How to manually update W04FXS-W04FXO from fw version 3.08-3.09


In some cases W04FXO / W04FXS becomes unreachable after firmware upgrade from the version 3.08 or 3.09. 


To avoid this problem, please follow the procedure of manual upgrade via the web interface of the gateway:

  • Download the *.bin file from the folder: LINK

  • Connect to the web interface of the FXO gateway using admin : admin credentials for new devices or admin : [WMS_random_password] for provisioned devices

  • Open the page  [device_IP_address]/FirmUpgrade.asp: add /FirmUpgrade.asp into the browser URL bar after your gateway’s IP address:
    Where “” is your gateway’s IP address
  • Upload the file with the new FW via the web interface of the gateway (Choose the file and click Import):

  • In case the upload has been successful, you get the following notification:

Do not reboot the gateway manually! Wait till the notification appears and then proceed to the next step.

  • Go to the page [device_IP_address]/Maintenance.asp: edit the browser URL bar by adding /Maintenance.asp after your gateway’s IP address:
    Example of the browser URL bar:
  • Select Reboot and click Apply: