Integration of Behnke door intercom system with Wildix IP PBX

This document explains how to set up the integration of the Behnke door intercom with Wildix IP PBX.

Created: April 2020


Wildix basic configuration (WMS Configuration)

Add a new user 

  • Go to WMS -> Users and click on + to add a new user:

  • Fill in the fields:
    • Full name: name of the user  (e.g. “door intercom system”)
    • Extension: extension number used by the intercom
    • Dialplan: select the dialplan procedure used by the intercom (if already created)
    • License type: select Basic

Create SIP password 

  • Go to WMS → users and select the user “door intercom system”
  • Click on “Set password”
  • Generate the SIP password


  • Go to WMS -> Dialplan -> Dialplan rules and add a new procedure, example:

  • 222: is the phone number called from the intercom. (see also 2.3)
  • Call group (TAC): is the call group that receives calls from the intercom (it can be an extension, several extensions, or several call groups…)

Behnke intercom configuration

Configure door intercom

First-time access at Behnke door intercom (see Behnke Documentation)

Login: admin

Password: admin

All parts that are not described within this documentation can remain “default”!

Login door intercom to PBX via SIP

Got to the Behnke InterfaceNetworkSIP settings

Account: choose any number

Phone number: extension set on Wildix PBX

Name: choose any name

SIP ID: extension set on Wildix PBX

SIP PIN: SIP password generated on Wildix PBX

SIP Registrar: IP address of the PBX

SIP Proxy: IP address of the PBX

Port range for RTP: RTP ports used on the Wildix PBX

Key Assignment

Select part “direct dial” in phone numbers

Enter the phone number that should be transferred to the Wildix PBX when a key is pressed


  • For key 1 phone number 222 shall be sent
  • For key 2 phone number 555 shall be sent

Door open function from Wildix IP phones/ Collaboration

Video preview before answer and an unlock button

Video preview is supported by Collaboration/ Vision/ SuperVision/ WP600AXX/ Android mobile app (iOS app is not supported).

The possibility to add an unlock button can be implemented only for Collaboration/ Vision/ SuperVision. On other devices, you need to manually press the specified DTMF to open the door.

  • Go to WMS -> Dialplan -> Dialplan rules and select the Dialplan procedure used for managing intercom calls
  • Add 2 Custom applications:

  • 555 number that is set as direct-dial in the door intercom 
    that number will be dialed by the door intercom
  • SIPAddHeader(Camera:http://viewer:viewer@ adds a video preview
  • SIPAddHeader(Unlock-Button:0) adds an unlock button 
    0 - DTMF code to unlock the door
  • Dial the phone number 10: the call destination for answering calls from the doorphone 
    you can specify your own destination

Example of video preview with an unlock button:

IP address of the Behnke camera

The IP address of the camera is different than the IP address of the door intercom. You can find the IP address of the camera when you log in to the door intercom system as admin. 

Go to StartBasic configuration: