Appendix 1: Sync of enterprise phonebooks with WildixDAV

Install WildixDAV 

Note: The option is disabled for Android 10 phones. You can use a 3rd party CardDAV sync tool (Open Sync, DAVx⁵ and DAVdroid) instead.

The apps are available by the following links:

If you want to sync your enterprise phonebooks and contacts to appear in Contacts menu, install WildixDAV:

  • Install WildixDAV from Settings -> Install WildixDAV

  • Open it and enter the server name (PBX domain name or IP), user name and password

  • Tick off the phonebook that you wish to sync (it’s necessary to add phonebooks one by one, so repeat the steps again to add more phonebooks for sync)

  • Enter the local name for the phonebook

  • Check in device’s Settings -> Accounts -> WildixDAV that the sync is ON

  • Now Contacts from the phonebook soon appear in Contacts menu of Wildix Mobile Collaboration App