Configuration Guide of Baudisch doorphone (Mod. 33-1486) on Wildix PBX

This guide explains how to connect a Baudisch doorphone to a Wildix PBX and set up a video preview and an unlock button on Vision/ SuperVision/ WP600AXX.

Updated: May 2017


Step 1. Create a doorphone user on WMS

Proceed as follows:

  • Go to WMS -> Users and add a new user (in our example, user 166 Baudisch)

  • Copy the SIP Password of this user. There are two ways to do it:
    • click Set passwords, click Generate near SIP/VoIP, then click Show and copy the SIP password:

    • Otherwise click Export CSV and copy the SIP password of the newly created doorphone user

The password is needed in Step 3.

Step 2. Set Dialplan rules

Proceed as follows:

  • Go to WMS -> Dialplan -> Dialplan rules and create a new Dialplan procedure for the doorphone user (in our example, BaudischDoor)
  • Go to WMS -> Users and assign this Dialplan procedure to the doorphone user: double-click on the doorphone user and edit the field Dialplan

  • Go back to WMS -> Dialplan, double-click on the newly created Dialplan procedure assigned to the doorphone and proceed with editing it according to the scenario described below

Scenario: when someone presses a button on the doorphone:

  • call arrives to Vision/ SuperVision/ WP600AXX phone (in our example, Vision has extension 101)
  • a video stream from the doorphone is sent to Vision/ SuperVision/ WP6000AXX as preview
  • a button allowing a Vision/ SuperVision/ WP600AXX phone user to open the door is shown on the phone’s interface

Here is an example of the Dialplan configuration: 

1 – when a call from the doorphone arrives to Vision/ SuperVision WP600AXX, a video preview is automatically shown on the phone’s display; in our example, the webcam module of the doorphone has IP Address

2 – user can press the dedicated “unlock” button on the phone’s display to open the door; in fact, by pressing this button Vision/ SuperVision/ WP600A send dtmf tones “1234” to door station.

3 – at this step you can send a call to specified destination, e.g. you can specify called number in “Set” (otherwise you can use Dialplan application “Call group” to send a call to a call group).

Step 3. Set SIP parameters

Access the web interface of the doorphone -> Expert configuration -> SIP:

Fill in the following fields:

  • SIP registration: Yes
  • SIP Server: IP Address of PBX or * PBX domain name
  • SIP domain: same as SIP Server
  • SIP User ID: internal number as set in Step 1 (in our example, 166)
  • SIP Auth ID: same as SIP User ID
  • SIP Auth PIN: SIP Password copied in Step 1

Step 4. Set call destination on door station

Go to Expert configuration -> Call destinations

Note: in our example, 101 is the extension number of Vision; “1234” is the DTMF code to open the door over the integrated relay.

SW and FW releases

Supported on Vision/ SuperVision/ WP600A.

Baudisch SIP module: 

Baudisch CP-Cam: