How to forward calls to a colleague’s voicemail

This Guide explains how to configure and use call forwarding to another extension's voicemail.

All the information on setting up and using the Voicemail service: Voicemail.



What if agent answered the incoming call but caller wants to speak to the person who is not available at the moment? There is a way to transfer the call to that user's voicemail if caller would like to leave a message for him/her. Agent can easily forward calls to his/her voicemail via Collaboration or from the handset.

Call transfer to a colleague's voicemail via Collaboration

Users can forward a ringing call / answered call to their colleagues' Voicemail at any time via Collaboration:

  1. Upon receiving an incoming call (or during an active call) press Transfer button (right arrow ➡️  icon) from the call dialog window
  2. Enter a colleague’s name or extension number into the search field
  3. Press the Voicemail icon (envelope ✉️ ) near the name of the colleague

Call forwarding to a colleague's voicemail from the handset

For this purpose you will need to modify the dialplan used for making outgoing calls ('users' by default):

  1. Create a new number that will act as a prefix that end users need to dial before extension number to route the call. In this example we have set up 8. which is interpreted as 8 followed by one or more characters from 0 to 9 any length (you can use 8XXX or 82XX to have more accurate match with your range of extensions)
  2. Add application Go to voicemail
  3. Set Number - select Remove and enter 1 to remove first digit which is 8 in our case. This way PBX will recognise the extension number only without dialled prefix 8

      4. Set Options - select a if you want to play busy or unavailable message automatically.

Voicemail - all the information on setting up and using the Voicemail service