Intercoms integration with Wildix - Video before answer and Unlock button

The Document describes how to configure Intercoms integrated with Wildix for sending video streams to Vision/ SuperVision/ WP600AXX/ Android/ Collaboration before answer and adding an unlock button for door open function.

Created: October 2018


Information on intercoms which are fully integrated with Wildix system:

User Guides on Integration with some Intercoms are available on Doorphone integrations.

Video streaming before answer

Supported devices: Collaboration/ Vision/ SuperVision/ WP600AXX/ Android mobile app.

Note, that iOS mobile app is not supported.

The functionality allows displaying an incoming video stream before answer on Collaboration/ Vision/ SuperVision/ WP600AXX/ Android mobile application.

To implement such behaviour, proceed with the following steps:

  • Go to WMS -> Dialplan -> Dialplan Rules
  • Select the Dialplan procedure used by the intercom and add a Custom application: 

Custom application -> SIPAddHeader(Camera:http://admin:admin@


  • admin:admin – username and password, if needed (not all intercoms require authorization)
  • – IP address of the intercom
  • /picture0.jpg – picture URL (only .*jpg format is supported at the moment)

More examples:

  • SIPAddHeader(Camera:http://www.testcam.local/camera/image.jpg)
  • SIPAddHeader(Camera:http://admin:admin1@
  • SIPAddHeader(Camera:http://admin:meinsm@
  • SIPAddHeader(Camera:https://admin:mypassword@ (2N example)
  • SIPAddHeader(Camera: (Mobotix example)

Note: To check if a picture URL is correct, paste it in the address bar. For example:

Note: This custom application can be used in two scenarios:

  • Call a doorphone and see the video stream 
  • See video stream from the doorphone before answer

In case you don’t know how to indicate the path correctly for your IP webcam / intercom, check this resource: LINK (mind that only HTTP connection and JPEG type are supported).

Note: Some intercoms may require additional configuration on their web interface. Check the online documentation for details: 2N Helios IP Integration, AphaTECH IP BOLD 65 Integration, Baudisch (Mod.33-1486) Integration, Mobotix T25 Integration.

Example of Android mobile app video preview:

Unlock button for door open function

Note: The functionality can be implemented only for Collaboration/ Vision/ SuperVision.

To be able to unlock doors from the call management window, you can add an unlock button.

  • Go to WMS -> Dialplan -> Dialplan Rules
  • Select the Dialplan procedure used by the intercom and add a new Custom application: 

Custom application -> SIPAddHeader(Unlock-Button:*1234#)


  • *1234# is a DTMF code

How the button looks like: