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This Guide explains how to set up and use Meeting Scheduler allowing Guest Users to access Agents' calendars and schedule meetings with them. 

Other x-bees documentation: x-bees documentation.

Created: July 2022

Updated: August 2023


Table of Contents



  • When Guest User schedules a meeting, a dedicated conversation is automatically created 


    Note: Conversations created by external users are public by default (available by link).

    Title of the conversation is displayed according to the following rules: 

    • For an agent, the guest name is displayed in the conversation name. For guest, agent name is displayed in the conversation title.
    • In case another guest is added to the conversation, their name is added to the conversation name.
    • In case the conversation is renamed, the new name is displayed both to the agent and the guest. 
    • Avatars are set according to the displayed name (agent or service for guest). In case of adding or removing users, conversation avatar is updated accordingly.


    • When an agent or guest adds other guests or agents, search is limited to initial members of the conversation. It is not possible to find the conversation by entering new members’ names in the search field.

  • Agent also receives an email notification about the scheduled meeting

  • An event for the scheduled meeting is automatically added to Agent’s calendar. For Google Calendar it is necessary to confirm it by clicking Yes, otherwise, the slot is assumed as available

  • Agent can change the meeting's duration, reschedule or delete it. In case of changing meeting details, the relevant notification is displayed in the conversation and emails are sent both to Guest User and Agent
  • Before the meeting, a reminder notification is sent


  • Specify a subject, duration (by default, meeting duration is 30 min), enter emails of additional members (optional), and choose an available slot (it is possible to schedule a meeting a month in advance at maximum)
  • Click Schedule

  • Log in if required
  • The meeting is scheduled


    Note: Starting from x-bees Web v., maximum 2 scheduled meetings with one agent are allowed. Further meetings with the same agent can be scheduled after at least one of the meetings has passed. 

Manage scheduled meetings