Meeting scheduler and x-bees Analytics - July 2022

Kite Meeting Scheduler and integration with Google Calendar

Changelog reference ticket: XBS-1616

When a prospect is ready for a demo with a sales team, it can take a long time to find the time and date that would suit everyone from both sides. x-bees brings all the decision makers one click away and speeds up the sales cycle. With our self-service Kite Meeting Scheduler, customers can see the available slots in the calendar of salespeople and schedule a meeting with them on their own. 

In the scope of this ticket, we added integration with Google Calendar. Microsoft 365 calendar integration is on its way.

Documentation: x-bees Kite Meeting Scheduler.

Meet the x-bees Analytics tool

Changelog reference ticket: XBS-1726

x-bees provides all the information that managers need to take data-driven decisions. The new embedded analytics tool allows companies to monitor the standard contact center metrics and build standard reports, visualise data in different ways and export it. But it also goes far beyond that.

To mention just a few highlights about the x-bees analytics: this tool allows you to build advanced reports, but in the same time, it’s intuitive and simple-to-use: first you build your report by entering keywords, then you can choose how you want to visualise your data. Then you can pin your reports, save them to a dashboard (“Liveaboard”), export them or share them with other team members. In addition to phone calls, it provides data on web conferences.

Documentation: x-bees Analytics.