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Wildix Business Intelligence (WBI) is a pure innovation--a set of services that, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), allow businesses to significantly automate and streamline their daily processes and communication.

Updated: June October 2023




Supported language: en / en-us

Starting from WMS Beta 6.03.20230424.1, the supported languages include: it / de / fr / nl / es / es-us.

The feature is available for internal and external (available starting from WMS 5.02) calls. Additionally, to enable it for external calls, you need to use Global Dialplan variable REPORT_USER_STATUS_FOR_EXT_CALLS.


Just write down your text, select the voice and generate the audio file. You can adjust volume , pitch and pitch. Save the file once you are satisfied with the output and use it in Dialplan when you need it.


Note: Starting from WMS 6.04.20231012.1, the following characters are allowed in the audio file name: 0-9, A-Z, a-z, -, _

Watch the video:

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