Integration of Viking E-30-IP-EWP Doorphone with Wildix IP PBX

The Guide explains how to connect and configure Viking E-30-IP-EWP doorphone as simple SIP device to Wildix PBX to send DTMF to trigger the door to unlock. 

Created: August 2019


WMS Configuration

Trunk configuration

To make the doorphone work properly, add it as a SIP trunk in WMS -> Trunks , since DTMF tones for internal calls use SIP INFO method instead of rfc2833. 

  • Go to WMS -> Trunks
  • Click + to add a new trunk and fill in the following fields:
    • Auth Login - used as doorphone's user name
    • Address or Host Name - dynamic, PBX accepts registration with the auth login from any IP address
    • Password - used by Viking doorphone as user's password
    • Dialplan - Dialplan procedure for routing calls coming from the doorphone
    • Tone Zone & Country Code - optional parameters
    • Keep-Alive - must be enabled to keep registration active
    • Enable registration - optional  parameter

The full Admin Guide on how to set up various trunk settings: ISDN - FXO - GSM - SIP Trunk Settings Guide.

Dialplan configuration

To be able to manage calls from the doorphone, you need to create a separate Dialplan procedure:

  • Example of Dialplan configuration for calls from the doorphone to PBX:

Note: *504 is the number that is set in doorphone's settings -> Phone Numbers / Phone Codes:

  • Example of Dialplan configuration for calls from from PBX to the doorphone:

Note: This is an example of "users" Dialplan which is assigned to users by default. To call the doorphone from PBX sid, use Auth Login number.

Viking Configuration

IP Settings Configuration

  • Open Viking IP Programming software on your PC
  • Go to IP Settings -> SIP Server / Peer to Peer Settings and fill in the following fields: 
    • Server / Outbound Proxy - IP address of PBX
    • Authentication ID / Username / CallerID - doorphone's Auth Login (set in Trunk configuration)
    • Password - doorphone's Password (set in Trunk configuration)
    • Register Fails - it is recommended to set to Re-Resolve

Configuration of Alarm/Firmware/Default/Tools and Phone Settings

Configure these settings in order to register the doorphone. Once the inbound or outbound call is answered, PBX user is able to send DTMF digits to trigger the door to unlock. 

  • Alarm/Firmware/Default/Tools:

  • Phone Settings: