Restart from WMS not working for HW PBX

This document explains how to fix an issue with Hardware PBX not starting after it was rebooted from WMS interface

Created: March 2020



Problem: Hardware PBX does not start properly after it was rebooted from the WMS interface. After the PBX shuts down, the WAN and LAN ports remain inactive and the PBX is no longer accessible (unless it is powered-off and then powered-on using the On/ Off switch). 

Affected PBXs: Serial numbers from 9C751420D6A0 to 9C751420E63C.


Solution: upgrade the PBX to the latest firmware. 

Prerequisite: Prepare an empty USB key which will be used for firmware upgrading procedure. USB flash should consist of a single partition formatted in FAT16 or in FAT32.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Extract files from the ARCHIVE and move them to the USB key 
  2. Switch off the PBX 
  3. Insert the USB key in the PBX
  4. Switch on the PBX
  5. Wait for 10-12 minutes