Salesforce and Hubspot integration, website widgets and screen sharing - April 2022

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Changelog reference tickets: XBS-1006 and WMS-13853

The main focus of salespeople is to close deals and to meet objectives, but actually, a large part of their work time is spent on logging activities. Moreover, they often forget to log information on leads because their main KPI is not to fill in CRM but to sell. Therefore, lead data can be lost forever if a sales rep leaves the company. 

With x-bees, logging into Salesforce and Hubspot is automatic: all external calls are automatically registered if a match is found either.

in Salesforce or Hubspot. Recorded call data includes participants, type and duration of call, date and time, and information about transfers. This allows sales teams to invest their time in more important activities, such as talking to customers and prospects and running demos and webinars.

Documentation: Salesforce Integration.& HubSpot Integration.

Kite website widget generation

Changelog reference tickets: XBS-1405, XBS-1546

Today customers are on the web, so many companies add online chat to their websites. The problem is that after a customer closes the chat window, there’s no way for the sales team to follow up. 

Wildix goes one step further with its Kite website widget, making it possible for a sales team to maintain an ongoing conversation with a customer. For a website visitor, the Kite widget is an entry point to join x-bees, where a sales team can take care of those leads, nurture them and turn them into customers.

Documentation: x-bees website widget configuration.

Start screen sharing from an audio call

Changelog reference ticket: WMS-13549

During a one-on-one call on x-bees, users often realize they must show their screen to the other party. That’s why we added an option to start screen sharing from an audio call. In case one of the participants starts screen sharing, the audio call will be seamlessly converted into a video conference with screen sharing enabled.

Documentation: x-bees Web User Guide.