pro…​ täglich

croissance de … par … tous les jours

crecimiento de … hasta … a diario

growth of conversations by time daily last month unanswered

growth of …​ by …​ monthly

crescita di … su base … mensile

wachstum von … pro … monatlich

croissance de … par … tous les mois

crecimiento de … hasta … mensual

growth of conversations by time monthly unanswered

growth of …​ by …​ quarterly

crescita di … su base … trimestrale

wachstum von … pro … vierteljährlich

croissance de … par … tous les trimestres

crecimiento de … hasta … trimestral

growth of conversations by time quarterly unanswered

growth of …​ by …​ weekly

crescita di … su base … settimanale

wachstum von … pro … wöchentlich

croissance de … par … toutes les semaines

crecimiento de … hasta … semanal

growth of conversations by time weekly last month unanswered

last day by

ultimo giorno su base

am letzten Tag pro

dernier jour par

último día hasta

conversations last day by callee

last month

ultimo mese 

letzte n Monate

dernier moisúltimo mes

conversations last month by callee

last month by

ultimo mese su base

im letzten Monat pro

dernier mois par

último mes hasta

conversations last month by day

last n daysultimo n giorni

letzte n Tage

dernier n jours

últimos n días

conversations last 7 days

last n monthsultimo n mesiletzte n Monatdernier n moisúltimo n meses

conversations last 10 months by day

last n quarters

ultimo n trimestri

letzte n Quartale

dernier n trimestres

últimos n trimestres

conversations last 2 quarters by month by service

last n weeks

ultimo n settimane

letzte n Wochen

dernier n semaines

últimas n semanas

conversations last 10 weeks by day

last quarter

ultimo trimestre

letzte Quartal
letztes Quartal

dernier trimestre

último trimestre

conversations last quarter 

last week

ultimo settimana

letzte Woche
letztes Woche

dernier semaine

última semana

conversations last week by service

last year

ultimo anno

letzte Jahr
letztes Jahr

dernier année

último año

conversations last year by callee






conversations by month last year

conversations January

month to date

mese finora

Monat bis jetzt

mois à ce jour

mes hasta la fecha

conversations month to date 

month year

mese anno

Monat Jahr

mois année

mes año

conversations by service February 2022

n days ago

n giorni fa

vor n Tagen

n jours il y a

n días hace

conversations 2 days ago

last n days for each month

n giorni per ogni mese

n Tage in jeder Monat
n Tage in jedem Monat

n jours pour chaque mois

n días para cada mes

conversations 2 days for each month

last n days for each quarter

n giorni per ogni trimestre

n Tage in jeder Quartal
n Tage in jedem Quartal

n jours pour chaque trimestre

n días para cada trimestre

conversations last 15 days for each quarter

last n days for each week

n giorni per ogni settimana

n Tage in jeder Woche
n Tage in jedem Woche

n jours pour chaque semaine

n días para cada semana

conversations last 2 days for each week

last n days for each year

n giorni per ogni anno

n Tage in jeder Jahr
n Tage in jedem Jahr

n jours pour chaque année

n días para cada año

conversations last 30 days for each year

last n hours for each day

n ore per ogni giorno

n Stunden in jeder Tag
n Stunden in jedem Tag

n heures pour chaque jour

n días para cada año

conversations last 2 hours for each day

n months

n mesi

n Monaten

n mois

n meses

conversations last 6 months

n months ago

n mesi fa

vor n Monaten

n mois il y a

n meses hace

conversations 2 months ago by service

last n months for each quarter

n mesi per ogni trimestre

n Monate in jeder Quartal
n Monate in jedem Quartal

n mois pour chaque trimestre

n meses para cada trimestre

conversations last 2 months for each quarter

last n months for each year

n mesi per ogni anno

n Monate in jeder Jahr
n Monate in jedem Jahr

n mois pour chaque année

n meses para cada año

conversations last 8 months for each year

n quarters ago

n trimestri fa

vor n Quartalen

n trimestres il y a

n trimestres hace

conversations 4 quarters ago by service

n weeks ago

n settimane fa

vor n Wochen

n semaines il y a

n semanas hace

conversations 4 weeks ago by callee

last n weeks for each month

n settimane per ogni mese

n Wochen in jeder Monat
n Wochen in jedem Monat

n semaines pour chaque mois

n semanas para cada mes

conversations last 3 weeks for each month

last n weeks for each quarter

n settimane per ogni trimestre

n Wochen in jeder Quartal
n Wochen in jedem Quartal

n semaines pour chaque trimestre

n semanas para cada trimestre

conversations last 2 weeks for each quarter

quarter to date

trimestre finora

Quartal bis jetzt

trimestre ce jour

trimestre hasta la fecha

sales by product quarter to date

for top 10 products by sales

this dayquesto giornodiese Tagce joureste día

conversations this day by callee

this month

questo mesediese Monatce mois

este mes

conversations this month by day
this quarterquesto trimestrediese Quartalce trimestreeste trimestreconversations this quarter by callee
this weekquesto settimanadiese Wochece trimestreeste semanaconversations this week by service
this yearquesto annodiese jahrce année

este año

conversations this year by callee





conversations today by callee





conversations by week last quarter
week to date

settimana finora

Woche bis jetzt

semaine à ce jour

semana hasta la fecha

conversations week to date by callee





conversations by callee 2022

year to date

anno finora

Jahr bis jetzt

année à ce jour

año hasta la fecha

conversations by callee year to date





conversations by callee yesterday







conversation time detailed

last hour

ultimo ora

letze Stunde

dernier heure

último hora

count unique conversations last hour
last minute

ultimo minuto

letzte minute

dernier minute

último minuto

count conversations last minute
n hours

n ore

n Stunden

n heures

n horas

count conversations [ last ] 12 hours
n hours ago

n ore fa

n Studen vor

n heures il y a

n horas hace

conversations 2 hours ago

n minutes

n minuti

n minuten

n minutes

n minutos

count conversations [ last ] 30 minutes
n minutes ago

n minuti fa

n minuten vor

n minutes il y a

n minutos hace

sum conversations by service 10 minutes ago
this hourquesto oradiese stundece heureeste horaconversations this hour
this minutequesto minutodiese minutece minuteeste minutoconversations this minute


begins with

inizia con

beginnt mit

commence par

empieza por

conversations name begins with 'joe' by name

  // returns the list of conversations that have name starting with 'Joe' 






conversations name contains 'bill' by name

ends with

finisce con

endet mit

se termine pas

termina por

conversations name ends with 'joe'

similar to

simile a

ähnlich zu

similaire à

similar a

conversations name similar to 'joseph'
not begins with

non inizia con

beginnt nicht mit

ne commence pas par

no empieza por

conversations name not begins with 'bill'

not contains

non contiene

enthält nicht

ne contient pas

no contiene

conversations name not contains 'joe'

not ends with

non finisce con

endet nicht mit

ne termine pas par

no termina por

conversations name not ends with 'joe'
not similar to

diverso da

nicht ähnlich zu

pas similaire à

no es similar a

conversations name not similar to 'hand'


  • When more than one begins with or ends with keyword in a search or formula on the same column is used, results are returned using an OR condition.
  • When you use a combination of begins with and ends with, results are returned using the AND condition.

  • When using multiple begins with on different columns, results are returned using the AND condition.

For example, if you search for state name begins with "V" state name begins with "C", your results are: Virginia, Vermont, California, and Connecticut.

If you search for state name begins with V state name ends with T, your only result is Vermont.







conversations average duration by service this month





count service unique count caller by service






max talk time conversations by service 






min wait time by service
standard deviation



écart type

desviación estándar

standard deviation conversations by service by week month to date






sum talk time by service today

unique count

conteggio univoco

eindeutige Anzahl

nombre unique

recuento único

unique count conversation id





variance duration by service







conversations uk_support vs all

Note: The "all" keyword can only be used as part of a versus phrase.

between... and...

tra … e

zwischen … und

entre … et

entre … y

inbound calls wait time between 60 and 120

= (equal)





conversations by callee duration = 0






conversations uk_support vs everything

Note: The "everything" keyword can only be used as part of a versus phrase.

> (greater than)





conversations by callee wait time > 60

>= (greater than or equal)





conversations by callee wait time >= 60

< (less than)





conversations by callee wait time < 60

<= (less than or equal)





conversations by callee wait time <= 60

!= (not equal)





caller callee direction status duration today callee !={null}

vs, versus

risp. a, rispetto a

vs, versus

vs, versus

vs, contra

conversations uk_support vs us_support

You can use special constants for null and empty values with the = and != keywords: {null} and {empty}.

For example: service != {null}.



giorno (date)

Tag (date)

jour (date)

día (date)

conversations by day

day of month

giorno del mese (date)

Tag des Monats (date)

jour du mois (date)

día del mes (date)

conversations day of month by month
day of quarter

giorno del trimestre (date)

Tag des Quartals (date)

jour du trimestre (date)

día del trimestre (date)

conversations day of quarter by year

day of week

giorno della settimana (date)

Tag der Woche (date)

jour de semaine (date)

día de la semana (date)

conversations by week day of week
day of year

giorno dell’anno (date)

Tag des Jahres (date)

jour de l’année (date)

día del año (date)

conversations day of year by year

ora (datetime)

Stude (datetime)

heure (datetime)

hora (datetime)

conversations by hour weekly
month of quarter

mese del trimestre (date)

Monat des Quartals (date)

mois du trimestre (date)

mes del trimestre (date)

conversations month of quarter by year

trimestre (date)

Quartal (date)

trimestre (date)

trimestre (date)

conversations by quarter

quarter of year

trimestre dell’anno (date)

Quartal des Jahres (date)

trimestre de l’année (date)

trimestre del año (date)

conversations quarter of year 

week of month

settimana del mese (date)

Woche des Monats (date)

semaine du mois (date)

semana del mes (date)

conversations week of month

week of quarter

settimana del trimestre (date)

Woche des Quartals (date)

semaine du trimestre (date)

semana del trimestre (date)

conversations week of quarter

week of year

settimana dell’anno (date)

Woche des Jahres (date)

semaine de l’année (date)

semana del año (date)

conversations week of year

In / Not in


Query in query search (intersection of two sets). Must match last attribute before keyword with first attribute inside subsearch.


attribute in (attribute subsearch)


calls caller in (top 10 caller by calls today) week to date

not in

not innot innot innot in 

Relative complement of two sets. Must match last attribute before keyword with first attribute inside subsearch.


attribute not in (attribute subsearch)


calls caller not in (top 10 caller by calls today) week to date

Note: Searches with the in keyword do not include {null} values. To include {null} values, create a formula for the relevant attribute in your search, to convert {null} values to 'unknown,' or some similar word.