Adapting to Google's Phasing Out of Third-Party Cookies

This Article explains briefly Google’s changes in third-party cookies management and describes the necessary steps to adjust your Web CRM integration in Collaboration in order to ensure compliance with these changes.

Created: December 2023



Google has initiated the phasing out of third-party cookies to improve user privacy and the overall online experience. Under Google's Privacy Sandbox project, support for third-party cookies will be gradually eliminated. In its place, Google is proposing alternative cookie functionalities and purpose-built APIs that support legitimate use cases while preserving user privacy. The phased implementation of these changes will start in January 2024.

Wildix is taking proactive measures to ensure that our services continue to work effectively even after this change. Additionally, it's important to note that users who have integrated Web CRM into Collaboration will need to take specific actions described below to maintain their integrations.

Actions to maintain Web CRM Integrations in Collaboration

In case you have integrated your web application to be opened inside Collaboration, follow this section to ensure that your system remains functional. Here are two recommended methods to adapt to the upcoming changes.

Method 1. Adding third-party cookies in the browser

In order to maintain the functionality of Web CRM, you can manually add third-party cookies in your browser settings:

  • Open chrome://settings/cookies

  • Add your CRM URL under Allowed third-party cookies, for example:

Method 2. Setting Partitioned cookies in your CRM

Another method is to implement partitioned cookies within your application. By setting partitioned cookies, you can maintain the functionality of your Web CRM without relying on traditional third-party cookies. Check Google’s documentation for the detailed instructions: