How to configure AlphaTech IP BOLD 65 Intercom on Wildix PBX

This guide explains how to connect an Alphatech doorphone to a Wildix PBX and set up a video preview.

Created: February 2018


For network settings and mounting guide, refer to:­BOLD65­quick­setup­v1.2.pdf

Setup user on Wildix PBX

  • Go to WMS -> Users and create a new user:

  • Click on Set Password to set SIP/VoIP password:


SIP parameters

Access the web interface of the doorphone -> Current status -> SIP parameters:

Fill in the following fields:

  • SIP mode: SIP server
  • Account: 199 (internal number configured on PBX)
  • Auth.Id.: 199 (as internal number)
  • Password: SIP/VOIP password set in user config of PBX, i.e. d#hg7gX7Y1
  • Registration server: IP address of PBX SIP server : IP address of PBX
  • SIP Transport: UDP (usually)


  • Go to Network settings -> Phonebook
  • 1...5 call number: configure a single or sequence of numbers to distribuite call to several numbers

Note: On Vision/ SuperVision/ WP600A and iOS or Android device, video starts automatically!