Email notifications about unread chats and conference tutorials - September 2022

Email notifications about unread messages

Changelog reference ticket: XBS-1795 

A prospect or a customer joined an online chat with a company from the corporate website. The problem is that once customer closes the chat window, they are no longer notified about new messages, so there’s no way for salespeople to follow up. With x-bees, salespeople can always be sure that the message will reach the customer, thanks to email notifications about unread chats.

The emails contain the name of the conversations (maximum 5 recent conversations), the number of unread messages, and an "Open x-bees" button to go quickly to the application. Of course, the user can unsubscribe from this notification email if needed.

Web conference tutorials and features updates 

Changelog reference ticket: WMS-14236

Users who join an online meeting on x-bees can now quickly go through the web conference features, thanks to the embedded online Tutorials. They guide users through the conference features and functions and let users know when new features are available.


  1. Click the More options (three dots) button -> Tutorials and updates. 

  2. See the list of the latest features and click Show to play tutorial

Note: When new features are available, a yellow dot appears next to More options in the bottom menu, and you can see Tutorials and updates highlighted in yellow.

Documentation: Wizyconf Videoconference - User Guide WMS 5