W01GSM - Quick Installation Guide - English

W01GSM Quick Installation Guide helps you install and configure the GSM gateway. Thanks to GSM gateway it is possible to send SMS using your Wildix PBX and to call mobile numbers using the GSM SIM card.

Updated: March 2017

min. WMS version required: 2.8.20131

Permalink: https://wildix.atlassian.net/wiki/x/uhzOAQ


  • WMS version min. 2.8.20131
  • PoE switch
  • DHCP server
  • GSM SIM card with PIN disabled

If you are using a WMS integrated DHCP Server, go to WMS Settings -> System ->  DHCP Server and search for the device on the DHCP leases.

Note: the media gateway does not support VLAN.

Overview and LED indicators

LED indicatorStateDescription
RUNONdevice is booting
Slow blinkingdevice is not registered
Fast blinkingdevice is registered
GSMONdevice is booting / call in progress
OFFSIM card is not registered / incorrect PIN / no coverage
Slow blinkingSIM card is registered
WANWAN indicator blinks if device is connected even if it’s not registered
RSTPress and hold for over 6 seconds using a paper clip to restore to the factory defaults
SIM slotPress the yellow button to open the card slot and insert the SIM card
ANT3dB external antenna

Installation and connection

Make sure the PIN code of the SIM card is disabled.

  • Screw the antenna into the ANT jack plug of the gateway (antenna with a longer cable is available as a separate product: code: W01GSM-ANT)
  • Insert the SIM card (press the yellow button to make the SIM tray pop out)
  • Connect the WAN interface of the gateway to the PoE switch

Provisioning and configuration

Follow our online guide to provision the GSM gateway: Provisioning of Wildix devices - Admin Guide

For remote/unreachable media gateways behind NAT/Firewall, follow our online guide to remote provisioning: Remote Provisioning of Wildix devices - Admin Guide

Go to WMS -> Trunks to edit the GSM gateway parameters: Trunk Settings Guide, GSM Trunk Settings

W01GSM appears on the Trunks page with the current status of Signal Quality, which is normally updated every 30/60 seconds.