Avatars for group chats and list conference participants - August 2022

Avatars for conversations

Changelog reference ticket: XBS-99

While working on x-bees, people start participating in numerous group conversations with clients, colleagues, and various departments. At some point, it becomes easy to get lost, and it takes time to find the right conversation. 

We added a possibility to set up pictures for group conversations to make it easy for users to distinguish between different chats quickly:

  1. Open Conversation Info panel

  2. Click on the conversation icon

  3. Click Upload image

  4. Select and upload a picture (JPG, PNG, GIF, max 10 MB)

  5. Crop and scale the picture and click Apply

Documentation: x-bees Web User Guide


See the list of conference participants

Changelog reference ticket: XBS-1107

When a meeting has started, users might be wondering who has already joined the conference before jumping in. This information is now available by hovering over the Join button (up to 10 names can be listed). This helps users decide on the right time to join an active conference. The feature is available both for external and internal Users.