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The Guide describes the features and functionalities of W-AIR Headset and provides the necessary details needed for its proper operation.

Created: December 2018

Updated: January 2023

WMS Version: 5.0X/ 6.0X

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Table of Contents

Before using the Headset


W-AIR Base (multicell)

FWU Progress Status Overview


Assignment of W-AIR Headset to a user


Note: Starting from WMS 5.04.20220124, it is possible to assign/ deassign registered W-AIR Headsets to users via WMS -> Devices -> W-AIR devices.

Documentation: WMS Start Guide, chapter Assigning W-AIR handsets/ headsets.

After Via Collaboration

After you registered your Headset to the Base station, you need to assign a user for handling calls:

  1. Go to Collaboration top menu -> Device selection
  2. Expand Device selection list and click + Add device:

  3. Press Call button on your W-AIR Headset to get the pairing code: 


    Note: a pairing code always consists of 4 digits.

  4. Enter the code into the field Pairing code: 


    Note: the code is repeated 3 times. If authentification fails, press Call button one more time to get the new code.

  5. After the Headset has been successfully assigned, the voice prompt announces "Activated, thank you!"
  6. The Headset appears in the list of available devices in Collaboration within few seconds:


  1. Collaboration within few seconds:

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  • The support starts from WMS 5.04.20220309.1. 
  • W-AIR handset/headset should have DECT registration on the W-AIR base station before it can be assigned to user.

To assign W-AIR headset/ handset:

  1. Go to WMS -> Devices -> W-AIR devices
  2. Choose the headset/ handset and click Assign to user
  3. Enter user extension and click Save

Note: To figure out which headset received the assigned extension, you can dial this extension and see which headset rings.

To assign device to a different user:

  1. Choose the headset/ handset on the W-AIR devices tab -> click Assign to user
  2. Enter a different extension and click Save

Deassignment of W-AIR Headset

Via Collaboration:

To delete the Headset from the list of available devices:

  1. Go to Collaboration top menu -> Device selection
  2. Expand Device selection list and click x near W-AIR HS to delete the Headset
  3. The automatic call to feature code 99-0 is placed and the voice prompt will announce "Deactivated, thank you!"
  4. After you delete the Headset, it disappears from the list of active devices

To deassign a device via WMS:

  1. Choose the headset/ handset -> click Assign to user
  2. Select “unknown” in the Extension field and click Save

W-AIR Headset idle state

When the assignment is completed, the Headset is in the idle state and ready to handle calls.


  • Increase/ decrease ringer volume:
    • Press Volume+Volume- button to increase/ decrease ringer volume

  • Enter Menu mode:

    • Press AUX function button to enter Menu mode



Note: you can switch active device during a call by clicking on Continuity button in a call dialog window (refer to Collaboration Guide, chapter Switch active device during a call30280904).

Reject an incoming call


When the Headset is in the Idle state, a user can enter the main Menu and its submenus to change different settings.