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Fax and SMS Server application allows you to send and receive faxes and SMS messages via Wildix Collaboration, to use Fax2Mail, Mail2Fax and Mail2SMS services.

Updated: July 2023


Table of Contents



  • Go to WMS Settings -> System -> Fax/SMS server
  • Click + to add a new Fax/SMS Server Profile
  • Enter the following parameters:
    • Name: enter the name (identifier)
    • Protocol: select the protocol of communication with your email server (POP3 or IMAP)
    • Auth type: select the preferred authorization type, Basic or OAuth2 (the support of OAuth2 for Fax/SMS Server starts from WMS 6.01.20221019.4). Depending on the chosen type, fill out the following fields:

      a) In case of Basic Auth type:
      • Server: settings of your email server to access incoming messages
      • User: email address of user to access to the server
      • Password: password to access to email address of user specified in the field above
      • Use SSL: enables secure connection to the server (required by some email servers)
      • SSL Certificate check: allows to disable SSL certificate check, e.g. in cases when the mail server uses a self-signed certificate. The parameter is enabled by default. Note: The support starts from WMS 6.03.20230630.3. 

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      b) In case of OAuth2 authorization type: 
      • Auth provider: choose auth provider (Google or Office 365) -> click Login and perform the login 

    • Dialplan procedure: select the Dialplan procedure to manage faxes sent by users
    • Protection password: security password for MAIL2FAX service
    • Default LOCALSTATION: sender’s fax machine ID, appears at the top of each page of outgoing fax, if not specified the default value “Fax Server” is used
    • Default LOCALHEADER: fax header to identify the sender, appears at the top of each page of outgoing fax, if not specified the default value “Wildix PBX” is used
    • Keep e-mails and faxes on server: enables storing of messages on the server
    Click Save.
  • Click Test fetching mails  to check if the parameters are correct:


Users can send faxes and SMS to one or multiple numbers.


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